Scoop # 5 Ryu from Ninja Gaiden by NECA Not final product and pending approval – sculpt in progress Randy and the gang over at NECA have given us another awesome action figure debut to premiere during SCOOP WEEK.  The great video game character from games spanning from 1988 up to today has the… Read More
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As I was walking the showroom floor at Toy Fair in NYC back in February I came across a small booth over by the Mezco booth with two guys sitting at a table.   These two guys were working hard, trying to interest passer-by buyers in their invention- The Yule Tool.   They were angling for… Read More
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Readers of my old AFI blog, Tales of a Would’ve-Been Action Hero know I’m a big wrestling fan, but you don’t need to like or know anything about wrestling to appreciate this. This past Tuesday night, WWE installed former American Gladiators host Mike Adamle as the new lead announcer for their ECW brand.  It did… Read More
Jason "JJJason" Chirevas • April 17, 20081 Comment
 April 18, 2008 (Shawnee KS) – Cast-a-Way Toys is bringing the ACTION back! CAPTAIN ACTION that is. To launch their new line of Retro-style action-figures Cast-a-Way Toys is partnering with Captain Action Enterprises to produce new 8-inch scaled action figures based on the iconic Captain Action. This groundbreaking action-figure of the 60’s, actually the first… Read More
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The Four Horsemen are kicking off their first New York Comic Con appearance (April 18th – 20th) by revealing their fully painted 2-up prototype of their fan-chosen “Gothitropolis” character, SCARABUS!    Scarabus has been chosen by action figure collectors to be the next limited production action figure associated with the Four Horsemen’s “FANtastic Exclusive 3”… Read More
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I’ve loved GI Joe since the early 80s – I was a fan of the comics, the cartoon and especially the toys. GI Joe started me on customizing. GI Joe taught me not to play in a lake when a lightning storm was coming though or to hide in a refrigerator while playing hide and… Read More
Pierre "Airmax" Kalenzaga • April 17, 20082 Comments
     Well, it seems I’ve finally found a woman who accepts my inner geek.  She bought me a little present the other day, which I promptly affixed to my Jeep.  You’ll know you’re driving behind The Chipster, and if you’re an otter you’ll be jealous.        Now everyone will know the inherent geekness within… Read More
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  Scoop #4 Another New DCUC Figure Revealed!  New York Comic Con is still one more day away… and the new Mattel announcements will be on Saturday, but Mattel has given us permission to show you one more sneak peek at one more upcoming Amazing DCUC figure. Once again, we cannot tell you where he… Read More
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Boy… I hope they don’t mess this up with a bunch of talking and stuff…     Wildly Popular ‘Iron Man’ Trailer To Be Adapted Into Full-Length Film Read More
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A message from the founders of AFI: So over the course of the past few years that we’ve been working on AFI, Julius Marx and I have had many discussions of what we want the site to be. Foremost in those discussions has been the ideal that AFI would not only be haven for like-minded… Read More
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Today, over at Entertainment Weekly’s website they debut the first two of DC Direct’s new Watchmen figures based on the Warner Brothers’ WATCHMEN movie hitting theaters next year.  Shown are Night Owl and Rorschach sculpted by Jack Matthews and Tim Bruckner.  These and possibly more will be on display at DC Direct’s booth at NYCC… Read More
Daniel Pickett • April 16, 20081 Comment
I’m sitting here switching between a Yankees/Red Socks game and the movie Big and thinking about the movie even as I watch the game.  Was Josh the luckiest kid on the planet when he was changed into an adult?  I suppose people could write dissertations for their doctorates on the issue.  But I know that… Read More
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