SWAMP THING: THE SERIES VOL. 2 ARRIVES ON DVD JULY 15TH, 2008 FROM SHOUT! FACTORY  experience edge-of-your-seat suspense from this cult tv series in a 4-dvd box set packed with the first 25 episodes OF SEASON 3! LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA …. “The swamp is my world. It is who I am; it is what I… Read More
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Two New Figures Will Be Available Only at San Diego Comic-Con   This just in: McFarlane Toys announced over the weekend that they will have two exclusive Halo 3 figures at this year’s Comic-Con International, July 24-27 at the San Diego Convention Center. A special edition Spartan Soldier EVA "HellSpartan" will be sold together with… Read More
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The gang over at BifBangPow continue to abide.  They have just released images of the second series of Lebowski figures, based of course, on the movie The Big Lebowski.  Coming in August 2008 we get the next round in the 8" vinyl line: The Dude (Hoodie) and Walter (Special Mission) – Shown below with and… Read More
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NEW YORK – April 17, 2008 – At its Upfront ’08 presentation, BET Networks, the leading media and entertainment brand for African Americans and consumers of Black culture, touted its unique position as the most consistent and effective solution for advertisers to reach that coveted audience. Set in an election-themed show at New York City’s… Read More
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Mattel sent us a copy of the presentation they gave on Saturday at NYCC, so if you want to see the actual slides shown just click here. *note: some slides are not included as Mattel wanted a few reveals to be at the presentation only.   Read More
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…and this guy.   Just finished watching the 60 wonderful cartoons in Warner Bros. Popeye The Sailor Volume 1 and it’s an instant Most Cherished Possession.  From the packaging, to the menus, to the restoration, to the extras, to the glory of the cartoons themselves, everything about this set is first class and I can’t… Read More
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    Ouch.  My head hurts.  This past weekend has been a whirlwind for me.  Work at my regular job.  Work at the business I’m in with my dad.  Transferring all my items from a small storage unit to a much larger one.  Spending time with my new girlfriend.  All that and still maintaining the level… Read More
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The number 52 has had much significance in the DC Universe lately. The weekly comic book series entitled 52 ran from mid-2006 through mid-2007, and ended with there existing 52 separate universes within the DC multiverse. However for DC action figure fans, it appears that 54 is a pretty important number, too. This August Mattel… Read More
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Boy howdy!  I’m as excited as Jessie, Bullseye and Prospector Pete when Sheriff Woody showed up!   After seeing the first pictures from New York Comic Convention and then reading Cantania Dan’s Blog I though I should do a back flip for joy!  Unfortunately, Medicaid doesn’t cover such stunts, so I must content myself with… Read More
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I finally found remnants of DC Universe Classic Series 2 the other day.  Here are my reviews of the two figures I bought… Black Manta: There never needs to be another Black Manta figure. Superman Blue: There never needs to be another Superman Blue figure. The End I don’t even like Superman Blue as a… Read More
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I’m absorbing the NYCC 08 news as best I can along with the rest of you. The Justice League Unlimited news has me rather excited. I mean, Wonder Pig? Did not see that coming. Also announced: The Key, Atomic Skull, Shadow Thief, Silver Banshee, Giganta (10" and 4"), Captain Atom, KGBeast, and Galatea. In my… Read More
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  Update! AFI "Man of Action" Pierre "Airmax" Kalenzaga sends in more pics from the con floor!     Update! AFI reader Sam "79bats" Freij sends in these pics from the con floor! More to come tonight!                        We had several friends sitting in on… Read More
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