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ActionFigureInsider is a site about toys and toys as collectables. Our target audience is collectors and fans of action figures and toys, which tends to be adult collectors. We do want to be sensitive to younger readers.

We follow the edicts of the Federal Trade Commission's The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act in regards to the collection of personal information from children under 13. Action Figure Insider is partially supported by commercial advertising and affiliate programs. We are very picky about the advertisers we accept how ever all of the advertising do link to other unrelated sites. Action Figure Insider will not be held responsible for the content of other linked sites/pages, however we will attempt to be vigilant in monitoring our advertising partners to make certain that the material linked to is not explicitly harmful to children, pornographic, or illegal.

ActionFigureinsider.com currently does not make use of "cookies" or other passive tracking software. In the future there may com a time when we will need to revisit that policy, and if that were to happen we would make every effort to inform parents and other users aware of the presence of and reason for any future implementation of passive tracking or data collection programs.

We do collect aggregate data, but no individually identifying information is collected. Action Figure Insider will conduct contests and other promotions that require the disclosure of personal information including: name, address, e-mail address, and age. We will not resell any of the information to third parties.