Psst! Mattel! You COULD make this! (IF you really really wanted to…)
March 10, 2009

  Now, there’s no way Mattel would ever actually do this, but they legally could if they wanted to!

No, it’s not a "What if The Punisher Married Superman and had a Baby…"  It’s The Black Terror.   A character from the Golden Age of Comics, created way back in 1941 by Nedor Comics.


If you’ve already heard of him, it may be because of Alex Ross’ Project:  Superpowers. But, the thing is, Alex Ross doesn’t OWN The Black Terror or any of the other Nedor Heroes…

NO ONE DOES!  It’s a beautiful thing called Public Domain.  You see, the rights on The Black Terror and quite a few other Golden Age characters have lapsed, so anyone can use the names and characters!  

Now if you do, your specific version is yours (hence Alex Ross’ re-designs of the characters in his book).  But you can’t prevent anyone else from using the name and basic character story and concept!

So, Mattel COULD in fact make a DCUC style figure of The Black Terror!

Now, sure, there’s a million other reasons why not; too obscure, unsure how to market it, unwillingness to dillute the DC brand, sheer terror of the geekiness and unconventionality or the idea, etc, etc, etc.

But for at least a few fans out there, it would be an awesome item!

And though it will in all likelihood never happen, this also shows how great the 4 Horsemen’s DCUC base body design works for non-DC characters!

As for my custom, the recipe is pretty simple.  It’s actually a DCSH Black Costume Superman figure, with some minor sculpting addtions, a cut down cape, spit curl removed and repainted (this custom was done a year or so ago, so if I were doing it again today, I’d probalby use a Black Manta Body and save myself the trouble of dremelling off Supes boots…)

‘Til Next Time!





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  • Danny CantinaDan says:

    Freaking sweet, brother! Love the costume design. As always, you’ve executed it flawlessly. Great job, Spy.

  • JoeAce says:

    I told Mattel that they should make Mr.Bones. His costume is similar.

  • j1h15233 says:

    That guy looks pretty sweet. I think I would just tell everyone that he was the Punisher of the DC Universe haha

  • sam moreno says:

    Black Terror is my favorite hero from Project Superpowers 😀

  • JMA says:

    Looks great! Amazing work!

  • Jmaxwell522 says:

    This is amazing. I made one outta the DCD FA Martian Manhunter, But this is so much better. I may redo him using a Mattel body. I’ve got the Flame primed and base painted using the Tornado body with a Kirby Cap head. Have you done more SuperPowers stuff, hope so.
    You should join the Doosh, your stuff would be very much appriciated there.

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