SDCC as a Family Vacation – Part 4.
June 3, 2008

You may be wondering why these are so close together.  I’m trying to get this up so folks who have never been will get an idea of what else you can do there.

Wednesday thru Friday.

Harbor Tour
After 4 days of parks, we needed a slower day to recouperate.  So we went on a sit down attraction, a harbor tour.  By boat.  The best part about this tour was the fact that it was given by a retired navy seaman who had served on the USS Midway, which was moored near by. It just added a lot of authority to what he was saying. And we got to see Navy Seals jump out of helicopters into the water. We were there during their training.  Two loops, north and south.  If you have time for both, we recommend it.
Con Preview night
Julius had my pass and was coming in tomorrow. I thought there was no way I could get in. My wife called my mother-in-law about something else. MIL suggested I try to get in anyway. So I was dropped off at the Con. After standing in line to get my pass for about an hour, a staff person let us in and said to come back for our passes later. I called Julius and told him I was in. SDcomics was there too. Somehow, we did not cross paths. My loss. It was cool being in the exhibit hall. Mattel’s new stuff was not on display and would not be until after their panel tomorrow.

Natural History Museum
My family went to the Natural History museum. The report was that it was good, but not enough to take a whole day. And she met someone from Rhode Island.
I went to the Con all day. I met Julius at the entrance and we headed off for the Mattel booth. The first panel I made it to was the Mattel panel. This was cool because Igot to meet the Mattel Boys team.  I’m sure I stopped at another one, probably DC, but what I remember is walking the isles of the exhibit hall. I talked with Seth, designer of WizKids HeroClix. I met Rob and Bobbie of RTM. And bumped into Julius a few times. And Ham Salad. I bought 2 t-shirts from Stylin On Line.

Cabrillo National Monument
They told us this is the 2nd most visited park in the united states.
Cabrillo was an explorer from the era of Spanish conquering of Mexico. He explored up the west coast for Spain.
I popped into the Con for a DC JLA/JSA panel. If you don’t get the chance to ask a question during a panel, or are too shy to do so, you can sometimes catch the panelists on their way out. I nabbed a DC guy and asked a question.  Black Lightning – in the new JLA lineup?  "People will say you were smart."
We finished off the day at the beach. The sun goes down quite fast. It was really cool.

More to come.

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