Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls Present Series continues with Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombie’s House Of 1000 Corpses. Re-enact your favorite moments of secret clown business with Captain Spaulding as reimagined by the twisted minds behind the immensely popular Living Dead Dolls. Featuring film accurate tattooed hands (Love / Hate) and his iconic red, white, and… Read More
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Get ready for a Cylon invasion at this July’s San Diego Comic Con because Diamond Select Toys has unveiled plans for an exclusive "Valley of Darkness" Cylon Centurion!  Based on the bloody second season episode, these nonstop murderous machines are sure to make a killing! Only available at the Diamond Select Toys booth (#2607) during… Read More
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ARTOYZ is proud to introduce its very first release from its brand new toy division ARTOYZ ORIGINALS   ELEMENTS PROLOGUE SET     Characters created by EASY HEY Modeling by GREGOS Produced by ARTOYZ ORIGINALS Size : 7-8cm (3 inches) Production run : 500 sets Material : ABS Origin : France    Elements : According… Read More
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New York- The mysterious syndicate known only as the "Void" operates within a level of secrecy so obscure the world at large is unaware of its existence despite the fact that it’s machinations sway the balance of the world as we know it. The Void’s vast range of influence is felt from the fall of governments to socks missing from the laundry. The Void utilizes the skills of a sole agent, Gomez…. Read More
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Comic Con is just around the corner and SOTA Toys is getting ready!  Well, we’ve got all our exclusives planned and we’ll be giving EVERYONE a chance to get them, not just the people who go to the Con! We have a slew of exclusives planned for this year.  First, the much anticipated Street Fighter… Read More
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As most board members know from reading my posts, I’m not only a big fan of the JLU action figure line…I’m also a vocal proponent of the line being "complete."  By "complete" I mean all of the important characters being immortalized in plastic.  Now, I realize that some characters like Captain Cold are important to… Read More
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 You may remember my recent article about "A Perfect JLU 3 Pack".  http://www.actionfigureinsider.com/blog/superfriend/a-perfect-jlu-3-pack/  Unfortunately, I’m not sure Mattel saw it.  Because this isn’t one of them.   We’ve waited forever for Captain Atom.  As long as the line has been going.  Finally he is here.  Maybe for that very reason, Mattel thought we should be satisfied… Read More
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UFC fighters at  launch event hosted by Randy  Couture     Markham, ON, Canada – Round 5,  manufacturer of North America ’s first official MMA collectable  figures, announced the line up  for Series 2 of their Champion s Line at a UFC celebrity  studded launch  event in Toronto, Canada.  The  event took place in the home  town of Round 5’s head office  and was  sponsored by Yahoo! Canada ,  featuring guest appearances  by UFC Heavyweight Champion,   Randy “The  Natural” Couture, and Former  Lightweight Champion Sean  “The Muscle Shark” Sherk, and  hosted by  marketing firm Pressure  Creative + Design.      “We wanted to bring Sean up  for the announcement as the  first fighter signed to  Series 2”, commented  Damon Lau, President of Round  5.  Lau also noted,  “Coming  off a big fight with BJ Penn  the previous  weekend, brings lots of  exposure to Sean Sherk’s  brand and was the perfect  vehicle to announce the  rest of the line up.” Also  announced for series two were  current UFC middleweight  champion Anderson  “The Spider” Silva, and former  UFC middleweight champion,  Rich “Ace” Franklin.       The Champions Series 2 MMA  collectable figures will be  available in Fall of 2008.   Series 1 collectables  are currently available in  Canada at Toys R’ Us, in the  US at KB Toy Stores, FYE and… Read More
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On Friday 6 June 2008 at 11am, Weta opened the doors to the hotly anticipated Weta Cave in Miramar, Wellington.  For the very first time, an area of Wellington’s visual effects facility will be opened up to fans and visitors.  “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to do this”, says Weta creative director and co-owner… Read More
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Yamato USA Presents the Fantasy Figure Gallery, Resin Quality Figures at PVC Prices  TORRANCE, CA, June 17, 2008.  Imagine.  Imagine your own personal gallery filled with the works of legendary fantasy artists brought to full, three-dimensional life by the world’s finest sculptors.  Imagine your fingers passing over the delicate details of each piece, marveling at… Read More
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From Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, written and directed by the Award Winning director of Pan¹s Labyrinth and Hellboy, Guillermo del Toro , comes Liz Sherman, this pyro-powered investigator is a hottie in every sense of the word. Mezco has captured her here in two exciting Limited Edition versions, each depicting the seconds before she… Read More
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Hurley, NY (June 16, 2008) – TONNER today announced the world premier launch of one of the gaming industry’s most recognized personality as a TONNER CHARACTER FIGURE at Wizard World Chicago in TONNER booth #1012. The newest TONNER CHARACTER FIGURE will debut on June 26, 2008 at Wizard World Chicago to an audience of approximately… Read More
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