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Dark Horse didn't have a lot of merchandise at SDCC this year, mainly because they don't make a lot of merchandise (they were representing with the comic goodness). What they did have was incredibly cool, especially for fans of the old King Kong like me. Before I get to that, though, a quick run-down of Dark Horse's own items. To begin with, they unveiled a line of mini reproductions of classic Fender guitars. A bit like the old Resaurus "Pick-ups" line, but cooler. Then we have a few specialty items for comic stores, such as the Ron English Rabbbit vinyl figure. Also for fans of the ol' vinyl there will be figures of that classic imp Little Lulu and her hefty pal Tubby. Yeah, they weren't terribly politically correct in the old days, huh? In any case, these spot-on sculpts will be sure to win Lulu even more friends. Rounding out the vinyl will be imports of the great Medicom Kellogg's characters that hit Asia the past few years, only Dark Horse appears to be just bringing over the American characters (Tony the Tiger, Cornelius the Rooster, Toucan Sam, and Peter Pops) and leaving out the Asian characters, King Kombo and Honey Pon. Such is life, my cereal worshipping friend.

In a surprise move, Dark Horse is continuing their Classic Comic Figures, but now with characters from comic books instead of those from comic strips. These sirocco style mini-statues are still being designed by the famous Craig Yoe and are debuting with a very eclectic line-up: Hellboy, Conan, Bone, and Magnus, Robot Fighter. If the price wasn't so high, I'd already own all these puppies. Taken individually they don't seem like much, but as a collection they're tops! They plane to follow up on these with a Classic Cereal Character: Tony the Tiger. Also showing at the DH both was a "Man with the Screaming Brain" bust, and the man himself, Bruce Campbell.

Ok, so what did I see that really caught my eye? Well, WETA workshop has now decided to create their own high-end merchandise for their film tie-ins, starting with Peter Jackson's King Kong! Dark Horse will be distributing these gorgeous pieces. Any fan of giant apes or dinosaurs will be happy to get their hand one these, not to mention fans of Adrian Brody and Jack Black who finally get their due in a sculpt of them vs huge insects. A bit of information on these dinosaurs: Jackson's take on Skull Island is that it is a place where evolution hasn't slowed down for these creatures, so instead of a normal gorilla we see Kong, and instead of the ubiquitous T-Rex there is now the meaner, bigger V-Rex. The same logic goes for the rest of the critters, so don't run off crying to National Geographic when they don't look like your daddy's dinosaurs!

lulu.jpg (125 K)
brain.jpg (104 K)
bookends.jpg (136 K)
comicfigures.jpg (106 K)
Little Lulu, Tubby, & Rabbbit Vinyls "Man with the Screaming Brain" Bust Bruce "Screaming Brain" Campbell Classic Comic Statues
kongdisplay.jpg (135 K)
konvrex.jpg (169 K)
kong1.jpg (148 K)
kongstatues.jpg (156 K)
WETA display V-Rex vs Kong Kong on V-Rex Tower Exclusive Kong on V-Rex Tower Exclusive
jackadrian.jpg (158 K)
lumpy.jpg (127 K)
bookends.jpg (136 K)
dinohead.jpg (126 K)
Lumpy attacked by Venatosaurus Lumpy attacked by Venatosaurus Kong Display V-Rex vs Kong
jackadrian.jpg (158 K)
kongchess.jpg (191 K)
vrexhead.jpg (126 K)
dinohead.jpg (126 K)
Jack and Denham's Ravine Struggle Kong with Ann Bust & Chess Set V-Rex Bust Venatosaurus Bust
bookends.jpg (136 K)
kongchess.jpg (191 K)
fenderminis.jpg (147 K)
V-Rex vs Kong Bookends Bookend Detail Fender Mini Guitars

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