Pre-TF2012: Gamestars by Unimax
February 7, 2012

As a player of video games, I was so happy to see Unimax launch their Gamestars line last year. While the 3-3/4″ revolution was going on strong at a variety of toy companies and with a variety of properties, it seemed video game-based action figures were only being made in the 6-7″ scale, with the exception of McFarlane Toys Halo lines which started at 5″ and later bumped up a bit with the release of the Halo: Reach line.

But then along came Unimax. Seemingly out of nowhere the Crysis 2 figures started showing up in Targets around the country. Nicely sculpted and articulated they caught the attention of a lot of 1:18 scale figure fans like myself. While I’ve been a fan of Unimax for a few years now with their Bravo Team, Dino Warriors and Ages of Action lines, I couldn’t get myself to pull the trigger on any of the Crysis 2 figures. No fault of Unimax’s, I just didn’t care at all for the look of the Crysis characters. At all. So, I passed on the assortment.

But, that little Gamestars logo up in the corner got me thinking that maybe, just maybe, Gamestars would prove to be an over-arcing brand encompassing multiple video game licenses. Sure enough, that’s exactly what came to be. Soon we found out about Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Red Faction: Armageddon with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon yet to come. What fantastic news! I really dig the Assassins Creed line, and from pictures I’ve seen Red Faction looks pretty sweet, too. It just hasn’t shown up at any stores around me yet.

Recently, online retailer Big Bad Toy Store posted some product listings for upcoming Gamestars assortments. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is still on the way, but it seems we can also look forward to some assortments based on a couple of upcoming Capcom properties: Dragon’s Dogma and Asura’s Fate. Plus, there’s more Assassin’s Creed coming, which I’m excited about.

But, the big one that took my breath away? Starcraft II. I played the original Starcraft back in the day, and loved it. I love Blizzard Entertainment and the worlds and games they’ve created. Starcraft would make an excellent, excellent toyline. Now, I did a little checking and the BBTS listing may be a bit premature, but from what I understand, Unimax and Blizzard are wrapping up negotiations for the license. I’ve got my fingers crossed all goes through as planned.

What I’m really hoping for, and there’s no signs of this happening – so this is just rampant fanboy conjecture – is this new found relationship between Unimax and Blizzard (again, assuming all goes well) could maybe, just maybe, lead to a 1:18 line based on World of Warcraft. Now, that would be truly awesome.

I’d also love to see Unimax tackle a 1:18 Gears of War line. The NECA figures are beautiful, sure, but they refuse to do smaller scale figures.

But, all wishlists aside, we’ve got some great stuff coming from Unimax and their Gamestars lines in 2012. I can’t wait!

Jeff Cope
Jeff Cope has been collecting toys and action figures since he was a wee lad growing up in the 70s, and is still waiting to grow out of it. He's been involved in the online collecting community since he first started writing for Raving Toy Maniac in the mid-90s, and is proud to call AFi his online home.
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  • kareem says:

    wow i been wantig gears in that size since the first one I recently wrote them and ask them about that and any dc heroes if mattel wont do it right they need to pass the liscence over i love the 1:18 scale.

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