There is a common sub-breed of collector who rejoices every time a one-second-of-screen-time character gets an action figure. The cantina scene from Star Wars epitomizes this type of character. Loads of kooky aliens, locals,  and "spacemen" who you’ll miss if you blink. The four Kenner action figures to the right are what gave birth to… Read More
Danny "CantinaDan" Neumann • March 3, 200913 Comments
It’s nearly our 4th Anniversary (more on that later) but more importantly it’s 03/03/09!  It’s the perfect day to launch our new redesign: AFI 3.0! We’re going to have lots of new stuff this week: new blogs, new features, and maybe even a surprise or two. Props out to the whole AFI crew, with a… Read More
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Two Versions, Including A Deluxe Edition Featuring Many Never-Before-Seen Images (San Diego, CA; February 28, 2009) — IDW Publishing is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Complete Rocketeer by Dave Stevens, collecting the classic series in its entirety for the first time ever. After more than a decade out of print, The Rocketeer… Read More
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New Games, Trading Cards, Collectibles, Commemorative Stamp And More Allow Fans to Travel To Another Dimension NEW YORK, February 25,2009 – CBS Consumer Products, a unit of CBS Entertainment, announced today an anniversary program to celebrate one of the most influential series of our time – The Twilight Zone.  The program will begin with five… Read More
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The team at New Zealand based special effects company Weta Workshop have recently co a fully functional Mermaid tail for Auckland woman Nadya Vessey, who is a double leg amputee.   Ms Vessey approached Weta with the ambition of making a tail that was both practical and beautiful, a task that proved to be a… Read More
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  Last summer at the San Diego Comic Con International Hasbro finally made the announcement that I had been waiting for: a 3-3/4" Marvel Universe line. As a big fan of the 3-3/4" scale (there’s nothing better in my book) I was hoping Hasbro would go this route with the Marvel license. The announcement was… Read More
Jeff Cope • February 26, 200920 Comments
Originally planned to be the next action figure release from the Four Horsemen, Scarabus – the evil emperor from their property ‘Gothitropolis’ will be taking a slight detour in order to let Queen Alluxundra and her royal court take center stage.  Scheduled as the next release from the Four Horsemen’s popular ‘Seventh Kingdom’ property, the… Read More
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Ken has been a long awaited statue from the classic arcade hit Street Fighter. Street Fighter revolutionized the fighting game genre nearly 20 years ago and now it is being brought to life as SOTA toys presents this 12 inch scale statue with base that comes with a beautiful clear resin flame. This is sure to make anyone… Read More
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Bif Bang Pow! just unveiled the new Dexter action figure, based on the lead character in Showtime’s hit TV series.  He comes with interchangeable arms and loads of cool accessories: knife, body bag, ID card, and blood slide! The gang at Bif Bang Pow! have designed him so that he’ll be blood spatter expert by… Read More
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The third addition to the SOTA “Nightmares” line is our reimagining of one of the prominent figures of the Book of Revelation: Death. SOTA has taken the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse and replicated him as the terrifying embodiment of Death, come to harvest the remnant souls of those who survived his brothers. Death is… Read More
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Seriously, how cool is this guy? I stumbled upon him today and felt it should be shared just for the coolness factor.   Sometime soon I’ll do a big Secret Wars writeup, because the information on the web is sorely lacking…there’s a lot more to this line than people know.   Peace, Chip   Read More
ChipCataldo • February 24, 200912 Comments
Face of Female MMA Latest Star To Develop Figurine MARKHAM, Ontario, Canada, February 24, 2009 – Known to many as the “face of female mixed martial arts,”Gina “Conviction” Carano has parlayed great ability in the cage and a glamorous look out of it to burst onto the MMA scene and in many ways transcended the… Read More
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