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Joining the 21st Century, AFI now has blogs! Check back daily to see what pearls of wisdom or insider toy news has been dropped by the usual gang of toy fools!

The Amazing Justice League of Julius Marx

Daniel "Julius Marx" Pickett regales us with his insider sneak peeks and tomfoolery. But don't make him angry. You won't like him when he's angry.


Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer takes time away from his precious life to give us a glimpse behind the shadowy walls of the toy industry. And maybe complains. A lot.

Tales of a Would've Been Action Hero

Jason "JJJason" Chirevas shows us a slice of life view of collecting. And slicing.

A Side of Fries

Peter "PeterFries" Fries (pronounced 'freeze'!) lets loose on toys, games, and unbridled craziness.

Fly on the Wall

Ryan "The Superfly" Prast lays down the law and delves deep into the nuances of the collecting bug.

Eye on Toys

Jeff "Jeff" Cope blogs right and left, here and there, should he, could he, on a train?


Archived Columns

These columns are gone, but not forgotten! To see what some of these guys are up to now, check out the blogs above.
Joining the intrepid team of AFI columnists is the multi-talented Mike Walker, who brings his unique perspective of a San Diegoan to the table of toy talking. Join him as he leads you through the maze that is the comics world of today, with a side dish of figures talk.


Columnist Jason Chirevas brings his own unique viewpoint to the trials and tribulations of being a toy collector who is dealing with all that comes with adulthood. Follow him in his everyday struggles to balance the siren call of toys with the responsibility of being grown up. Although it's not going to get updated every day, so get that out of your mind, fanboy.


Enthrall in the exploits of toys from far, far away as Dare brings in the buzz from Singapore... when he can bother to. With interest in Japanese toys ever increasing, and the ever growing trend of toys being sold "overseas" only (to you American people anyway!), we hope to bring you information so that you can better justify that extra shipping cost!


General Zod brings us his insight and appreciation of the fine art know as Wrestling and the dignified action figures that this refined sport has spawned. Every month you will find analysis of the utmost quality pertaining to these plastic wonders. Behold!



Brought over from, these kindler, gentler musings of Jason Geyer cover every aspect of the toy industry from action figures to Gashapon. Pretty much whatever catches his fancy every month. Now sit back and let his gripping prose grab you by the throat and choke the passion of all that is toys back into your body.






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