– Planned events include sleepover with special postgame screening of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back –   SAN DIEGO, CA – The Force has been with the San Diego Padres all season long, and on Friday, September 24, the Padres will pay tribute to a “galaxy far, far away” with a special… Read More
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Our friends over at CA Enterprises sent us the following news about their awesome 8" Mego-esque NYCC 10 exclusive figures featuring Captain Action and Dr. Evil.  These guys a super-limited edition, so if you are going to NYCC you had better make this one of your first stops! NY Comic Con is just around the… Read More
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Toy2R is preparing for the holidays with YOU in mind. For 15 years, Toy2R has been a leading force in the designer art toy genre but more importantly, YOU, the customer, have been the biggest reason for our growth and success and to show you our appreciation, Toy2R has created this contest to say thank… Read More
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Last week we showed you Kamandi from DC Universe Classics Wave 14.  And we still have a few more from wave 14 to show you.   Obsidian has been live in the archives since last week, but I didn’t get a chance to update the front page until today.   I still have GOLD and… Read More
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Actually DCUC wave 15 brings us 2 steps closer to having a complete line of Super Powers figures in the 6″ scale with the inclusion of Golden Pharaoh and Martian Manhunter in the line up. But for now here is the comparison shot of Golden Pharaoh. Read More
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You remember how fans were upset at the unveiling of DCUC wave 15 Sinestro corps Batman? Remember how fans said that it wasn’t comics accurate and the other costume only appeared on one page? Then remember how Mattel dropped the hint that this Batman was not based on that appearance, but instead was based on… Read More
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Entertainment Earth has partnered with Diamond Select to bring you a super special Universal Monster Action Figure: The Wolf Man in black and white! He’s not just scary in color anymore… Be afraid. Be very afraid! That wonderful series of Universal Monsters movies revolutionized film and gave us some of the most iconic characters in… Read More
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NECA Announces Harry Potter Partnership   In a multinational collaborative effort to continue to bring you the coolest and most up-to-date righteous entertainment memorabilia, NECA has partnered with TOMY to distribute their European Harry Potter merchandise in the US! If you’re imagining long hours in smoke-filled back rooms negotiating the deal, yeah, sure, go with… Read More
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Once again it’s time to make your voice heard!   Mattel is asking action figure fans to participate in a new survey.  The survey will be live until Sunday afternoon.   Time is ticking, so get going-  The link is below: Hey action figure fans! We are continually trying to improve upon what we produce for… Read More
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The Washington DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club (DCSWCC) will have a great Fall picnic on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 in Gambrills, MD. The pavilion of the Bell Branch Athletic Complex will be the site of the club’s annual Anniversary celebration, which will feature the usual food, fun, and fellowship.  Special events at this… Read More
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Remember what that’s from?  Probably not. I’m in Walmart yesterday and, though they didn’t have what I went in there for, they did have the 2010 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 4" Lord Zedd figure (and Star Trek: Voyager Season 1 for 20 bucks, but that item doesn’t figure in the story).  I went to what… Read More
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"Gamorreans are forever at war with anyone who will fight" Now black and white master, Jon-Paul Kaiser brings the legendary warrior to life in Qee form with his newest custom. Using the 2.5" DIY Pigee Qee figure, Jon-Paul has once again captured the full essence of this brute. The Gamorrean Guard Qee is an original… Read More
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