SDCC ‘05 – Part 1
July 15, 2007

The last time I was at SDCC was in 2005; I usually try to go back every other year but there’s just too much going on this year to attend.  But I can share with you guys some insight into the wild time I did have during the last trip to San Diego. Of course, for those of you that know me, I can never have a simple trip. Some sort of cringe-worthy adventure occurs, and this trip was no different. I wrote and posted this back in ’05, but most of you may not have read it. These musings will be posted in parts, every few days or as soon as I can get to it.

A different view of the San Diego Comic-Con, as only can be told by…The Superfly.


Tuesday July 12

Finally. After many months of planning and details, it’s FINALLY time for SDCC 2005!!! After missing last year, I was anxious to get back there and join other 80,000+ sweaty, tired, costume-clad fans in a days-long drunken euphoric stupor. Huzzah! 

For reasons which seem rather ill-timed now, I chose to mostly wait until the morning of our trip to pack for the trip. Yeah. So I was roughly about 2 hours late to meet my buddy Aaron from ePlanet Toys. Not a great start to our trip, but our rental car was upgraded to a brand new Ford Freestyle from a crap Geo or something, so that put us in better moods. We put some Sinatra and MCChris in the stereo and left Colorado with our pockets full of money and our hearts full of glee.

Our initial plan was to drive to Vegas, sleep in the car for a few hours and then drive to San Diego. But the night before we left, I realized that Vegas may not be the best place to sleep in the car, especially with the temp hovering around 112 during the day…so I quickly booked a room with Cheaptickets for $50 at the Days Inn on Downtown Vegas. It seemed like a good idea, right?

Before we left Tues morning, I decided to check out some extended reviews and rating of the “hotel”. Check this website out and scroll down to the reviews.

GHAAAA! My favorite review quote: “When we went down the stairs the first morning there was a person sleeping on a piece of cardboard. He had better accommodations than we did.” So I’m telling all this to Aaron and he’s just staring down the road, silently stunned. Oh man, what did I do? I call the place from the road and try to cancel my reservation, but I have to go back to Cheaptickets for that. So I call a buddy to do it online for me, but the cancellation deadline had already passed. So we were stuck and just hoped that there wouldn’t be a dead body in the bathtub. If only we were that lucky.

We arrived in Vegas around 11 PM, and headed for the Days Inn. Besides the multitude of Check Cashing/Liquor stores in the surrounding area, we thought the area wasn’t too bad, even though there was a nightclub attached to the motel. I saw a guy grab a bottle out of the trash, smell it and then pour the liquid on his head. (I’m not kidding.) We checked in, went to the room and hoped for the best. It wasn’t too bad (besides the stains and smell) and we figured we’re only crashing there for a few hours. Definitely do-able. I breathed a sigh of relief while Aaron headed to the bathroom and I went to move the car. I’m just about out the door when he comes running out of the bathroom “DUDE! GO IN THERE”. I walked to the bathroom, stepped in and saw that someone already used the toilet, and that person was not feeling well. And I mean like “Horror-Movie-Dysentery-Style-Explosion-Not-Feeling-Well”. It was bad. I tried to help by flushing the toilet with my foot, which caused the toilet to clog and flood onto the floor.

At this point I thought maybe some of these rating were pretty accurate. I hurried down to the front desk to discuss the situation with the clerk, and discover in the 4 minutes between picking up the room keys and walking in on the angel of death toilet throne, there is already someone else new behind the desk. I explain the situation, and instead of an apology or sympathy he says smiles and says “oh, okay” like I asked for an extra towel and gives me new keys for the room next door. I guess this stuff happens all the time there. I get back up to the room, we grab our stuff and go next door. Amazingly enough, this one didn’t have the evil poop but we got the bonus of even more stains and smells than the last one. And it wasn’t even just one smell; it was different depending on where you were standing: wet animal, vomity mothballs, vegas sweat, bad meat, good cheese…a veritable potpourri of hell. (I’m really glad Glade doesn’t make candles that smell like Las Vegas, by the way). This room also had torn curtains, cigarette burn marks on the wall, dirty handprints everywhere, really good stuff. All I could think of was "blacklight".

We left our stuff in the room and headed out to a casino, naturally, and spent a few hours gambling like fools. I saw a big dude with an open shirt right out of Flash Gordon, complete with a ginourmous gold medallion around his neck, and another nut wearing an entire suit made of lime green suede, including lime green loafers. Lime-Green Loafers. That was enough for us, so we headed to the room to crash. I pulled everything off the bed, climbed on and waited for someone to run in and reenact their favorite scene from Oz.

I didn’t take any pics of the room but I found this one online that is pretty close:



End of Tuesday July 12


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