A lot of our questions will be answered this coming weekend when NYCC launches, but even so, Mattel was able to squeeze in one more round of Q&A answers.  Thanks again to Toy Guru for fielding these.   Q1. So far as I’ve seen the SDCC exclusive hasn’t been revealed, but it is supposed to… Read More
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I’m a big fan of articulation.   Ever since i witnessed what was possible starting with the first wave of Marvel Legends I’ve been on board the super-articulation train.   I know it’s not everyone’s bag, but for me, the more useful articulation the better. That being said, it’s a little odd that I like… Read More
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  Well it’s post Toy Fair time. As this is my 1st blog here at AFI I thought not only would it be appropriate to discuss Toy Fair, but also for those who don’t know me to take this opportunity to look into the inter-workings of my brain.    Toy Fair is not only the… Read More
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March 2008 – NY – Comic-Con returns to New York April 18-20th and Shocker Toys LLP will be in full force at Booth# 962 with new product showcasing and bringing a show exclusive to the event. Very pleased will be the fans of Rob Schrab’s Scud, Shocker Toys LLP will have on hand SCUD the… Read More
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  SCOOP WEEK – SCOOP #1  As you may recall from our anniversary last year we ran something called "Scoop Week" for the week leading up to our launch day anniversary.   We knew that light be tricky this year since NYCC falls on the same week and many companies are planning to reveal new… Read More
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ACTION FIGURES   JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES  Sculpted by: Tim Bruckner From the pages of the much-loved ’80’s series of hilarious and action-packed stories that re-defined the term “Super-Hero Team” comes DC Direct’s JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL action figures!   Batman, Black Canary, G’Nort, Ice    Based on the series from Keith Giffen,… Read More
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  To kick off the 3rd Anniversary Celebration here is a video we cut together of our Toy Fair  2008 video footage.  This video covers a little of everything and gives you a bit of flavor of walking around the Javits  Center .  I hope you dig it!   Thanks to "Cubby" for cutting it together.  … Read More
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Today Diamond Select Toys is ready to reveal that the astonishing seventh series of classic Star Trek retro figures will feature the never-before-released Mr. Sulu and the ferocious alien Gorn!  These latest additions to the Star Trek retro cloth figure line deliver the final “missing” member of the U.S.S. Enterprise crew as well as a… Read More
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Mezco’s wildly popular Cinema of Fear series continues with their third offering of 7inch figures. Featuring uncannily film accurate likenesses, the award winning Mezco sculptors prove once again they know the world of cinematic horror better than anyone. The newest wave features for iconic horror figures; *Freddy from Nightmare On Elm Street 5, with alternate… Read More
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Wow. It’s been three whole years since I agreed to help out my friend Daniel Pickett set up a new site. And all I originally intended to do was just help design some stuff and then return to not updating ToyOtter.com. Ever since leaving RTM, I had decided to never run a big toy site… Read More
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  Wow. Three whole years have gone by since the day that Julius Marx decided to set out on his own and take the web by storm. I joined shortly after, and now we have a whole crew of malcontents who strive to bring you nothing but the best in toy shenanigans.   To that… Read More
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  A message from the founders of AFI: So over the course of the past few years that we’ve been working on AFI, Julius Marx and I have had many discussions of what we want the site to be. Foremost in those discussions has been the ideal that AFI would not only be haven for… Read More
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