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Updated! Comic Con day 2- July 17, 2005

An AFI exclusive scoop!!!

DC Direct let us in on a boat load of exclusive news that fans should be very happy to hear. Let’s get right to it! Booster Gold coming in 06! Earth 2 Huntress coming in 06! We were not told what assortments these figure would be in (it sounded a bit like they are still working that out), just that they ARE coming next year. A JSA wave is in the sculpting phase. We might see them as soon as Wizard World Chicago. The wave will be 4 modern JSA figures and the fin-headed Atom figure (most likely sculpted by Tim Bruckner). The Atom was picked by an informal poll of the fans on the DC Direct boards. Also coming in 06 a classic Superman wave called “the Daily Planet” wave. Curt Swan fans should be very happy with this wave... Speaking of Superman, DCD confirmed that Unmasked Superman should be able to put his hands on his lapels. It may not be high up on his jacket due to engineering limitations, but they did work to make sure he could have a satisfactory pose.

- Remember you heard it on AFI first folks!

Also unveiled later in the con were 2 new assortments- JLA: Classified, based on artwork by Ed McGuinness, and Green Lantern Wave 2. JLA: Classified will include Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, John Stewart, The Flash, and Aquaman. All are shown below. GL Wave 2 will include the villainous Shark, Guy Gardner (no word yet on which costume he'll be wearing), a Manhunter robot, Salaak, and a mystery fifth figure. Shark was sculpted by relative DCD newcomer Jeremy Bush, who also did Knightfall Bane. There will also be an exclusive McGuinness "Superman as Shazam" figure in an upcoming Toyfare magazine- picture below.

Announced but not shown were Batman/Superman wave 2: Supergirl, Superman, Batman, Darkseid and...Supergirl. Which either means that's a typo and we are getting some one else or we will be getting her in her Supergirl outfit and her "Apocalypse" outfit. There was also some info about a Superman as Shazam as a Wizard exclusive. In other DCD news the 13" Green Lantern figure not only will have a light-up power battery, but also a removable mask! In a fantastic feat of engineering, the mask is fitted to his face for a tight fit, but betrays no faults once the mask is removed. And check out that great Hal Jordan face sculpted by Tim Bruckner! Good job, guys! Speaking of Green Lantern, he was the sole figure shown from the third assortment of Alex Ross' version of the Justice League. We thought this very "Ross looking" figure was the work of Tim Bruckner, but it turns out to be another nice sculpt by Karen Palinko. Other figures in the third assortment include Wonder Woman, Plastic Man, Joker, and Poison Ivy. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm overjoyed to finally be getting another Plastic Man figure. Long overdue.

We have some new shots below of the upcoming JLA 5 pack packaging, the McGuinness line packaging, a few new statues, and some pictures of the truly astounding Mike Mignola Batman B&W statue. This faithful sculpt is painted in an amazingly cool fashion that makes it looks like a 2D drawing come to life like never before. I swear if you stayed still it looked like a cutout of Mignola's art. I'd LOVE to see a figure line done this way...

Look for much, much more DC Direct news and tidbits in the upcoming interview with DCD Mastermind Georg Brewer from the great Mike "SD Comics" Walker! We'll also be featuring a spotlight on the winners of the DC Direct Sculpting Portfolio Review held at the con in an upcoming showcase. Stay tuned!

13" Figures Display 13" Green Lantern Mask & Battery Hal Jordon Unmasked! Crisis on Infinite Earths Line
Crisis on Infinite Earths Line Crisis on Infinite Earths Line Brainiac Head COIE Lex Luthor

COIE Flash with extra head

COIE Brainiac

COIE Earth 2 Superman

Identity Crisis Wave 2

IC Black Canary

IC Elongated Man IC Captain Boomerang IC Batman

IC Batman

IC Batman

IC Batman

IC Batman

McGuinness Assortments

McGuinness Assortments

McGuinness Wave 2

McGuinness Wave 2 backs

McG Wonder Woman

McG Wonder Woman

McG Aquaman

McG Flash

McG Green Lantern

McG Martian Manhunter

McG Packaging

GL Wave 2- Salaak

GL Wave 2- Salaak

GL Wave 2- Shark

GL Wave 2- Shark

GL Wave 2- Shark

JLA Box Set

JLA Box Set

JLA Box Set

JLA Box Set

Elseworlds- Red Son Wonder Woman and Superman

Elseworlds- Crimson Mist Batman, Thrillkiller Batman and Batgirl

Unmasked! Batgirl, Superman, Martian Manhunter

Unmasked! Joker, Batman

Alex Ross Green Lantern

Alex Ross Green Lantern

Alex Ross Green Lantern

Alex Ross Green Lantern

Deluxe Superman Statue

Adam Hughes DC Busts

"Cover to Cover" Superman Statue #1

Brian Bolland Batman B&W Statue

Mike Mignola Batman B&W Statue

Mignola & Bolland statues

Mignola & Bolland statues

Mignola & Bolland statues

Mike Mignola Batman B&W Statue

NEW! Toyfare Exclusive "Superman as Shazam"

Shark with DCD Sculptor Jeremy Bush



July 14, 2006

DC Direct brought another big batch of figures, statues, props and more. There are still other action figures and lines that will be revealed over the next two day of the con, including a partial look at the next Ed McGuinness wave and the third assortment of Alex Ross’ Justice line.

DC Direct 13” heroes
The next figure in the DCD 13” figures was shown- Hal Jordan, Earth’s Green Lantern, Hal will come with a single costume and a lower price point. Hal will also come with a light-up lantern battery.

Pictures of some of the items show below. More pictures to come over the next few days,
13" Superman 13" Green Lantern Superman test shot Superman test shot
Superman test shot DC Direct Showcase DC Direct Showcase Winners of Sculpting Assignment

Thrillkiller Batman & Batgirl

Azreal Batman & Bane

Catwoman & Nightwing

Zatanna Close-Up

Import Mini-Dioramas

Import Mini-Dioramas Maquettes Indentity Crisis 2

Looney Tunes 1

Looney Tunes 2

LT Gift Set

Looney Tunes 3

Looney Tunes 4

Krypto Maquettes

McGuiness Bookends

"V" For Vendetta Mask

Identity Crisis Wave II- March 06

IC2 is on display. While series I was mostly from the flashback parts of the series, series II is based on the current time-line. This wave also features designs by IC cover artist Michael Turner.
Black Canary
Elongated Man
The Flash
Boomerang II

Not shown yet, but mentioned in DC’s newest “SHOWCASE” catalog is the third wave of Alex Ross' Justice line Wave III May 06
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Plastic Man
Poison Ivy

Superman/Batman Wave II
(info soon)

Elseworlds Wave I
Red Son Superman
Red Son Wonder Woman
Thrillkiller Batgirl
ThrillKiller Batman
Crimson Mist Batman

Crisis On Infinite Earths wave II

Robot Brainiac
Earth2 Superman (with new head)
Barry Allen Flash (with alternate head)
Battle Armor Lex Luthor
The Anti-Monitor


Batman Knightfall
Azreal Batman
Mask of Tengu Batman


Secret Files: Unmasked

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
Red Hood/The Joker
Bruce Wayne/Batman
Clark Kent/Superman
J’onn J’ozz/Martian Manhunter

V for Vendetta Movie mask prop replica Oct 05

Superman Cover 2 Cover statue series
#2 Cover to Superman Special #24 shipping August 06
#3 Cover to Superman Special #1 (from 1983 by Gil Kane)
#4 Cover to Superman Forever #1 (from 1998 by Alex Ross)

Women of the DCU Busts (Designed by Adam Hughes)
#1 Wonder Woman
#2 Poison Ivy (March 06)
#3 Catwoman (May 06)
#4 Hawkgirl (July 06)
#5 Supergirl (Sept 06)
#6 Harley Quinn (Nov 06)

Looney Tunes: Golden Collection

DCD’s first ever mass market line. For the first time ever- the most memorable episodes from Looney Tunes Golden Age come to life with this new series of action figures with bases/dioramas.

Series I
"What's Opera Doc?"
Bugs and Elmer

"Scarlet Pumpernickel"
Daffy and Sylvester

Series II
"Scrambled Aches"
Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner

"Baseball Bugs"
Bugs and Gashouse Gorilla

Series III
"Water Water Everywhere"
Bugs and Gossamer

"Big House Bugs"
Bugs and Yosemite Sam

Looney Toons Boxed set Oct 06
"Duck Dodgers in the 21st Century"
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and Marvin the Martian

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