Psssst! Mattel! Make this! – Part 3
March 7, 2009


Another free idea, Mattel!!!  

This one is a total no brainer.  And takes almost NO effort.   Take a Superfriends Green Lantern body.  Put a Superfriends Superman head on it.  Repaint the head and costume details.  Done.

How much collector interest is there in Superfriends?  Some, I’d say, judging by how expensive the discontinued Hawkman has become…  

Bottom line:  This gives Mattel a new character in the line with NO additional tooling cost, and gives fans a fun version of a very popular character.

As a certain bald space captain would say, "Make it so!"

‘Til Next Time!




Jeremy "SpyMagician" Sung
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  • ChipCataldo Chip Cataldo says:

    Kickass! :-)



  • J1h15233 says:

    That looks really awesome!

  • MrTheFrog says:

    I wonder if they could make an Abin Sur using the Lex Luthor head? Hmmmmm.

    • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

      Great Thinking!!!

      I think a Luthor head would make a great Abin Sur!

      And I suspect a repainted Aquaman head could make a nice Black Adam! (Not that he’s exactly kid-friendly, lol.


  • pjonze says:

    Great stuff – such a shame the Super Friends line has been so poor thus far. If only there was a cartoon instead of the Johnny DC book.

  • Erik superfriend says:

    And there are a few others that would look really cool and be easy to make without much fuss.

    Captain Atom for one. Such a simple, yet striking costume.

    Big Names that should be in this line:

    Plastic Man.

  • Bat Lantern says:

    Looks much better than my hand painted one.. I really wish they would do this.. since the line is called Super Friends and Hal was a Super Friend.. it just makes sense.


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