DC STARS HUNTRESS is available  on TONNERDirect.com for $159.99  This figure was a TONNER EXCLUSIVE from C2E2 with a Limited Edition of just 200. Comes with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity-signed by Robert Tonner    Quantities are Limited! Click HERE to BUY NOW!   Read More
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  OK, I didn’t make any new predictions for 2010, but in all honesty my predictions for 2009 can pretty much be reused without much modifications (the less said about my 2009 resolutions, the better. Ahem.) So how did I do in forecasting the future? Let’s take a look: The toy industry is going to… Read More
Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer • April 26, 20104 Comments
Mattel has posted a quick update on their Facebook page for fans planning to order DCUC Wave 5 on MattyCollector.com: DCUC Fans, wanted to let you know that due to a logistics issue, the sale of Wave 5 is moving to our June 15th sale.   Read More
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Congratulations to Man of Action Jason Lenzi and the gang at BifBangPow! on winning a  Rondo Horror Award in the 8th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards.  BifBangPow won the 2009 award for BEST TOY, MODEL OR COLLECTIBLE for their Twilight Zone Talking Tina BobbleHead. More than 2,970 voters cast ballots in the EIGHTH Annual… Read More
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  Wow, five years. I think this makes it the longest that I’ve been at one online "home" (not counting ToyOtter.com, which is really more of a rest stop than a home for new content). And it’s easily been the best place I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. So, to celebrate our… Read More
Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer • April 25, 20106 Comments
The newest DC event is Brightest Day.  The preview issue came out last week.  It looks good.  I’d like to see DC actually follow through with this basic idea.  Its been way too dark and gloomy at DC for a long time.  Seven or so years ago, Dan Didio came on board at DC Comics. … Read More
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Evergreen. It is the holy grail of the toy industry. Finding a property that remains both popular and viable in the marketplace even when there is no media support. Every year there is a flurry of movie licensing as toy companies scamble to catch lightning in a bottle and, hopefully, find the next Star Wars…. Read More
Jeff Cope • April 23, 20104 Comments
  Add-on and accessories for your existing toys are a hot and growing trend!  (One I’m happy to say I’m part of!) So read on to find out just what kind of add-ons and gear you can get for your collection!   Read More
Jeremy "SpyMagician" Sung • April 23, 201016 Comments
As was previously reported by a very dubious source, this week marks the Wooden Anniversary of Action Figure Insider. (No really, it’s wooden!  Look it up!  Jason Lenzi told me!  Seriously!). To celebrate this wonderous occasion, we (yeah, that damn Lenzi again…taking all the credit for himself) thought we’d do something different with our blog… Read More
ChipCataldo • April 22, 20106 Comments
  SCOOP WEEK- REVEAL #4  We got a great scoop for you today!  The good folks at Underground Toys are letting us reveal the next 2-pack in their Doctor Who Classics line.   Personally, I love Underground Toys/Character Option’s Doctor Who line.  They have great likenesses, everything is always in scale, and everything is a… Read More
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Those were the exact words I heard from the mouth of a boy who couldn’t have been more than ten years old Monday evening. I stopped by Big Lots after reading that collectors were finding wave 11 25th Anniversary/Modern Era G.I. JOE figures at some of their locations. After picking up two Cobra Eels, Matt… Read More
Jon "Caped Crusader" Edwards • April 22, 201010 Comments
  As part of our 5th Anniversary we are launching a new feature called "Catching Up With…"  In the course of our 5 years here at AFi we have had the privilege of getting to know a lot of great people in the toy industry.  Some we meet at Toy Fair, some we meet at… Read More
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