100 fans will receive a free copy of an autographed ‘Zen Intergalactic Ninja’ comic-book at this year’s Comic-Con.   The give-away event will occur on Friday and Saturday, July 24 and 25, to celebrate the upcoming release of two new ‘Zen’ figures from Shocker Toys.   Stern and Cote will appear at Shocker Toys booth… Read More
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***SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN TRANSFORMERS2*** As seen on the big screen, during the climactic battle sequence between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS, in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, JETFIRE sacrifices himself in a final, desperate effort to help his AUTOBOT brethren defeat THE FALLEN and destroy the solar harvester.  JOLT and AUTOBOT RATCHET swiftly dismantle… Read More
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Thinking about SDCC and realizing that many of my pics from NYCC never made it onto the site.  So, here are some more, to remind you of what we saw back in February.  And to whet your appetite for later in the week. Read More
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Hello, Hasbro’s Marvel brand team is very excited to let you in on some breaking news regarding its Marvel Legends line: The long-anticipated Marvel Legends Nemesis wave is finally hitting the U.S.!   We have learned that eight (8) San Diego area Wal-Mart stores will be stocking the Marvel Legends Nemesis wave, beginning this Wednesday,… Read More
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  AFi slaps social media in the face this SDCC, where Julius Marx and ToyOtter will be furiously tweeting from the con floor throughout the festivities! Yes, the 21st Century hasn’t passed us by; we’re jumping into these series of tubes to bring you the best news that can fit in 140 characters.  Tweeting during… Read More
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Villains beware, or this song bird will take you down with her infamous Canary Cry!  BLACK CANARY™ DELUXE’s costume includes a pewter faux leather bodysuit under a glossy faux leather jacket with intricate lace-up detailing down the sleeves.  Sultry thigh-high glossy lace-up boots, mesh armbands, choker, and trademark fishnet tights complete the look.   BLACK… Read More
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Yeah, it’s an old gag, but still what could be better than seeing all new themes for this year’s toy panels?!? Sure, we’ve all seen the roundtables. We’ve all heard the same anecdotes. So this year we changing it up with…slightly fresher anecdotes! Want to know how toy companies decide what licences to pursue and… Read More
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I know everyone is waiting for SDCC.  While you do, here is a look back at the people I met at NYCC. Read More
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Just added to the Toy Archive we have the new SDCC 09 JLU exclsuive Green Lantern 3-pack featuring Hal Jordan, Abin Sur and Sinestro.   There are complete turn arounds of each figure, a shot of the JLU Green Lantern Corps so far, and for the strong a heart, a couple of comparison shots between… Read More
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(oh… and you’ll also need a cable or satellite provider that gives you the BBC America channel.     If you like good TV…. If you like thought provoking drama and suspense…. If you consider yourself in the slightest atom of your being a fan of Science Fiction…. You MUST record "Torchwood: Children of Earth" It’s […] Read More
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Tokyo, Japan – Japan’s #1 collector toy company Kotobukiya announces an original illustration of Marvel comics heroines has been created by master illustrator Shunya Yamashita.  Yamashita-sensei has designed many of the new statues in the Marvel X Bishoujo series, and now has captured Rogue, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch is a new, more playful light. … Read More
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