Psst! Mattel! Make this! – Part 1
March 5, 2009

So as part of the big re-launch of AFI, I’m going to be doing a series of customs that represent what I think are viable ideas for Mattel!

First up:  more Green Lantern Corps figures, or at least heads!

I think swappable heads are the best way to get more of the humanoid GL Corps members in figure form.  This isn’t a new idea, yet it’s rarely used.  DC Direct did it with their 13" GL Corps figure, to good effect, and at a smaller scale with a more affordable price point, it would be even more effective.

For DCUC I think Mattel could do a GL Corps Army Builder figure on; one base body and a number of heads.  That way fans could buy one and swap out the head periodically, or buy a few and build a corps of their own.  OR use the heads on Hal Jordan re-releases in the retail line. Or heck, Mattel could include a head or 2 with any Hal re-releases to encourage repeat buys.

Sure, not every humanoid GL Corps Member has the same number of fingers and toes but a simple head swap can certainly fill in the ranks quite a bit.

Now, on to the customs and kitbashes!

Arkkis Chummuck


Sure, sometimes Arkkis is draw as much broader and bulkier with 3 fingers, while others see him as leaner, so I think the figure still works.   

Not a hard custom.  I used a Marvel Legends Age of Apocalypse head, grafted on the mask from a DCUC Green Lantern, and created Arkkis’ trademark hairdo with strips cut from the Sabertooth ponytail.


An even easier custom. Tuebeen just uses a Marvel Legends Iceman head with a GL Corps mask painted on. Tuebeen is usually drawn with a more faceted face, so I might go back and paint or carve some more detail, but for now it displays well enough.

Tomar Re


The deceased GL Corps member from Xudar still gets a lot of action figure love, so he’d be an easy choice for a alternate head.  (And continuity buffs could pretend the figure is his brother Tomar Tu.)  

Either way, this kitbash is dead easy.  Simply the head off a DC Direct Tomar Re!


So there you have it Mattel!  Give us some more GL Corps Members!  It’s fun, it’s easy and best of all it’s CHEAP!!!  (And you can use this same idea on Sinestro Corps… Or the othe Corps…)

‘Til Next Time!





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  • bnjmnrlyr says:

    Love the idea, kinda. As someone who is not a customizer, the prospect of a box of heads floating around the room seems a problematic. I wouldn’t mind this method if it was my only option, but I would want it to be an option, not the only.

    While this works well with what we have seen of GLC, it is unlikely to work equally well with the other color corps. From what has been show so far, the majority of the other lanterns are very alien in appearance and those that are humanoid are so distinct as to warrant a new figure entirely.

    Keep the ideas coming, I will support any way to get more toys into my greedy little hands.

  • sam moreno says:

    Green Lantern is okay, but I would still like mattel to make a SWAMP THING figure.

  • Quinn says:

    I love this idea, SpyMagician — I think it would work well for the alien GLs that are more humanoid-shaped, and would love to see Mattel give it a shot in one of the ways you mentioned. Of course, I’d love to see other even MORE alien GLs like Kilowog, Ch’p, that crystalline one whose name I forget, and others. Great job on the customs–love ‘em!

    • Jeremy SpyMagician says:


      Kilowog would make a great Collect and Connect figure. And I would LOVE figures of the non-humanoid GLs like Chaselon (the crystalline guy), Ch’p, Larvox, Gallius Zed, Flodo Span, Olapet, Stel… The list goes on.

      Of course, some of the smaller guys like Ch’p, Xas or Bzzd would make neat companion mini-figures…


  • Bunger says:

    I’ve already done that. I was fortunate enough to find a guy selling hal for 5 bucks…bought about 10 of them. Been working my way through the corps

    • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

      Awesome!!! Post some pics bro! We gotta show Mattel the potential of this idea! (They can be slow to “get it,” dontchaknow…)

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