Retro-Action DC Super Heroes – Fix that Bad Back!
March 11, 2010

Does your Retro-Action DC Super Heroes collection suffer from a debilitating condition causing the figures to stoop, bend, lean and otherwise act depressed, listless and hunchbacked?

 Come find out how you can cure this terrible condition just like our friend Hal here!



Now this is a very easy, non-destructive fix.  You won’t damage or alter your figure (other than having to remove the costume which might stretch out the logo a bit) as you’re only adding a part to support the waist joint with no gluing, cutting or permanent alteration.


 What you will need:

1.  1/2" Diameter hose or tubing (I like clear pvc aquarium tubing.)

2.  A good sharp pair of scissors

3. Ruler


 Step 1:   Measure off a 3/8" section of the clear tubing and cut it.



Step 2:  make a perpendicular cut in the piece you cut off making it able to be opened up into a "C" shape.




Step 3:  Stretch out the body of the figure exposing the elastic holding the waist together.




Step 4:  Put the "C" shaped section you cut around the elastic bands.




Step 5.  Let the body return to it’s normal position, making sure the piece of tubing is sitting nicely inside the opening in the upper torso.



And you’re done!


Now your figure will stand straight and tall, proud in his retro-goodness!



Now the tubing ring will limit the range of motion on the waist  joint.  You’ll still be able to bend and pose it, but it will snap back to a straight position rather than the previous hunchbacked position.





Jeremy "SpyMagician" Sung
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  • Joe G. says:

    That is extremely helpful! I don’t have any of the Retro Action figures yet, but once I get them, if they have a hunching problem, I will definitely be doing this. Great work, Spy!

  • TRDouble says:

    That’s it?!? Wow! This makes me want to open up my Green Arrow and Green Lantern figures. Now that we have a body fix, can we get a resealable package fix? Thanks, Spy!

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Spy, where the heck were you when I was growing up? Seriously, man: You could have worked wonders for all those loose Mego figures that we grew up breaking apart. Maybe you could have started a workshop in the school playground during recess or something. LOL. You’re the man!

  • Danny CantinaDan says:

    Right on, J! I love blogs like this. Super helpful man – keep ’em coming!

  • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys!

    Yeah, this was a fun one, as normally I drill, glue, pin and paint the hell out of stuff for fixes. But the format of the Mego figure gave me a chance to figure out a fix that was totally non-destructive. Since these are all about nostalgia I like the idea that adding a part can make them function and display better without any permanent change.

    After all, we all know those elastics are going to need replacing eventually. I think most Mego fans had a Spiderman that was only held together by his bodysuit… lol.

    This way, when the day comes to replace the elastics, the “back brace” can come off and be replaced just as easily!

  • H-Balm says:

    Great job! Love the clarity in this blog!

  • John says:

    Great tip. Will definately use once I purchase the figures. I noticed that you have some cast heads in the background. Could you do a step by step on that. What products to purchase .How to do.

  • Scotty97 says:

    Holy crap man! That is awesome! I’d put off getting these because of this problem. Now I just have to hope my TRU still has them next week. Thanks for the info!

  • Falconhood says:

    Thank-you very much! I was disappointed when I opened my package today, but then 2 people (D & MT) at the Toybuzz redirected me here to fix my GL figure.

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