This technology isn’t new, it’s been used at Disneyland’s Fantasmic show for well over a decade, but this is the first time I’ve seen it used for a temporary promotion. To advertise the film ‘The Water Horse’, promoters are creating a hologram by projecting the Nessie image over a very fine mist being sprayed in… Read More
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…to watch this…   …more than once and then get the song out of your head.  Although maybe it’s just something than happens to Disney freaks like me.  Hot Dog!!! -JJJ  Read More
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They called it the greatest discovery in human history. The civilizations of the galaxy call it… MASS EFFECT. www.hyperchildwow.com/blog/ Read More
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This is a bit late, since I started it last weekend then got bogged down at work. But life is funny that way. Ok, so I usually don’t do reviews on the blog but I though that since we’re featuring the announcement of Hasbro’s tie-in figure of the "Cloverfield Monster" on the front page that… Read More
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EL SEGUNDO, CA (January 23, 2008) – FORTUNE announced today that Mattel [NYSE: MAT], the world’s largest toy company, has been named to the prestigious 11th annual “100 Best Companies to Work For” list, ranking number 70. Mattel is the only toy company to make the 2008 list. “We’re proud to be named among this… Read More
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 January 22, 2008 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc. announces the manufacture sellout of DC HeroClix®: Crisis five-figure Boosters and bricks.  Crisis, releasing February 27, is completely sold out at the manufacturer in North America due to unexpectedly high preorder sales.  DC HeroClix: Crisis brings to players’ tabletops characters from the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis,… Read More
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NEW FANTASTIC EXCLUSIVE 2008 ROUND! A new year brings a new round of voting in the Four Horsemen’s ongoing action figure fan based project: FANtastic Exclusive2008.This time it’s going to be a somewhat simplified two-parter. Scarabus, the fan-voted winning character from the Four Horsemen’s Gothitropolis property is going to be a six inch scaled figure… Read More
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ACTION FIGURES  ALL STAR ACTION FIGURES It’s an all-star lineup featuring the work of two fan-favorite artists in this series! Four of DC’s superstars are represented here: Batman and Batgirl, as drawn by Jim Lee in All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, and Superman and Super Lois, as drawn by Frank Quitely in… Read More
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It’s being reported by CNN.com and TMZ.com that Heath Ledger star of the upcoming The Dark Knight has been found dead by his housekeeper today in his NYC appartment.  No other details are known at this time. Read More
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Pawtucket, RI– January, 21 2008 – Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS) brings to market the figure of one of the most tightly held secrets in recent Hollywood history: the “Cloverfield” Monster.  Following the 1-18-08theatrical release of Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot’s“Cloverfield,” fans will be able to order a highly detailed representation of the beast beginning today… Read More
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New Feature posted As we wait for Galactic Season 4 to start back up in April,  we take a look at DST/Art Asylum’s second wave of modern Galactica MiniMates.  This wave features everything you want in a MiniMates wave:  Viper Pilots, Commanding Officers and Hooch! Plus have a look at the next two waves planned. … Read More
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Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I LOVE THE "Re-Imagined" BATTLESTAR GALACTICA SERIES on the Sci Fi network. I watched the Mini-Series and thought it was OK, but as soon as I saw the episode "33" I knew I was hooked. I’ve been along for the ride […] Read More
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