Hello, and welcome to "Back To Normal" week here at The Highlight.  LOL.  Today we have the "Small Card" Green Lantern figure, which is technically a Shell Gas Station promotion produced for the Canadian market.  This sub-line was released on smaller cards due to less space being available at point-of-sale (hey, it’s a gas station). … Read More
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Variety just sent out the breaking news that actor Ryan Reynolds last seen in Xmen Origins: Wolverine as Deadpool will play the title roll in the upcoming Green Lantern feature film for Warner Brothers.   Reynolds beat out“The Hangover” star Bradley Cooper, singer Justin Timberlake and Jared Leto.   You can read the full story here…. Read More
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Detailed Model of Legendary Submarine to be Previewed at Comic-Con and the D23 Expo  BURBANK, Calif. (July 10, 2009) – eFX Inc. will explore the mysteries of the deep, and of Walt Disney’s haunting interpretation of Capt. Nemo’s Nautilus, when it unveils its highly accurate, detailed collectible model of  this  iconic submarine from Disney’s renowned… Read More
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Highly Collectible  Fashion Doll, “LaLa” Limited To 300.   Torrance, Ca. (July 10, 2009)—When most people at the San Diego Comic Convention see the number 300 they remember the Spartan Warriors.  This year at the 2009 San Diego Comic Convention, the number 300 will make people remember dolls, in this case a very special Pullip… Read More
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Limited Run Items Include A “Schrute Farms Beets Watch,” A “Heroes Double Helix Necklace,” A “Heroes-Sword Letter Opener,” A “Chuck Supervisor Polo,” A “Caprica USB Drive,” And A New Edition Of The Ultimate Cylon Souvenir – the “Battlestar Galactica LED Toaster” Small Batch of Limited Edition, Numbered Items To Be Given Away During The 2009… Read More
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Breaking news posted over at MattyCollector.com Hey MOTU Fans! Oh man, this is BIG… the design team at Mattel just announced the first book in their "Designed @ Mattel" series and it’s a MOTU art book! The book shows off the fantastic art of the MOTU brand from 1981 through current day. It’s packed with… Read More
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Well, sadly we’ve come to the final day of "Impromptu Super Powers Gallery Week."  However, there’s something extra-special for you today…two rare figures that (as far as I know) don’t exist in online image form at any site other than right here.  The Lily Ledy company out of Mexico produced the "Super Podores" line…and yet… Read More
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Today the official website for Comic Con International posted a list of the 2009 exclusives for the show.  This is NOT a complete list yet, so far it’s only four pages long,  but starts as a good guide to how much money you will need to bring with you to the con and what lines… Read More
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Benefit supports Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Bradley Hospital PAWTUCKET, R.I. (July 9, 2009) – On August 3, fans of the G.I. JOE brand will have an early opportunity to see their favorite action heroes come to life at a special charity premiere of G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra, hosted by Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS)…. Read More
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 DARK HORSE UNVEILS THE NEXT WAVE OF TRAGIC TOYS, INCLUDING 6” VINYLS, TWO NEW JOURNALS, HEAT-SENSITIVE COFFEE MUGS, AND MORE!   The fertile imagination of Tim Burton is one of the most interesting creative resources in pop culture today. While his many films are stamped with his unique vision, cinema is an inherently collaborative process…. Read More
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Welcome to Day Four of "Impromptu Super Powers Gallery Week!"  It’s Euro-Disney time!   Okay, that was lame, but do you know how difficult it is to write concurrent witty opening statements for days on end?  It’s damn tough, I tells ya.  Today we serve up a healthy helping of European goodness, both with "Free Poster"… Read More
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The 2009 Mattel / Toyfare Magazine DC Universe Classics Fans’ Choice Vote is now live!  Click the image below to go cast your vote now!  Then head over to to the forums to discuss the voting..  (Thanks to forum member xrmc20 for pointing out that the vote was live!)   Read More
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