If there is one thing I enjoy collecting more than toys, it has to be books. I like books in all shapes and sizes, but mostly concentrate on biographies, books on history, art, and films. But one genre is the most near and dear to my heart: compilations of classic comic strips.  I think my… Read More
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Ok, I know the blogging has been inconsistent at best, but hopefully now that I have some massive projects coming to an end I can post the bits of "Otter Wisdom" a bit more frequently. First, though, I need to give massive props to our friend "Vader" who has been a tremendous help in keeping… Read More
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After more than a decade of development, the probably final Indiana Jones movie will begin production in 2007.  According to the LA Times, [Director George Lucas said Friday that filming for the much-anticipated "Indiana Jones" movie will begin next year, and he promised it will be "the best one yet." Lucas said he and director… Read More
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Diamond Select Toys has sent us images of the new Ghost Rider Minimates – based on the upcoming film.  This is Series 15 of the marvel Minimates and are due out in the Spring.               Read More
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FORMAL DEBUT TO OCCUR AT 2007 INTERNATIONAL CES: JAN. 8 TO 11, LAS VEGAS CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. – Following explosive growth during the past year and exceptional 2006 holiday sales among major retail chains, Jada Toys and its popular Chub City brand is poised to expand into the consumer electronics market.  Chub City will… Read More
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Hasbro has embraced their new Marvel license with a vengence.  We saw a LOT of new upcoming product this past August at Comic Con and Hasbro made sure that they had an aisle full of new product ready for the fourth quarter and the holiday season.  In the week leading up to Christmas Wal-mart seemed… Read More
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More like open the doors to Pandora’s box!  A little over one year ago AFI reported an exclusive story that we thought would be of interest to the collector-going public. This was an understatement. The controversy is still raging today, and as much as we don’t want to whack the hornets’ nest again, we do… Read More
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I have a more apropos post for the christmas season coming soon, but have been too busy to write it. Instead, why not marvel at the spectacle of nature that is…Baboon vs Hyrax?!? [youtube]KamOLSt9g8M[/youtube] Read More
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We were going to play some very nice Christmas music for you, but there were technical difficulties. In lieu of that, how about enjoying this classic Star Wars Christmas that I found on YouTube? [youtube]_h-Hkd3GuKA[/youtube] Heck, while we’re at it, why not check out a special cartoon preceding the Wookiee Day of Life? [youtube]3rtPmPDrWjY[/youtube] Hey,… Read More
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Immediately my feet began to sweat as those two fluffy little bunnies with the blue button eyes stared sappily up at me… I’ll be out of town for the next week, so I hope all you crazy cats and pink bunnies have a great holiday!! I hope all you guys n gals get everything you want… Read More
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Diamod Select Toys has recently signed its newest license to produce product based on characters from the upcoming blockbuster, Spider-Man 3!  Under an agreement with Spider-Man Merchandising LP, DST will start development and production of several collectible product lines based on the epic continuation of the Spider-Man feature films with a release date of May… Read More
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Touring Pop Culture Event Updates Schedule for Texas in 2007 and Los Angeles in 2008  Congers, NY (December 22, 2006) – Wizard Conventions today announced changes to the Wizard World schedule for 2007 and 2008. Wizard World, the country’s foremost touring event for pop culture and comic books, has spread out its schedule for 2007… Read More
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