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Bandai didn't have much new to show at SDCC this year, relying instead on displaying their core brand items for Teen Titans. Surprisingly, though, the very next week after the con ended Bandai sent out a press release showing many new items (which we have below follwing the con pictures). Why most of these were not on display is a mystery, but at least it shows that Bandai has not tired of the brand, which had been the fear of many of the convention attendees during SDCC. What they did have new at the con included the 10" Aqualad figure, some new "Super D" vinyl figures, and a carded Red X & Cinderblock 3.5" 2-pack. We were told that they did put one of the new vehicles on display toward the end of the con.

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3.5" Figures 10" Figures 10" Figures Mini Figures
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"Super D" Figures "Super D" Figures "Super D" Figures Carded Red X & Cinderblock

1.5” FIGURES TEEN TITANS COMIC BOOK HEROES – These new sets of 1.5” figures include main characters and villains from the animated series in static poses. Each set includes a variety of different characters, as well as a mini T-Tower piece and collectible comic page that forms an EXCLUSIVE comic book and T-Tower when you collect all 3 sets in the series.
$5.99 4+ Series 5: Aug
Series 6: Oct

– These figures come with 7 points of articulation and are compatible with all the vehicles and playset in the line. 2005 will see the introduction of many popular secondary characters and villains from the show, available for the first time in toy form. New releases: Robin and Terra (Slade versions)
$4.99 4+ July

TEEN TITANS BATTLING MACHINES – Each vehicle manually transforms from regular to battle mode, and can connect together to form a massive Teen Titans Battling Machine or a robot! Each vehicle comes with one 3.5” figure.
$6.99 4+ July

TEEN TITANS T-VEHICLES – The Rock Slider and Hyper Skimmer manually transform from regular to battle mode when the Titans are in a jam. Both can connect with each other to form a larger vehicle, and can also connect to the deluxe T-Sub to form the ultimate T-Machine! Features missile firing action. Compatible with the 3.5” action figures. [Please note the new product names above.]
$12.99 4+ July

TEEN TITANS DELUXE T-VEHICLES – The deluxe vehicle line expands in 2005 with an array of action packed machines. Joining last year’s T-Sub is the T-Booster (Spring), which transforms from booster to flight mode, and can connect to the T-Sub for rocket flying action. Also new is the T-Defense Transporter, which transforms from truck to battle command mode, complete with a missile launching T-Tower. The Battling Machines can also be connected with the Transporter to form an even greater fighting force. The T-Sub will also be refreshed in 2005. With sounds and missile firing action, it is capable of holding the entire Teen Titans team.
$19.99 4+ July

TEEN TITANS T-ROBO – A lucky few were able to catch a glimpse of the prototype model at Toy Fair 2005, but we now have photos of this vehicle/playset. This mega-sized vehicle-playset features three separate T-Vehicles that are featured on the hit animated show: the T-Car, R-Cycle and T-Sub. All vehicles can transform and combine together to form the Teen Titans’ newest ally: the awesome T-Robo. The T-Robo has missile launching action, as well as cool lights and sounds that are activated when all the vehicles are combined together. Comes with a 3.5” Robin and Beast Boy action figure, as well as five unique weapons.
$39.99 4+ August

– These 5” figures come with special features such as sounds or transforming action. Available in “Try Me” packaging, these figures capture the spirit of the show perfectly. Characters include Speedy (with arrow shooting action), Master of Games (transforms from regular to master mode), Slade (swinging torso action) and more.
$6.99 4+ July

– Plush figures of your favorite Teen Titans heroes with humorous expressions in super-deformed mode! Characters include Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, Aqualad and Speedy.
$7.99 4+ July

– Large-scale figures of the Teen Titans team! Features include articulated head, arms and legs. Characters include Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire Aqualad and Speedy.
$9.99 4+ July

– Weapons feature lights, sounds and realistic functions similar to those featured on the show. Assortment includes Robin’s Birdarang, Cyborg’s Spy Hand and Cyborg’s Arm Cannon Blaster.
$11.99 4+ Available Now

TEEN TITANS ACTION SETS – This Robin set comes with a T-Communicator and additional role-play items such as a mask, gloves and upper body costume. The communicator features lights, sounds and other functions that help any honorary Teen Titan defeat evil.
$14.99 4+ Available now

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