You may be wondering why these are so close together.  I’m trying to get this up so folks who have never been will get an idea of what else you can do there. Wednesday thru Friday. Wednesday Harbor Tour After 4 days of parks, we needed a slower day to recouperate.  So we went on… Read More
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So there you are, in San Diego, and you have a week.  How do you spend it?  Well, we used the AAA tourbook to pick out a bunch of stuff.  This is how we spent our 1st 4 days. Saturday Wild Animal Park We bought a 3 park 5 day pass covering the Animal Park,… Read More
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  Every year there are more and more exclusive toys and statues at San Diego Comic Con. Who can keep track of all of ‘em? Well, get your wallets out  ’cause here’s the list you want to bring with you to the big show! (Images, prices, piece numbers and more items to be added as… Read More
Scott Rogers • June 2, 20086 Comments
Perhaps you’ve heard me refer to my "little brother," Johnny. To avoid confusion I’m referring to the terrific 10 year old boy I was matched up with through the "Big Brothers Big Sisters" program. Johnny has 3 brothers (the sibling kind) and 2 cousins. Whereas I thought all of these boys would be easy prey… Read More
Danny "CantinaDan" Neumann • June 1, 20086 Comments
Save UP TO 75 PERCENT! Starting Friday May 30th at 10:00am Mountain time, McFarlane Toys will be having a warehouse moving sale – and retail prices on literally everything will be significantly reduced! Prices as low as $1.50 – or savings up to 75 percent – on Spawn, dragons, 3-D Wall Art, sports and MUCH… Read More
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North Hills, CA, May 28, 2008 – Imperial Toy, a leading manufacturer of licensed and proprietary bubbles & novelties, and Marvel Entertainment, Inc., a global character-based entertainment licensing company, announced today a multi-year licensing deal. Imperial will launch an extensive line of seasonal and novelty products based on Marvel’s most popular Super Heroes, including The… Read More
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becasue there is NOTHING to stop the ape uprising now!   It’s only a short distance from this to THIS: And the saddest part… we did it to ourselves. I just hope the cyber-monkeys don’t team up with SkyNet when they enslave us. Read More
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I miss the 80s. Sure, it was a weird time, but it was also a really fun time. And pre-internet, the early days of cable TV held so many hidden riches, not the least of which was MTV actually airing music videos all day long. I’m not sure what kids today watch in the afternoon… Read More
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NECA has been gradually trickling out the information on their 2008 Comic Con exclusives.  So far the have announced Exclusives based on Gears of War, Conan and their awesome TMNT line.   Check out the news and images below.   Carmine is Coming to San Diego   NECA Releases Images of the Gears of War… Read More
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The Washington DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club (DCSWCC) is proud to announce their third bi-annual charity lapel pin sale. The 2008 pin features animated Boba Fett with DCSWCC’s signature Washington Monument as his rocket, in honor of the 30th anniversary of his appearance in The Star Wars Holiday Special. Third in DCSWCC’s series… Read More
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Yep, it certainly is.   More heart than Iron Man, more streamlined than Indiana Jones, Speed Racer was wire-to-wire fun and never forgot the most important thing in story, the characters.  The Wachoski Brothers took cartoon sprites with names like Speed, Pops, and Sparky and made them people I could root for and care about. … Read More
Jason "JJJason" Chirevas • May 26, 20083 Comments
Adventure. I love that word.  It’s one of my favorites.  I think it’s one of the most inclusive, evocative words we have and hearing it makes me happy. Tonight, we’re going to talk about adventure as combined with another of my favorite words, hero.  Specifically, we’re going to talk about when the two words, along… Read More
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