Peter and the gang over at AFHub.com have the scoop on the Justice League Unlimited Legion of Super Heroes test-shots that were purchased at on overseas toy show last week by one of the members of AFHub.  These are for the upcoming MattyCollector.com exclusive set that will be shipping later in 2009.  You can read… Read More
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A lot of you have noticed that you were "de-friended" by Matty Mattel on Facebook.com this week.    We have just learned the scoop on what happened.  The issue was there were a lot of FAKE "Matty Mattel" pages popping up on Facebook and Mattel was working with the Facebook crew to have them pulled… Read More
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The title of my blog isn’t just to get your attention, nor is it a submission to the National Enquirer, in fact it’s quite true. Let me entreat you to my history with action figures and the amazing miracle they would later produce…               The 80’s and Early to mid 90’s:   My journey… Read More
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 About nine months ago I ran across one of the most bizarre toy finds I’ve ever run across.  I picked up a couple of sets just to blog about them but I was never really able to get a handle on what to write other than to just show them off and ask "isn’t this… Read More
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On Friday, March 6, a feature film based on the acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen will be released in theaters nationwide. To help commemorate the movie’s release, Toys“R”Us stores will offer an exclusive, variant action figure based on the street vigilante, Rorschach. The action figure, featuring Rorschach without his face…I mean mask…depicts a bruised Rorschach as… Read More
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A few weeks ago I was contacted by the Dan and Jeff Phillips, creators of the AFD Action Figure Displays.  They had a new series of products that I think the collecting community will really love.  It’s a fairly simple but brilliant concept.   They have printed a series of original high-res images on Gatorboard,… Read More
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   From  www.SaveHeroClix.com Read More
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In what seems like ages ago (1993), I had the coolest job in the world.  I was in charge of one of the 107 Warner Brother Studio Store Animation Art Galleries, and loving every minute of it.  Original production cels, bronze statues, limited editions, lithographs, and even movie prop replicas (before they were fashionable), were… Read More
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  I’ve collected toys based upon a lot of various things over the years from comic books to movies to television shows and even some original concepts here and there.  As I work at pairing down the collection to a more manageable level, I am trying to focus on the things I really, really like… Read More
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TO LAUNCH ON THE iPHONE AND iPOD TOUCH Burbank, Calif., March 2, 2009– Warner Bros. Digital Distribution today announced Watchmen: Justice is Coming, an online multiplayer game for the iPhone and iPod Touch based on the upcoming film Watchmen, from Warner Bros. Pictures and Paramount Pictures, in association with Legendary Pictures.  Available from the iTunes… Read More
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Just received the following information from our friends over on the Hasbro Star Wars team clarifying  a point on one of the upcoming Clone Wars Battle Packs:  Some have asked whether the Clone Wars Jabba The Hutt Battle Pack will come with the Weequay figure, as is shown in one of the images that was… Read More
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I’ve seen a lot of collections in my time, but no one puts together more interesting dioramas than my buddy Cuban Zod.  He just finds the coolest stuff and puts them together in such an interesting fashion.    I have a few photos of parts of his collection that I thought would be fun to share […] Read More
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