Yesterday, in part 1 of “The Queen and Her Court”, you were introduced to Queen Alluxandra of the Bluddmane Clan and Isadorra of the Ironspynne Clan, the first pair new of figures from the Four Horsemens’ fan-favorite property, “7th Kingdom”. Today you’re going to be introduced to three more feminine denizens of the 7th Kingdom,… Read More
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JUNE 16, MILWAUKIE, OR–Dark Horse Comics has announced that its forthcoming limited-edition statuette of Disney’s Uncle Scrooge character has sold out its edition. The Oregon-based publisher is giving one of the comic book medium’s most revered casts of characters the Syroco-style treatment in a new series of sculpted statuettes based on Carl Bark’s Uncle Scrooge… Read More
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All-New Battlestar Galactica Figures Return! When first assigned to the Battlestar Galactica, neither Saul Tigh nor Felix Gaeta had any inkling their lives would never be the same again. Featuring two of the most dedicated (and ill-fated) officers in the Colonial Fleet, this all-new Battlestar Galactica two-pack features Colonel Saul Tigh and Lt Felix Gaeta… Read More
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Something that was lacking, but soon will not be.  Just in time for the 25th anniversary! I almost hate to say this phrase, but it IS a site about a Mattel line :  "Stay tuned!" Peace, Chip     Read More
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 Production of the Four Horsemen’s latest action figure offering from their property “7th Kingdom” is in full swing and are expected to ship from the factory early next week. “Queen Alluxandra of the Bluddmane Clan” is the main character in this latest wave of figures from the Horsemen and in keeping with Four Horsemen tradition,… Read More
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DC Direct Solicitations for Items shipping February 2010, with the exception of the Public Enemeies Maquettes which will ship in September of 2009. ACTION FIGURES JLA CLASSIFIED:CLASSIC SERIES 2 ACTION FIGURES The JLA CLASSIFIED: CLASSIC line expands with four all-new figures! Consistent in style and scale to Series 1, Series 2 features some of the… Read More
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    Recently, AFi ran its annual Spring poll for the Most Wanted characters to be made in Mattel’s JLU line.  1 Month later, we had 126 responses.  Now the results are in. And the winner for 2009 is …    Follow the link to SuperFriend’s blog to see the rest of the results and… Read More
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Here’s a little sneak peek at the upcoming JLU Doom Patrol! Read on…!   Read More
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Today is the day that MattyCollector.com’s latest exclusive DC Universe Classics 2-pack goes on sale.  Head on over to MattyCollector.com at noon today and the new DCUC Alexander Luthor vs Ultraman "Battle for Earth 3" set can be yours!  And to help you decide to buy this great set we have uploaded turnarounds of both… Read More
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Building on a topic I had briefly mentioned on my own site’s blog recently, and one that came up last month on the AFI forum, diversity in comic books, animation, and action figure lines is a big issue for me. This is something that dates back all the way to my childhood. Since coming into… Read More
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This is the greatest collecting day ever.  Not only did my good friend Joe Grunenwald score me a 33-back Super Powers Batman off of eBay (when I thought I’d missed it), but I just unpacked the following…which all showed up at once.  It’s mind-blowing. From left-to-right  : Top Row – Super Amigos Batman, Robin (only… Read More
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Read on to see how I created a sword worthy of a Cosmic Enforcer…     Read More
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