The MARVEL Team at Hasbro has once again come through for AFI readers answering your latest Hasbro/Marvel questions.  These questions were submitted by AFI readers via our forums.      Q1) The new sculpts for the Marvel Legends 2 packs look fantastic! Will these be Toys R’ US/Diamond exclusive like the previous waves of 2… Read More
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The Roots of Evil Series 2 features Jill Valentine, Hunter and a Labcoat Zombie! Capcom’s original Resident Evil might be the greatest horror game of all time. It’s a cultural milestone — the one that started it all. In June 2009, Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil was released on Nintendo Wii, and as more landmark… Read More
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EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Mar 30, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ:MAT) brings springtime fun with fresh new toys and games perfect for play indoors and out. From Barbie(R) to Hot Wheels(R) and great games for the entire family, Mattel’s got kids covered and parents prepped for upcoming springtime vacations, holidays and rainy or sunny… Read More
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Easter is just around the corner and parents are looking to rev up their kids’ baskets with a morph-tastic gift alongside those chocolate bunnies. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from Bandai America Incorporated can help parents “power up” baskets and keep kids entertained long after the Easter egg hunts are over. The value-packed toys offer multiple… Read More
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There has been lots of talk about the peg holes in the Brave and Bold line.  Some of us like them.  Some do not.  In my opinion, the two Metal Men showcase the worst and best use of this feature in the line.     Your typical basic figure comes with one plug in accessory… Read More
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Toy2R proudly announces the next stop on the 15th Anniversary World Tour – Rivet Gallery. Known for their extensive exhibit schedule and their talented roster of artists – Rivet Gallery is the premiere venue for  DIY shows in Columbus, Ohio. Curated by Laura Kuenzil – this show will be nothing but unique. In fact, the… Read More
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The great author and toy maker Willl.I.Am Shakespeare once wrote the immortal line, “To articulate, or not to articulate, that is the question”. He then goes on to ask whether it’s more noble to suffocate Green Arrow or get a good fortune after a Chinese meal, or some such thing, but the important part is… Read More
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“Kick-Ass”, the action-adventure movie from Lionsgate and Matthew Vaughn, is a twisted high-octane adventure that redefines the “super hero” genre, based on the popular comic by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.    Kick-Ass, a.k.a. Dave Lizewski is an average teenager and avid comic-book fan, who decides to become a real-life superhero, Kick-Ass! With no… Read More
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Who’s Gonna Make S’mores? The half way point of the final season opens up with a scene that was first part of the Season 5 finale (“The Incident”). Jacob visits Illana in a Russian hospital. The scene was extended to show us that Jacob tasked Illana with protecting the six remaining candidates (who are Jack… Read More
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Mattel updated their Facebook page this week to remind fans of the dates and products that will be available for their MattyCollector.com April and May sales. Toy Fans, Just a reminder that our next sale is Monday, April 19th. Items we’ve confirmed will be ready to ship include: Wun-Dar™ & Map of Eternia® (Club Eternia™… Read More
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80’s Icons Immortalized in Premium Format Statue Line NORTHRIDGE, CA (March 26, 2010):  Pop Culture Shock Collectibles are pleased to announce they are the newest licensor for the wildly popular 80’s cartoon Thundercats!  This licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products will bring 1/4 scale mixed media statues to hardcore collector’s homes in 2010.  Pop… Read More
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