March 14, 2008 (SEATTLE) — Due to overwhelming DC HeroClix®: Crisis preorder sales and “Buy it by the Brick” orders, Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors — WizKids’ exclusive distributors for HeroClix products into independent hobby stores — has sold out of its entire Crisis inventory.  “The spread of Crisis sales across a wide… Read More
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I remember Toy Fair 2007. It was a pretty lackluster showing. For me, at least. I’d wager it was the same for many collectors going by comments I read here at AFI and elsewhere during and after the event.  To use an overused Interwebs parlance, it was pretty "meh". Toy Fair 2008, however, was a… Read More
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It’s been a long road for Ramathorr and the rest of his Anitherian Nine buddies, and if the timing’s right, their road may finally lead them to the 2008 New York Comic Con! Since beginning production on their latest wave of action figures, the Four Horsemen have encountered snag after snag with the first factory… Read More
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Whenever I’m in a Target looking for figures I make it a point to swing by the aisle where they have the Schleich product.  For those of you that might not be familiar with their work, Schleich is the company that makes an incredibly diverse range of scaled animals, knights,fairies, Indians, trees, buildings and so… Read More
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Once again our pal Toy Guru from Mattel updates us on the answers to our monthly burning questions:    Q1: What are the prices for the NYCC exclusives? A:  Knightshadow Batman, Black Suit Superman and Tech Suit Mr. Freeze will be $10.00 each or all three for $25.00 Q2: Mattel, will you please create a… Read More
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  After a lot more headaches and complications that we could have ever planned on (and two new servers AND one new webhost later) we finally were able to label all of the last batch of galleries. And it’s a pretty big batch, too. Go check them out- there is a lot of stuff there… Read More
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Wizard World Los Angeles announced that Kotobukiya, Japan’s number one collector toy company, will be hosting a special panel at 11 a.m. this Saturday (March 15) in Room 304, showcasing an exciting new line of statues. The panel, to be presented by Kotobukiya’s Frank Supiot and moderated by ToyFare Editor Zach Oat, promises to give… Read More
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I was in the mall tonight and stopped by the little mom and pop toy store that always has some fun bootleg items.  I came across this:   Ya know… I think I would have enjoyed Spider-man3 more if they had replaced the emo dance number with footage of Spider-man riding around New York on… Read More
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The official Indiana Jones website revealed the new poster for the upcoming movie "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." The poster was painted by Drew Struzan. Click here to go to indianajones.com to get the poster in high resolution on your desktop. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullIn Theaters… Read More
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Following up our news last week of the NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle exclusive boxed set at New York Comic Con we now have a look at what set looks like in the package.       This exclusive, limited to just 500 pieces, will be the only version of the box set to contain… Read More
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  According to Universal Studios, the first trailer for the upcoming "Incredible Hulk" movie will be attached to Doomsday, in theaters this Friday March 14th.   Check your local listings for information and show times.    Read More
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NECA announced this awesome exclusive today on their MySpace page:   NECA’s2008 convention season kicks off with the 3rd annual New York Comic Con April 18 – 20th 2008! This year, NECA has a very special exclusive, and a very special guest. Peter Laird, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, will be appearing at… Read More
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