More Than Two Million Fans Have Joined the Force Online and Players Can Now Purchase Exclusive Content Including a Yoda Bobblehead and an All-New Playable Race   SAN DIEGO and SAN FRANCISCO – Oct. 19, 2010 – Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) and LucasArts, a division of Lucasfilm Ltd., have announced that the Star Wars®:… Read More
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I See Qee People…. Yes, indeed we do and as we enter Week Six of Toy2R’s 15 Weeks to Celebrate 15 Years Contest – we are amazed at the comments and images posted by fans so far. With huge weekly prize packages – and it being so easy to enter – who wouldn’t want a… Read More
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New York– The Ninja are legendary for their prowess in the ancient and deadly art of assassination. Practicing their mysterious and deadly ways since the 14th century it has often been said that they are the perfect killing machines…until now.    How does one make the world’s most fearsome killers even more deadly?  Make them… Read More
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Mattel’s Trusted Brands Barbie(R), Hot Wheels(R), Monster High(TM), Mattel Games and Fisher-Price(R) Deliver Continued Excitement, Quality and Value for Holiday 2010 EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Oct 19, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Mattel Inc., the top toy maker in the world, leads the future of play with the introduction of this year’s hottest toys and games for… Read More
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What does it mean?  This teaser image was posted this evening on the official Hot Toys facebook page:   Whatever these new licenses will be, it looks like they will announce them on Dec 25th.   I’ve seen a lot of the on-line speculation-  Lot’s of people think the bent spoon will be the Matrix,… Read More
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Did you miss out on any of the 2010 DC Direct Convention exclusives? Most of you know that Graphitti was selling DC Direct SDCC exclusives, but today we recived word from them that they now have the 2010 NYCC exclusive White Lantern Hal Jordan and the light up power rings for sale on their site…. Read More
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Here are the latest and greatest solicitations from the good people at DC Direct.  These products will appear and be available to preorder in the next issue of Diamond’s Previews at your local comic book shop.   All products listed below are scheduled to to ship and be in stores June 2011.   ACTION FIGURES… Read More
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Variety just announced the breaking news that Walt Disney Studios has bought the rights to distribute "The Avengers" and "Iron Man 3" from Paramount to the tune of $115.  The deal also includes the worldwide marketing rights.  Paramount Studios will retain the rights to distribute "Captain America" and "Thor."    Disney also announced the release… Read More
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I’m not a very prolific toy blogger, mainly because toys and subculture have taken a backseat to life. My philosophy on life has always been, “Life is a series of disappointments with achievements spread thin throughout.” No grand philosopher said that, maybe Spock, but I’m pretty sure I made it up jogging one night. In… Read More
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We’ve been given some exclusive images of Y-MSF’s upcoming Ebirah vinyl figure! Shown here is the prototype before the casting stage. For those who collect Godzilla vinyls, this marks the very first time a realistic Ebirah (The Sea Monster!) has ever been offered in over 40 years. These will be available along with the other… Read More
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Howdy folks!  Welcome to a (very lazily delayed) new edition of the Super Powers Highlight!  Today I’m focusing ATTention (heh) on a very rare piece…something that only one of which exists, and something where the subject matter never ended up being produced by Kenner before the line was canceled.  It took some begging, pleading and… Read More
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The Young Justice panel started with a preview of the new show.  Two clips actually, run one right after the other.  "Today is the day,"  they all kept saying as each sidekick and hero pair fought an ice themed villain.  Robin, Speedy, Aqualad, Kid Flash.  The new Aqualad.  More on him later.  Every scene brought […] Read More
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