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Usually, the Hasbro Booth is one of the very first places I hit when going to a Con. In the past they've always had a plethora of new and nifty Superheroes figures, cool military GI JOEs, and lots of new Star Wars goodies. This year, though, I took a little bit of time getting over there. They didn't have any superheroes since dropping the DC license a few years back, Star Wars is in a bit of a down cycle following the last film of the series (which I wasn't a terribly big fan of), and GI JOE has dropped the 12" line and the US military themes that have served it well for over a decade now. However, the joke was one me- the new GI JOE stuff was admittedly much cooler than I thought it would be, Star Wars showed a bit of new stuff, and Transformers ended up with a ton of product on display. So we got a whole bunch pictures and info for you after all. One note before getting to the coverage: Ryan "Superfly" Prast and Darren "Dare" Chia went above and beyond in helping me out with the content for this page. Superfly did all the GI JOE commentary and Dare handled all the Transformers info. Many thanks, guys. And we also have some additional photos tucked into the mix from the always dependable Mike "SD Comics" Walker.

GI JOE– Hasbro decided in February to put the 3 3’4” line “on hiatus” to focus in the new 8” Sigma Six line. The Joe collecting community was obviously upset, but within months an announcement was made that the line would continue but Hasbro would now market the 3 3/4" GI JOE product in a “Direct-To-Consumer” format. Retailers like Target and Wal-mart would be bypassed in favor of an internet-only line available at www.hasbrotoyshop.com, which will allow Hasbro more design latitude toward packaging, price, quality, etc. The line will be sold to some specialty online toy stores, but not at the standard brick-and-mortar retailers. The first series of figures and vehicles went up for sale in the beginning of July, with more 6-packs, vehicles and the second wave of figures coming soon. The Comic Book 3-packs are composed of a combination of original 1980s molds with newly-sculpted heads. The design of the figures are based on the artwork inside of the original Marvel comic that each set comes with; for example the color of the clothes on Duke match the way the character appears in the story. Each set contains a reproduction of the specific issue with each pack.

SIGMA SIX (from Hasbro press release): The G.I. JOE team has been in service for more than four decades, and each generation of kids has had its own version. Hasbro's G.I. JOE brand was first introduced in 1964 representing the four major branches of the military: ACTION SOLDIER, ACTION SAILOR, ACTION MARINE, and ACTION PILOT figures. By the early '70s, the brand expanded with the ADVENTURE TEAM line and "KUNG-FU-GRIP" feature. In 1982, the 3 3/4-inch sized and newly themed G.I. JOE REAL AMERICAN HERO collection launched, with the G.I. JOE team seeking to thwart the ruthless COBRA organization. With the launch of G.I. Joe Sigma Six this fall, Hasbro once again "reinvents" action figures with an exciting new storyline, Saturday morning television programming on Fox, and new action-packed figures that carry lots of gear for "covert operations." "The SIGMA SIX line offers fans of all generations a new way to play with their G.I. JOE action figures and provides an updated look to the characters made famous during the G.I. JOE vs. COBRA storylines," said Billy Lagor, Director of Marketing for Hasbro's G.I. JOE brand. The SIGMA SIX line allows kids to relive the action of the new weekly SIGMA SIX animated series debuting this September, and features several of the most popular G.I. JOE characters including: DUKE, SNAKE EYES, HEAVY DUTY, SPIRIT IRON-KNIFE and the C.O.B.R.A. ninja STORM SHADOW. Each figure will be fully articulated and will come with their signature gear, as seen on the animated series. (Approximate Retail Price: $14.99; Recommended Age: 5 & up; Available: Fall 2005) The G.I. JOE SIGMA SIX line will also feature the NINJA LIGHTNING CYCLE, a motorcycle that changes into a hovercraft. (Approximate Retail Price: $14.99; Recommended Age: 5 & up; Available: Fall
joedisplay.jpg (141 K)
joe14.jpg (211 K)
joedetail.jpg (84 K)
joe1.jpg (178 K)
Hasbro G.I. Joe 3 ¾” Display Case

Cobra Night Watch
-Six Figure Set

Series 2- Barrel Roll Figure Detail Series 1- Spirit Iron-Knife, Sgt. Mutt & Junkyard, Crimson Guard, Scrap-Iron
joe10.jpg (136 K)
joe11.jpg (217 K)
joe12.jpg (133 K)
joe13.jpg (90 K)
Comic Pack Issue (CPI) #9 with Clutch, Scarlett & Hologram Cobra Commander B.A.T. Attack Set, with Overkill & a combination of old and new figures The G.I. Joe R.H.I.N.O. Personnel Carrier vehicle with driver Cannonball The G.I. Joe Night Ops Humvee Vehicle and New COBRA H.I.S.S.
joe4.jpg (174 K)
joe15.jpg (119 K)
joe2.jpg (166 K)
joe3.jpg (171 K)
More Series 1- Major Barrage, Spirit Iron-Knife, Sgt. Mutt & Junkyard, Crimson Guard The G.I. Joe R.O.C.C. Command Center vehicle/playset with driver
Long Range
G.I. Joe DTC Series 2- Footloose, Barrel Roll, David "Salvo" Hasle,
Major Bludd
More Series 1- Major Mutt & Junkyard, Crimson Guard, Scrap-Iron, Medi-Viper
joe6.jpg (150 K)
joe5.jpg (180 K)
joe9.jpg (152 K)
joe7.jpg (155 K)
More of the G.I. Joe Night Ops Humvee vehicle w/driver Rollbar) and new COBRA H.I.S.S. (w/red Night Creeper) More Series 2 (David "Salvo" Hasle, Major Bludd, Snow Serpent, Range Viper CPI #74 w/Zartan, Zarana & Battle Armor Cobra Commander, and CPI #76 w/Hawk, Flint & Tunnel Rat Another shot of CPI #76 and CPI #75 with Dreadnoks Buzzer, Ripper and Thrasher
joe8.jpg (143 K)
sigmadisplay.jpg (192 K)
sigmadisplay2.jpg (179 K)
sigmadisplay1.jpg (150 K)
Devils Due Fan’s Choice Comic Pack with Spirit Iron-Knife in black, Cover Girl and Hannibal Hasbro G.I. Joe Sigma Six display case Wave 2 Tunnel Rat, Duke in wet suit, Kamakura and Ninja BAT; Switchfire Role Play Rifle and Ninja Hovercycles Wave 1 Spirit Iron-Knife, Heavy Duty, Duke, Storm Shadow & Snake-Eyes; Long Range, Snake-Eyes 2, Cobra Commander and Arashikage Showdown Set
sigma6.jpg (141 K)
sigma1.jpg (178 K)
sigma2.jpg (141 K)
sigma3.jpg (141 K)
Wave 1 Duke, Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes Cobra Commander and Arashikage Showdown set with Storm Shadow & Snake-Eyes Wave 1 Spirit Iron-Knife, Heavy Duty & Duke Storm Shadow’s and Snake-Eyes’ Ninja Hovercycles
sigma4.jpg (123 K)
sigma5.jpg (139 K)
Wave 2 Duke in wet suit, Kamakura and Ninja BAT Wave 2 Tunnel Rat and Duke in wet suit    

STAR WARS : As I stated above, this is a kind of weird time of year for new Star Wars product. They pretty much already shot their load for 2005 to tie-in with the release of Revenge of the Sith. Hasbro had a number of items to show, but many have already been released or announced or about to be released. They did have a nifty slideshow of items to hit this holiday season and in 2006 that they showed at one of the Star Wars panels. Star Wars in general had a massive presence as usual, with a combined booth that was easily the largest at the entire show. Included in the giant space were Hasbro, Gentle Giant, Lucasfilm Store, Lego, Master Replicas, and others. We included a couple of pictures from those booths to show the range of Star Wars items at the Con, even if they aren't specifically Hasbro items. Back to Hasbro- they had a few waves of repaints that will hit this fall to tide everyone over until the rumored reboot of the Star Wars line in 2006. In addition to all new packaging and consolidation of the 3 3/4" line, Hasbro has contract Sideshow Collectibles to continue the 12" line. This is probably the best news ever for fans of the license. Also showcased were the "Battle Packs" consisting of themed repaints/new sculpts, the Evolution sets showing the progression of specific characters, and the Titanium line of die-cast vehicles. As a test of this line, they also had a 3 3/4" die-cast Boba Fett that will debut in 2006 for a whopping $15. All in all a nice little taste of things to come, yet far short of a full meal. Toy Fair 2006 will be the big test of the future of this line without any new films to support it. Hasbro has the license locked up until 2018, so it's a good thing that "Star Wars is Forever". For more coverage, check out our friends at Rebelscum and Galactic Hunter.
forever.jpg (111 K)
forever2.jpg (81 K)
swbooth.jpg (114 K)
vaderfriends.jpg (164 K)
Subtle Brand- Extending Sign at Lucasfilm Store Booth Another view of that subliminal fan message Massive Star Wars Booth Actual Movie Props within Geek Reach
sw1.jpg (144 K)
sw2.jpg (152 K)
lego1.jpg (169 K)
lego2.jpg (203 K)
Repaint Assortment Repaint Assortment Outside Lego Booth Inside Lego Booth
titdisplay.jpg (246 K)
swevolutions2.jpg (103 K)
metalfett.jpg (33 K)
replicas.jpg (91 K)
Titanium Vehicles 500th Darth Vader Titanium Boba Fett Master Replicas Helmets
swevolutions.jpg (134 K)
titanium6.jpg (73 K)
titanium1.jpg (145 K)
titanium2.jpg (154 K)
Evolutions Sets Titanium Ships Titanium Ships Titanium Ships
titanium3.jpg (179 K)
titanium4.jpg (155 K)
titanium5.jpg (121 K)
narnia1.jpg (146 K)
Titanium Collection Titanium Exclusive Sets Titanium Assortment Chronicles of Narnia Figures
narnia2.jpg (136 K)
trans7.jpg (100 K)
trans10.jpg (100 K)
trans11.jpg (101 K)
Chronicles of Narnia Figures Override, Red Alert, Sideways Longrack, Runamuck Blurr, Buzzsaw, Longrack
trans12.jpg (121 K)
trans13.jpg (129 K)
trans14.jpg (120 K)
trans15.jpg (99 K)
Clocker, Ransack, Undermine, Hardtop Dirt Boss, Land Mine Thundercracker, Hotshot, Dirt Boss Red Alert, Sideways, Snarl
trans2.jpg (130 K)
trans3.jpg (109 K)
trans4.jpg (137 K)
trans1.jpg (124 K)
Cybertron- Undermine, Backstop, Breakdown, Wreckloose, Brushguard, Armorhide Alternators- Skids, Swindle, Prowl Jetfire, Leobreaker, Scourge, Evac Alternators- Prowl, Tracks, Decepti-charge
trans8.jpg (145 K)
trans9.jpg (162 K)
trans6.jpg (165 K)
Transformers Concept Art Transformers Concept Art Transformers Concept Art -Alternator Skids  

CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: Only a few pieces of Hasbro upcoming CON: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe line was show, and that was at the narnia Booth, not at Hasbro. Not much to say about these, other than they look to be posed PVCs with limited articulation, if any. From the Hasbro web site: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe tells the classic struggle between good and evil, pitting the magnificent lion Aslan against the forces of darkness in the magical world of Narnia. A White Witch has used her dark powers to keep Narnia in winter for 100 years, but it is foretold that four humans will be able to help Aslan break the spell. When the Pevensie siblings - Lucy, Susan, Edmund, and Peter - discover the magic of Narnia by entering the enchanted world through a wardrobe, the stage is set for a classic battle of epic proportions. The live-action and CGI film is being directed by Andrew Adamson, who directed Shrek and Shrek 2. The film’s magical special effects are being created by WETA and Richard Taylor, Oscar winner for his work in Lord of the Rings. Hasbro’s line of toys is slated to reach retail outlets nationwide in November and includes: · Basic Action Figures (Approximate retail price: $6.99) · Deluxe Action Figures (Approximate retail price: $14.99) · Basic Battle Scale figures (Approximate retail price: $6.99) · Deluxe Battle Scale figures (Approximate retail price: $14.99) · Mini Plush (Approximate retail price: $5.99) · Basic Plush (Approximate retail price: $9.99) · Deluxe Plush (Approximate retail price: $19.99)

TRANSFORMERS: Most of the display showcases the new Cybertron series, Hasbro's latest addition to the Transformers mythos. Already introduced in Japan earlier this year as Galaxy Force, it tells the story of Optimus Prime's attempt to restore balance to the galaxy through the search and retrieval of 4 "cyber planet keys". This series departs from traditional Transformers stories by introducing the concept of multiple planets, each with their own unique kind of Transformers. You have earth-like vehicles, animal Transformers reminiscent of the Beastwars series, racers from the Speed Planet, as well as sci fi designs from Cybertron. Most of the items on display should be already available, or shipping as you read this. There are the usual small, medium, large and super large varieties, all of which have special features that are unlocked with the cyber keys that come with the toys. What key you get corresponds with the type of planet the Transformer originates from.

You'll also see, in some shots, the resculpted Armada figures that were released as 2 packs in Japan. These resculpts are done in homage to characters from previous Transformers series (namely G1 and Beastwars). They will be regular releases in Cybertron. Picture Trans4 shows the upcoming Legends of Cybertron line. The heroes and villains have been recreated in miniature, transformable versions, sans some of the original features. If you don't fancy or can't afford the larger, normal series, or you just like mini-items, this line's for you. Also on display is the new upcoming Alternator Prowl, based on the Honda Integra, along with previously released toys. He's a completely brand new mold. You can also see the prototype test shot for the new Scion-based Alternator Skids, whom many thought would be Ironhide.

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