Pre-TF2012: Mars Attacks!
February 8, 2012

Mars Attacks is making a comeback in 2012, and as a fan of vintage sci-fi, I’m pretty excited by the imminent invasion.The first thing that comes to mind when most people think of Mars Attacks, for better or worse, is the 1996 movie directed by Tim Burton. Though it’s hasn’t always been in the public eye, the property has had a long-life before that. In fact, Mars Attacks is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary in 2012. I find that to be a mind boggling fact!

Mars Attacks first appeared in 1962 as a set of trading cards from Topps which depicted an invasion from Mars, and featured bizarre martians with brain-like heads graphically wrecking havoc upon the Earth and it’s inhabitants. There had never been anything quite like this, especially in the early 1960s. At least there hadn’t been  in the world of trading cards. Mars Attacks clearly took it’s inspiration from the science fiction artwork of the previous decades. Most notably, original product designer Len Brown credits Wally Wood’s cover from Weird Science #16, originally published by EC Comics. The mature content of the cards caused a fair share of controversy which eventually led to production of the cards being ceased.

The property saw a resurgence in the mid-90s when Tim Burton announced he would be adapting the card set into a full-length motion picture. Around this time there were also action figures from Trendmasters, comic books from Topps (who were publishing comics at the time), and novels.

Now, for the 50th Anniversary celebration of Mars Attacks Topps is going all out. They’ve announced a Mars Attacks Heritage Card Set, a new comic book series to be published by IDW (which launches an all-new Mars Attacks universe that will be developed), and action figures and plush from our friends at Mezco. There’s also some amazing costumes coming that’ll knock your fanboy socks clean off!

I’m curious to see exactly Mezco reveals for the property. I expect 6 or 7″ figures, but I’m hoping for some 4″ Martians to stand alongside my Outer Space Men from the Four Horsemen. That would just be perfect.

I’m also looking forward to hearing some surprises of what’s in store for the 50th Anniversary as the year goes on, and other licensees are announced.

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Jeff Cope
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  • stewbacca says:

    I beleive Funko has some Pop Stars MA stuff out as well in the new EE catalog.

  • demoncat says:

    nice amount of stuff though hard to believe that mars attack has been around for 50 years surprised they are not topping off the celebration with a new movie. and looking forward to see what the new figs look like

  • MisterPL says:

    Mezco CAN deliver some pretty awesome 4″ figures. I really liked their Hellboy line. I hope they offer 4″ Martians as well.

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