As impossible as it is to believe, my little girl turned 5 years old today…and she not a little girl anymore.  You started out like this:   But look at you now!     And I’ve loved every minute of it.   Happy Birthday little one.      Read More
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Mattel sends us some pics today of their upcoming DC Infinite Heroes line of 3 3/4" action figures. These should be hitting stores soon this summer. Shown are the Commissioner Gordon and Swat Team 3-Pack, and the singles Shazam, Black Hand, Adam Strange, Black Adam, the Flash, Reverse Flash, Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, Hush, Captain… Read More
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Part 5 – Saturday, Sunday, Monday.  Catholic mission, trolley tour, the Con, Tijuana, aquarium, marine history. Read More
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Even though the Four Horsemen are back in their studio attempting to recover from an exciting weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia, they can’t sit around and admire their first annual “Toyfare Hall of Fame” award for too long.    There are still some straggling elephants to be shipped out, there’s work to be wrapped up… Read More
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NY- Mezco Toyz, premier toy and collectible manufacturer, is lending a helping hand to those who are less fortunate; bulldogs. In February 2008, Mezco Toyz, the makers of the new Heroes action figures, sent a set of unpainted prototype test shot figures to the legendary 30 Rock (30 Rockefeller center) in NY to be displayed… Read More
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Fresh from Marvel’s latest paranoia-fueled comic event comes the greenest, used-to-be-deadest San Diego Comic Con exclusive of the year – the Marvel Select Skrull Elektra!  Featuring Elektra as a Skrull as well as an additional Skrull soldier, this limited two-pack brings the stars of Secret Invasion to your collection as never before! She may be… Read More
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Mattel has sent us some great images of all of their SDCC 2008 exclusive offerings.   Masters of The Universe King Grayskull King Grayskull will be available in his standard colors as well as a chase version showing him as a statue as Adam first encountered him.       DC Universe Classics LOBO with… Read More
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If you’ve ever seen one of the EagleMoss figures (either DC or Marvel) in person you know how good they look.   here is a new commercial to promote the DC figures.   These are being imported through Diamond. Here’s a cool new commercial for these figurines.     Another fun fact is that the DC… Read More
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SDCC Exclusive Miniature Alliance Secret Wars Spider-man & Hulk  Monogram International features as a salute to the 20 plus year anniversary of Secret Wars – 12 comic series everyone’s favorite classic super heroes Spider-man and Hulk. The story revolves around the plot: A godlike cosmic entity called the Beyonder has been observing the Earth-616 universe… Read More
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Underground Toys sent us the latest solicitation information on the first assortment of the Torchwood action figures.  The first assortment of figure featuring Gwen, Captain Jack Harkness, Lisa the Cyberwoman, and a Weevil.   These figures should be arriving in July/August 2008 and retail for around $10 each.   The 12 pack cases of figures… Read More
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You may be wondering why these are so close together.  I’m trying to get this up so folks who have never been will get an idea of what else you can do there. Wednesday thru Friday. Read More
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So there you are, in San Diego, and you have a week.  How do you spend it?  Well, we used the AAA tourbook to pick out a bunch of stuff.  This is how we spent our 1st 4 days. Read More
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