Patrick Swayze & Roadhouse
September 4, 2007

So over the holiday weekend, we went to the family condo up in the mountains for a little downtime.  While zoning out in front of the TV, I happen to stumble upon the Patrick Swayze Marathon and one of the greatest awful movies of all time – Roadhouse.  This movie is horribly bad, but totally awesome at the same time.  Like a lawless western with sweaty bad mullets and /kung fu dance moves while wearing Chuck Norris Action Jeans.  Plus the awkward romance between the singularly-named Dalton (Swayze) and Sam Elliot.  At least I thought it was romance.  Anyway, I just couldn’t turn the channel.  I had to watch like 30 minutes before I could finally muster the strength to press the remote. Crazy.  And horrible. And cool.


 Patrick Swayze Fever – catch it!



Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast
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  • Vader says:

    I remember a scene in the bar when band ended their song, the camera zoomed in on Jeff Healey and he said “…the name is… Dalton.” And the camera gives Swayze a close-up shot while everyone looks at him with astonishment. Haha – gotta love those 80s movies.

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