ZUDACOMICS.COM INVITES WEB COMICS CREATORS AND JOURNALISTS TO CELEBRATE SITE LAUNCH WITH HAPPY HOUR AND LIVE SUBMISSIONS EVENT (October 24, 2007; New York, NY) —Zudacomics.com, the first ever web comics imprint from DC Comics, will go live on Tuesday, October 30th, 2007, it was announced today by Richard Bruning, DC Comics Creative Director, SVP…. Read More
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CREATORS’ LABO #012: Non-Non, Inspired By The Works Of Shunya Yamashita Torrance, CA, October 22, 2007 –  From its CREATORS’ LABO, Yamato unveils its latest masterwork: CREATORS ‘ LABO #012: Non-Non. Based upon the illustrated works of Shunya Yamashita and sculpted by Mitsumasa Yoshizawa (REFLECT), this exceptional piece marks the collaboration of two of Japan’s… Read More
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Mattel has sent us information on a very special auction of a CARS product diorama being auctioned off for the annual Children Affected by AIDS Foundation "4 kids" event . CAAF is an organization that raises money for children affected by AIDS. Every year Mattel donates several one-of-a-kind toy to be auctioned off. This year… Read More
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So it’s set now, the World Series starts on Wednesday with the Rockies traveling to Boston to face the Sox. The Rox match up pretty well with the Sox; they took two of three at Fenway Park during the regular season, and outscored Boston 20-5. Hopefully the long layoff won’t make Colorado rusty and they continue… Read More
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Round two of the Four Horsemens’ FANtastic Exclusive 2008 is up and running, and it’s like nothing they’ve done before. The FANtastic FANatics have been asking for a shake up in the voting system and now they are going to get it. As an experiment the Four Horsemen are holding back the results of round… Read More
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Last week I got an email from one of the creators of the new site “Heroes, Villains and Artists” a web-based show that looks at the people behind the stuff you love such as comics and toys.  The first episode is a two part interview with sculptor Tony Cipriano. Tony’ has worked for DC Direct,… Read More
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17 October 2007– To celebrate the release of PC game Hellgate: London, Weta Limited and Flagship Studios are offering fans a very special opportunity to become a part of the game’s legacy: to win a custom made statue of their head on a Templar Knight from the Weta Collectibles range!  And, as well as receiving… Read More
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I’m starting to feel like the announcer guy from the Price is Right for as many times recently that I’ve announced "A New CAR!"… except I’m always talking about the Mattel line based on the Disney/Pixar film CARS.    The Wal-Mart Wave The Wal-Mart waves that we saw at Comic Con are now shipping to… Read More
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Here are the latest solicitation from DC Direct.  These items should be in stores around June of 2008.  ACTION FIGURES  SHOWCASE PRESENTS SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES Based on the classic stories in the SHOWCASE PRESENTS Library!  Four DC characters are presented here as they were portrayed by some of their top artists! This inaugural series… Read More
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Today Diamond Select Toys is ready to reveal one of the upcoming busts in the ongoing line of Battlestar Galactica collectibles.  Possibly the most terrifying addition to this Reimagined series, the deadly Cylon Centurions are capable of untold death and destruction thanks to their talon-like claws and fondness for double-barreled machine guns.  Now you too… Read More
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October 10, 2007 (SEATTLE) — Just in time for Halloween, WizKids Inc. announces the newest MechWarrior® release: the Undead Lance Action Pack, which features a foursome of creepy new ’Mechs™ that promises destruction to anyone who opposes them! With their ghastly appearance and supernatural talents, the Undead Lance features a unique game mechanic previously unseen… Read More
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  National CineMedia’s FATHOM, CBS Home Entertainment and Startrek.com Present Digitally Remastered Episodes Along With Never-Before-Seen Footage and Behind-the-Scenes Featurette in Nearly 300 Select Movie Theatres Nationwide on November 13 Complete First Season of "Star Trek: The Original Series"  Debuts in High-Definition on DVD One Week Later Centennial, Colo. – Oct. 8, 2007 – "Star… Read More
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To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hot Wheels® cars, Wal-Mart is introducing special Hot Wheels™ T-shirts as well as a retro-inspired Hot Wheels™ Super Rally Car Case, available in limited quantities beginning the first week in October. The 40th Anniversary T-shirts feature the classic Hot Wheels™ logo and are available in blue or black. Each… Read More
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  Spy Magician & the Fresh Monkey are back. This time they take a look at a brand new creator owned property of articulated resin figures: GYLOS. You can read all about it here.  Read More
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Glyos System Series: Pheyden Phase Version Excellis Gear’s Edge Version By ONell Design   by jeremy sung & bill murphy Welcome to the second column in an ongoing series called “A Discussion that looks Inside the Mind of the Insane Ramblings of Spy Magician & the Fresh Monkey” INTRO:   SPYMAGICIAN: Today we’re gonna review […] Read More
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October 4, 2007 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc. announced today prizes for the Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean PocketModel™ game sweepstakes.  The sweepstakes grand prize is a trip for four to a Disney Theme Park, including round-trip airfare to a Disney resort, hotel room, tickets to a Disney resort and $1,000 spending money.  There will be… Read More
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The 10" QEE D.I.Y. Project: Bart Simpson Art Exhibition takes on the UK this month. Toy2R and Diamond Comics are proud to announce that Forbidden Planet will host an exhibit of more than 50 customized Bart Simpson Qees. Its the one chance to catch the exhibit in the UK to view these amazing original creations…. Read More
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The Frazetta series continues with Moon Maid, based on original art by master fantasy illustrator, Frank Frazetta   ReelArt Studios and Dark Horse Deluxe are proud to present the Moon Maid statue, the second of an ongoing collection inspired by the original artwork of one of the world’s most beloved fantasy illustrators, Frank Frazetta. In… Read More
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Last week as we were getting ready to walk out the door in the morning for work and school I picked up my now 4-year old daughter.   We were standing next to my shelf of DC Direct figures so she wanted to show off her super hero knowledge to her old man.  She said… Read More
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Unbelievable! The Cubs are my team, my family’s team, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the Colorado Rockies. Their first season here was the same year I moved to Denver, and I remember skipping class to go to Rockies games. A warm summer day, the hapless Rockies, the knowledge that the rest of your sucker classmates… Read More
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