SDCC Family Vacation – Part 3.
June 2, 2008

So there you are, in San Diego, and you have a week.  How do you spend it?  Well, we used the AAA tourbook to pick out a bunch of stuff.  This is how we spent our 1st 4 days.

Wild Animal Park
We bought a 3 park 5 day pass covering the Animal Park, Sea World, and the Zoo. The animal park is outside the city. This extension of the Zoo was worth the drive. hot. the refill drink bottle we bought was good for the Zoo itself too. There are a lot of trails to hike, but it was great. As good or better than expected. If you love animals, highly recommended.

Sea World
They have a roller coaster into the water ride, Atlantis. slow and clam enough for most who don’t really like coasters. Like us. But it wasn’t bad. The animal shows, including Shamu the killer whale, are spectacular.

Knotts Soak City water park
We love water parks. As we got closer, it got more overcast. we debted upon going in so much we turned around and then turned back. Apparently I was afraid of rain for nothing. It almost NEVER rains in San Diego. Lazy river is always a hit. Tube rides are another favorite. We had a great day.

San Diego Zoo.
Having just been to the animal Park a few days earlier, made this less impressive. It was still great. The good stuff. Lots of animals. 5 spots throughout the zoo where you can get a ride to any of the other spots in a loop. Too far from the Pandas? hop the shuttle. The Pandas were cool. (The Zoo grows its own bamboo to feed them.) The tour bus was very good. Koalas smell like cough drops. Overall, really great.

In retrospect, we probably should have gone to the Zoo first, but we were afraid it would be mobbed on a Saturday.

Erik "Superfriend" Skov
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