Forty-two years ago the space race between the United States and Russia was in full swing, and a full wave of action figures known as “The Outer Space Men” was released that caught the imagination of a generation.    Although the initial salvo of characters was well received, the characters that were to be part… Read More
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MOTUC TYTUS the Giant!   Next up in the AFi archive we have the first of the oversized figures in Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line.    Sold only in Europe in the 1980s, fallen champion Tytus™ is available worldwide for the first time at Mattycollector.com on May17th! As befits the Heroic Giant Warlord, this… Read More
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Matty from MattyCollector.com and ToyGuru, have replied with the answers to our latest round of questions that AFi readers have posted in our forums.        Q1.  You have re-issued some of the harder to get characters from DCSH in two packs in DCUC, but there are still some that people would like to see back out in… Read More
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  SCOOP WEEK REVEAL #6 New Accessories from SpyMonkey Creations! Last week Man of Action Jeremy "SpyMagician" Sung posted an awesome blog about people that are custom making and selling custom accessories and figures for sale.  This is a field that SpyMagician knows a lot about because he is one of the co-founders of SpyMonkey… Read More
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Free Comic Book Day 2010 – Saturday, May 1: Be There! Making a list, checking it twice… gonna give FREE comics to all who are naughty and nice! FCBD 2010 is finally here! Go check out the official site to find the latest info and your closest participating shop! The official FCBD Shop Locator: Find… Read More
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After I posted our archive feature of the new JLU Lobo figure a few readers asked if I could do a couple of comparison shots of Lobo with some of the other larger JLU figures.  I aim to please, so here they are!  I posted these in the Lobo archive entry, but I figured I’d… Read More
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RHODE ISLAND GOVERNOR PROCLAIMS “G.I. JOE DAY” IN THE ICONIC ACTION BRAND’S HOME STATE Revered Hasbro Property is Honored at State Capital, Kicking Off Start of Annual G.I. JOE Convention  Providence, RI – April 30, 2010 – The world’s first action figure comes home to Rhode Island for the 17th annual G.I. JOE Convention, hosted… Read More
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One of the things I enjoy in observing the toy industry, especially some of the smaller players, is watching a given companies product improve by leaps and bounds. There’s a lot of reasons for this happening. Sometimes it is as simple as a new person being brought on board to oversee your product lines. Perhaps… Read More
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5 for 5 Here’s another new feature we’ll be running this week as part of AFi‘s 5 Year Anniversary called "5 for 5."  We asked a wide range of friends in the industry 5 questions about the last 5 years and let them answer however they wanted… I think everyone likes to think there’s a… Read More
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What’s old is new again! You know, as much as I rag on Scott Neitlich (ToyGuru) for his efforts on the Justice League Unlimited action figure line, I have to give him the ultimate props on what he’s done with DC Universe Classics.  This line is what the Super Powers line could have been had… Read More
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  AFI Scoop Week Reveal #6 – DC Universe Classics All-Stars Green Lantern A few weeks ago when Mattel was revealing their SDCC 2010 exclusives on G4’s Attack of the Show some keen eyed fans collectively asked themselves – "Hey!  What the heck is THAT?"   Thrown into the video piece, almost like an easter egg… Read More
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Shout! Factory and Marvel Animation Join Forces to Bring Highly Anticipated Marvel Knights Animation Series to DVD Powerful Slate of Marvel Knights Animation Highlights Works from Celebrated Marvel Authors and Artists   Los Angeles, California – Shout! Factory and Marvel Animation have expanded their strategic content partnership to bring Marvel’s innovative and media-rich Marvel Knights… Read More
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