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Updated! Sunday, July 17, 2005

Justice League Unlimited
More news about the upcoming fourth season of Justice League Unlimited was revealed at the WB Animation panel, which featured Matt Wayne, Shaun McLaughlin, James Tucker, Dwayne McDuffie, and Bruce Timm (shown below). After showing the recently aired JLU episode, "Divided We Fall". the panel revealed that next season will feature the Seven Soldiers of Victory (featuring Stargirl, Deadman, and the Warlord), The Outsiders (who were considered to be involved in the current season finale but instead were worked into next season, although not as a group), and other guest stars including young archeologist Carter Hall, who will complicate the love triangle of Vixen, Shayera and John Stewart. The big news is that the show will have a season long arc that revolves around the Legion of Doom!

The audience was then treated to the opening moments of next season: Lex Luthor has escaped from prison (where he has been held following the events of the current season) with the help of an unknown ally that only he seems to hear. After crashing the police van he was escaping in, Luthor is circled by a gaggle of cops with their guns drawn. Before the cops can act, he is dragged through a solid brick wall by an arm that belongs to The Key! Riding away on his hoverbike, The Key and Luthor stop in a swampy area where they are met by Gorilla Grodd. Grodd offers Luthor a chance at alliance, to which Luthor spurns. Grodd then says, "I think you'll change your mind." as the Hall of Doom rises from the swamp- the doors open and silhouetted behind Grodd are at least 26 villains (29 counting Grodd, Luthor, and The Key). Of these we can possibly identify 24: Dr. Destiny, Evil Star, Cheetah, Black Manta, Bizarro, Parasite, Giganta, unknown character in green/yellow outfit, Silver Banshee, Kanjar Ro, Blockbuster, Dr. Polaris, Unknown-possibly Captain Atom?!?, Livewire, Clock King, KGBeast, Sinestro, Gentleman Ghost, Copperhead, Black Mass, ToyMan, Metallo, Star Sapphire, Rampage. I don't think this line-up has appeared anywhere else yet so feel free to spread it around, just please also include a link back to AFI.

In JLU toy news, Mattel brand managers "Inside Traitor" and "Texas Ranger" let us know that as more figures get made, more parts will be able to be tooled into other characters. They are aware of the "rubber leg" syndrome and have been working hard to correct it. Most importantly, these guys are all big fans of the show and are working to make sure that the line lasts a long time, and very much want to please fans as well as the target audience of kids. Everything shown at the con will be out this Fall/Spring, with much more be unveiled at Toy Fair 2006. We'll keep you up to date on where the line is heading in future articles.

JLU Teaser Card JLU Panel at SDCC JLU Display JLU Display
Green Lantern 3Pack Injustice Gang 3Pack Wildcat, Superman, Supergirl Vixen

DC Superheroes 6" Line!
Long rumored, Mattel finally jumps into the 6" waters with a new line of DC Superheroes. While not quite as articulated as Marvel Legends, the new figures are heads and tails above previous DC lines, including efforts from Hasbro and DC Direct (the DCD Superman did have a heck of a lot of joints, but was only a single figure) and come with incredibly detailed bases. Already fans have been grumbling about the character choices (Batman/Superman families) and the inclusion of a few existing figures with added articulation. What most fans don't realize is that Mattel does not have an "end all, be all" DC License for all their characters like Hasbro did, but a very specific license allowing for Superman/Batman comic characters, JLU animated characters, and The Batman animated characters. Mattel is cautiously testing the waters for a 6" comic line with no media support with these first assortments but the designers and brand managers are very eager to get access to the whole DC Universe (which is why the line is "DC Superheroes", not Batman/Superman). So if these figure sell well, I'm sure Mattel will attempt to gain the master DC toy license. As it is, the Four Horsemen (who delivered killer sculpts and accessories in this line) are hard at work on future figures with at least three additional ones being already finished but not shown at the con for licensing reasons. One thing that should make the fans happy is the decision to go with iconic visions of these characters and not artist specific ones like DC Direct, who is doing a fine job. These figures will be released by Spring of 2006. The exact wave lineups are still TBD. We'll keep you informed, but be patient and give the Mattel guys a bit of slack: they're fighting for the fans as much as possible.

6" Assortment Packaging 6" Line Display Superman, Azreal
Azreal Bane Scarecrow Batman Detail
Batman Superman Bizarro Bizarro Detail

The Batman
Also discussed at the WB Animation Panel, The batman returns for season two with new theme music, a new Batmobile, and new characters! Featured so far are Commissioner Gordon (debuting in the current season finale), Batgirl, Poison Ivy, and a few other surprises. A direct to DVD movie, "Batman vs Dracula" was teased at the con, and a direct to video Superman movie was announced. It will use modified designs based on the 90s Superman animated series, but will apparently be made by The Batman team. We're not sure of the names of all the figures shown below, but we'll try to find out soon. One new variant appears to be very much like the Azreal Batman form the comics! The Catwoman exclusive that was offered at the con had NINE variants: 1. Panted (two tone brown), 2. Translucent Red, 3. Silver, 4. Black with red eyes, 5. Red, white and blue, 6. translucent green, 7. pink flocked, and the 2 rarest ones, 8. Antiqued, 9. 24 kt gold plated.

Batgirl Catwoman SDCC Exclusive Batman, Clayface, Killer Croc Batman Variants
Batman Variants Joker, Batman Variants Batman Variants The Batman Display
  Batman Variants    

Updated July 14, 2006.
Justice League Unlimited

In a surprise move, Mattel came out of the gate strong with some totally unexpected choices and a bold new look in the branding and direction of the line. Look for more surprises toward the end of the year.

Dr. Light
Orion – Target exclusive
Black Canary – Target exclusive
Bizarro - Target exclusive
Mirror Master
Tomar Re
Lex Luthor
Justice Lords Superman
Justice Lords Wonder Woman
Justice Lords Batman
“For The Man Who has Everything” Superman
Aquaman with cape
Phasing Martian Manhunter

In the new JLU line ups shown Copperhead (shown with Superman and Aquaman with cape) will switch places with Dr. Light (shown with Mirror Master and Lex Luthor). So the Luthor, Copperhead, Mirror Master 3-pack will be billed as an "Injustice Gang" 3-pack.

The Supergirl figure looks to have a whopping 9 points of articulation. The dark figure that some thought to be Green Lantern villain Evil Star is in fact the single pack Wildcat with his fighting accessories. Waverider will also get be single pack and a staff accessory.

New JLU Die Cast figures
Dr. Fate
Green Arrow

JLU Banner JLU Banner JLU Display Injustice Gang 3-Pack
Justice Lords Target Exclusive 3-Pack Target Heads Close-Up Green Lantern Corps

Singles- Flash, Wildcat, Superman, Supergirl, Steel, Aztek

3-Pack with Vixen New 3-Pack Packaging New Single Packaging

New Mini Figures

Superman, Copperhead, Aquaman

The Batman- Batgirl

Campbell's Mail-Away Figure

New Batmobile Sculpt

The Batman EXP

The Batman Lineup



Exclusive 4 pack and Riddler.



DC Superheroes- 6” figures with 25+ points of articulation and a base.
This line based on the Batman and Superman “core” license that Mattel has.
Azreal with church rooftop
Batman with GCPD rooftop
Bane- with broken jail house door
Scarecrow- with fear gas base
Superman with Daily Planet
Bizarro with broken street and car axel

The Batman

Shown were versions of Clayface, Killer Croc, Riddler, Batgirl, and a red-headed character that is possibly called "Knuckler". There will be a mail-away promotion tied into Campbell's Soup, although which figure you'll get exactly has yet to be determined. There will also be an exclusive 4 pack featuring Mr.Freeze, Joker, Anti-Freeze Batman, and an new Variant. A new sculpt Batmobile was shown, too. The focus for next year will be on The Batman's EXP technology, with a toy line extension tied into this concept.

A little birdy told us that there are NINE variants of the exclusive Catwoman offered at the con. Mattel is only showing 4 in their case, so it will be interesting to see which ones are found.

The ones we know so far:

24 kt Gold Plated Idol (rarest)
Jade idol
black Idol
Red idol
american flag idol
pink idol

That's what we've heard so far.

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