Legendary B-movie actor Bruce Campbell plays himself in MY NAME IS BRUCE, which he also directed.  The film, distributed by Image Entertainment, begins its national platformed release October 31st – Halloween – in New York.  Bruce will be introducing the film at the theatre and doing a post-screening Q&A with the audience on opening night… Read More
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The rumors are confirmed! Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively-multiplayer game set in the critically acclaimed world of Knights of the Old Republic was officially announced this week at a press event held at the LucasArts campus in San Francisco. Taking place 300 years after the events of Knights of the Old Republic, players… Read More
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DC Direct wowed the collecting community this week with giving us our first look at the greatly anticipated "History of the DC Universe" line.    This new line of figures that was mentioned in passing in an interview with DC Direct before Comic Con, and became one of the most talked about in the company’s… Read More
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If you have a Target within driving distance I’m betting you’ve waited outside its doors for the 8 a.m. opening. Its just one of those things we do. Since JLU became a Target "exclusive" I’ve been thinking more about the Big Red Bulls Eye. Here are some random observations and recollections.   Read More
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Shao Kahn, Darkseid, Baraka and Lex Luthor Join the Cast of Super Heroes and Super Villains in the Most Anticipated Fighter of the Year Today Midway announced the complete cast of characters in the epic fighter, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. Rounding out the powerhouse line-up are the final villains Shao Kahn, Darkseid, Baraka and… Read More
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The GI JOE team at Hasbro has answered our latest round of questions.  If you have a question you want answered in the next round then post it in this thread.    Q1. Is there any chance of seeing Cover Girl in the 3¾” line before the focus shifts over to the movie figures? A1…. Read More
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Plus, Win a Complete Set of Guitar Hero Action Figures McFarlane Toys’ first series of Guitar Hero action figures is now rocking Toys ‘R’ Us stores! For information on which Toys ‘R’ Us stores near you are carrying these figures, go here. Series 1 includes four of Guitar Hero‘s fan-favorite characters. Each 6-inch scale articulated… Read More
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Below are the DC Direct solicitations for items shipping June 2009.  It includes on the most anticipated lines that DC Direct has ever announced.    ACTION FIGURES   HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES BASED ON THE ART OF GEORGE PÉREZ The first in an ongoing line of action figures that spans… Read More
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Dream Halloween is right around the corner. This is a fantastic event where Mattel teams created one-of-a-kind collector items to auction off for Children Affected by Aids. This year, among the spectacular toys are two items we showed off first at San Diego Comic Con, the one-of-a-kind Darth Mater and the second and last publically… Read More
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One of the things you notice fairly quickly when you collect this stuff – and take it out of the package –  is how much packaging there really is.  It doesn’t matter the toy or the company, there is still packaging that has to be dealt with.   What do we do with it?  Read More
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Due to unforseen events, the JLU Repaint Custom Showcase will be slightly delayed. We hope to have it live as soon as possible. In the meantime, we are proud to present in its place….THIS!!! [youtube]XAg5KjnAhuU[/youtube]   Read More
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The good folks over at Entertainment Weekly have sent us some news and a preview of the cover featuring Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine from the new Star Trek movie.  The issue hits newsstands tomorrow, October 17 and has great photos from the highly anticipated film. Below are some of the more newsworthy quotes below… Read More
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