You savvy Seinfeld viewers are no doubt familiar with this holiday, but for those who aren’t – a brief summary on the phenomenon known as Festivus. Created as a plot device for a Seinfeld episode, Festivus is a nondenominational celebration of the shunning of the traditional commercialism and materialism that accompanies the holiday season.  Frank Costanza… Read More
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In order to help benefit the Toys for Tots organization, Four Horsemen Toy Design have put some of their most sought after FANtastic Exclusive/Seventh Kingdom collectables up for auction on eBay!    If you missed out on any of the Mynothecean warriors, this could be your final chance to get your hands on them!   … Read More
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Up next in the DST Star Trek line is a new action figure two-pack based on the fan-favorite STAR TREK episode – “Space Seed”!  Featuring all-new versions of Captain James T. Kirk and Khan Noonien Singh, this upcoming release will feature the same style, articulation and scale as past original series STAR TREK releases!  Differing… Read More
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The Four Horsemen are proud to announce multiple FANtastic Exclusive eBay auctions to help benefit “Toys for Tots”. On Monday, December 4th the Four Horsemen will be putting up some of the most highly sought after items from their FANtastic Exclusive 2006 project. The following items will be made available for bidding: 2 signed and… Read More
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Who is Felicia? Busty. Blue-haired. Sexy. Feline.   SOTA’s bringing her to you Do we have your attention now? SOTA Toys is proud to announce its latest limited edition resin statue based on fan-favorite character Felicia from the videogame "Darkstalkers". Posed in the midst of licking herself clean, this anime style feline femme statue is… Read More
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Like the previous entry on the BK Lord of the Rings figures, these were pitched to Burger King in 2001 as a tie-in to the then airing X-Men Evolution cartoon. The earlier idea of figure packs was such a hit internally, when the X-Men license rolled around it was thought that the perfect "never been… Read More
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Latest from Die-Cast Leader Includes New Mystery™ Cars, Expanded Treasure Hunt Series and Code™ Cars EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (November 28, 2006) – Mattel has unveiled the first wave of its Hot Wheels® new basic car assortment for 2007, ensuring that kids, collectors and car enthusiasts will have no trouble finding something to quench their desire… Read More
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Round four voting of the Four Horsemen’s FANtastic Exclusive 2007 is now up and running and articulation is the name of the game. The wait has been a little longer this time around due to an experimental preliminary discussion and vote conducted on the message boards. If you missed the discussion don’t worry, though, this… Read More
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Our very own Julius Marx gets some face time in this biting exposé of the 2006 San Diego ComicCon International! Join Jack, Brian, Sarah, and Bill as they fight evil, talk to big stars and…whoa! Did you check out the chick dressed as Powergirl?!? [youtube]1G-OwnPOeTE&eurl[/youtube]  And featuring everyone’s favorite SpyMagician as Loki!   Read More
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I’m sure some of you have seen this, but it is still cool. The amazing "Secret Menu" at In ‘n Out. Good stuff. Here in Colorado we don’t have In ‘N Out. It makes me sad. I love that place. I would eat this. Go check it out: http://supersizedmeals.com/food/article.php/20060125050438458 Read More
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I know that it’s the end of November… but we just got the Comic Con edition of Geek Week put together and on-line… and it’s more bacon than the pan can handle!   I make a couple of appearances in this episode… and who knows… you might be in it somewhere too! Read More
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If you read TOAWBAH when it was a column, you may remember there were two lines that drew me to collecting: Batman: The Animated Series and, before even that, Playmates Star Trek. I remember exactly how I felt as I drove away from Toys R Us with that first figure, Captain Scott. He was right… Read More
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