Pssst! Mattel! Make this! – Part 2
March 6, 2009


   Sure, it may not be Justice League Unlimited.  But Batman: The Brave & The Bold is a fun show.  And while more kid friendly than collector-oriented, the toys are equally fun. (And yes, I know, the big hex plugs are goofy.)

So in the second installment of easy ideas I think Mattel should use, I present the second Blue Beetle: Ted Kord!


This custom required minimal sculpt changes and the character is achieved mostly with paint!  The base was a B&TB Batman.  I simply carved down the head, added a pair of goggles and "ears", cut off the glove fins, smoothed out his belt and painted the rest of the details.

For Mattel to create this figure would require at most, a new head, new belt and retooled forearms (assuming they couldn’t just re-use the belt and forearms off another figure like the Atom or some other fairly plain figure…)

And though he is deceased on the show as well as in current DC "Continuity" (if you can call it that after the mess Dan Didio has made of it…) Ted was nonetheless featured IN the show.

The current Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) got not one but FOUR figure offerings in the first wave of B&TB (deluxe, 2 pack, Vehicle Pack, Vehicle pack w/ Batman) so clearly Mattel thinks the Beetle Legacy is worth pushing…

Just imagine it:  you could re-offer The Bug with Ted as a Pack in:

Or offer him in a 2 pack with Jaime.  Or as a single carded figure.  Or even better?  In a 3 pack with Jaime and the first Blue Beetle Dan Garrett!!! (Who also had a cameo in the show!)

I know, collectors will say, "Never mind B&TB, we want a JLU Ted Kord!!!".  Sure, so do I.  But if you can summon up the kid in you enough to enjoy The Brave & The Bold, I think you’ll see that the line will be a little bit more fun with a Ted Kord that ride in the Bug and wear ridiculous plug in accessories…

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