OK kids, the new Super Friends: the Legendary Super Powers Show DVD hits stores today and on it they have a nifty little feature on the Super Powers toyline. The fun part of all this is that I’m one of the on-camera talent involved (alongside luminaries such as Mark Waid, Georg Brewer, Paul Levitz… Read More
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  Found this today at my local Big Lots (check out Big Lots friends; *lots* of new Mattel stuff is hitting there first before Target, Wal-Mart, etc.). As I was looking through the pegs I saw two Hawkman 3-Packs…but the Hawkman figures had very different paint jobs!  The colors painted on the one on the… Read More
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BBC Worldwide is delighted to announce that Character Options, one of the UK’s leading toy companies, will be launching a fantastic range of classic Doctor Who figures. The 5” figures range will initially include detailed replicas of classic Doctors, plus a number of monsters and will be launched in the spring of 2008. As master… Read More
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  Day Four is up, along with our entire SDCC 2007 coverage!  Go check it all out now!    Read More
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Now Day Three is online, including Hasbro, Mattel, Marvel Toys, DC Direct, Gentle Giant, and Bandai. We still have tons of pictures to get formatted and labeled over the next few days, including the ever popular CosPlay galleries, looks at all the con booths, and just lots of pictures of the con itself to say… Read More
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In honor of the great Metamorpho Build-A-Figure coming in January from Mattel and the Four Horsemen,  may I present Man or Astro-Man?‘s awesome composition "Man Made of CO2"? Hit the link for some coolness. Read More
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 Madman Mike "Sdcomics" Walker has done it again, coming at you with his Day Three report from the floor of the con. Yesterday he got a chance to talk with DC Direct’s big Kahuna, Georg Brewer, among other things. Let’s listen in: So today I had an opportunity to talk with Georg Brewer, Vice-President of… Read More
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We have nearly all of our Day Two pictures now online. Lots of good stuff every where, including Hasbro, Mattel, Marvel Toys, Diamond, DC Direct, NECA, Mezco, SOTA, Corgi/Master Replicas, Toy2R, Underground Toys, and Shocker (see below). Whew! One or two more might go up tonight, with Day Three galleries online tomorrow.  Enjoy! Read More
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We’re not sure if they had any merchandise, or what they talked about, and most of the crowd left the panel only a few minutes into it, but we do know that GWAR showed up to make everyone uncomfortable and stage some kind of crazy mock battle in the empty aisle. Now this is toy… Read More
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  Once again, Mike "Sdcomics" Walker has braved the crowds, attended the panels, and stood in line for 4 hours to get a bad hotdog just to bring you his amazing reportage directly from the floor of the San Diego Convention Center! Take it away, Mike!  Okay, as we all know, Mattel and DC held… Read More
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The lack of new product showing for Mattel’s JLU line has raised some heated conversation on the AFI’s forums, and this morning Mattel’s JLU brand manager, "ToyGuru", wrote in from the con to allay some fans’ fears: Hey guys, Yeah, we hear you. I know their has been some disapointment that we couldn’t show more… Read More
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We didn’t go to the Hasbro Star Wars panel (we went to the Mattel DC Panel at the same time, see below) but our friends at Rebelscum sure did and they scored the slideshow that was shown. They also have added the slideshow for the Hasbro Marvel panel at their other site CoolToyReview.  It’s almost… Read More
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