For as much Master of the Universe news we’ve been posting we might just have to call this MOTUC Week! And it doesn’t slow down yet, because in addition to the new MOTUC figures going on sale on the 15th on MattyCollector.com, but not Mattel has posted carded pictures of Moss Man today on their… Read More
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Download Complete Trogdor Episode from Telltale’s Game Series Today only at www.trogday.com   SAN RAFAEL, Calif. – January 13, 2010 – Happy Trogday, everyone! Seven years ago today, the beefy-armed dragon, Trogdor, first appeared on HomestarRunner.com, burninating the hearts and minds of audiences around the globe in the Strong Bad email installment, “Dragon.” In celebration… Read More
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Twitter Followers to Earn Chance to Win Trip to Comic-Con and Meet the MythBusters (Silver Spring, Md.) – On Monday, January 18, Discovery Channel viewers will be treated to an all-day marathon of the Emmy®-nominated MYTHBUSTERS, the series that aims to uncover the truth behind popular myths and legends by mixing scientific method with gleeful… Read More
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First, Gentle Giant brought us Commander Bly – then the Galactic Marine. Now, Forbidden Planet and Gentle Giant bring you: the Republic Commandos!   Over the years top toy and figure sculptors Gentle Giant have received many requests for the Delta Squad Clone Troopers from the Lucasarts video game Republic Commando. Now, they make those… Read More
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There’s so much awesome Masters of the Universe Classics product coming in the next few weeks!  AFi has another MOTUC figure debut in our archives.  This time we are taking a closer look at the February release – the evil Trap Jaw!  In another Mattel first, Trap Jaw comes with the parts to make his… Read More
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GREAT IDEAS JUST CLICK: LEGO SYSTEMS LAUNCHES PROGRAM TO CELEBRATE MOMENTS OF INSPIRATION -LEGO® Photo, the First Official LEGO iPhone Application, Available for Free Download- -Original Short Film and Blog Among First Components of Campaign to Deliver Content, Experiences, Tools, Contests and More-   ENFIELD, Conn. (January 11, 2010) – Think of that little bolt… Read More
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A couple years ago the graphic design studio where I work, Esser Design, launched a self-marketing campaign that conceptually conveyed the message: Stand out from the crowd. We aimed to illustrate the theme through a series of images that portrayed a grouping of items wherein one from the group stood out. The images are simple… Read More
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Our friends over at Hasbro have sent over the latest images of new figures/2-packs and playsets for their popular Super Hero Squad line.  Check out below for what’s new with Super Hero Squad!     More after the jump! Read More
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As promised…another blog! Yes, I know…so soon after the first one of the year, too! Well, let me tell you, it’s exhausting work bragging…errr, BLOGGING about the cool stuff I’ve acquired for my collection. It really satisfies my huge ego…errr, makes me humbled to share with my fellow like-minded brethren. Up for showcasing today are… Read More
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Between showing Battle Cat, the Under the Influence Masters of the Universe art show and us breaking the news of Optikk it has been a very MOTUC weekend here on AFi!   We’re going to keep that Eternian momentum going and show you a closer look at the January MOTUC figure – Adora.   She might… Read More
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If you live in the greater Los Angeles area and have some free time and spare cash then come on down to the Los Angeles Comic Book an Science Fiction Convention at the Shrine Auditorium! <–details and tickets here! (or at the door) Myself, SpyMagician, FreshMonkey, Scott Rodgers, Brian-Man, Flash Ah–ahhhh and several others have… Read More
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Those camera phone pictures were enough to whet your appetite with the new figures revealed tonight at Gallery1988, but how about some more detailed shots?   Ok .. you asked for it!   OPTIKK   EVIL-LYNN and SCREEECH   There’s more after the jump! Read More
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