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Not satisfied with the overwhelming success of their two waves of stunning Hellboy movie figures, Mezco wowed fans at Comic Con by finally revealing their Hellboy line based on the Mignola comic art. We first got a sneak peek at these figures at Toy Fair back in February, however not photography was allowed at that time. Several of the first wave have been shown on Mezco's site, but this is the first look at all of them together. Sculptor Dave Cortez did an amazing job translating these characters into three dimensions.

The Hellboy Comic line includes: Hellboy, Lobster Johnson, Mecha Ape/Kriegaffe #10 with head of Von Klempt, Liz Sherman for wave one. Wave two looks to be Shirtless Hellboy, Battle Damaged Hellboy Abe Sapien, Roger the Homunculous, and Johann. At the show Mezco had a special exclusive translucent "ghost of" Lobster Johnson figure for sale.

If some how that is still not enough Hellboy for your tastes then check out the whooping 18" Ultimate Hellboy that was also on display! There was also a stylized 10" "Extreme Hellboy" that looked to be a cross between the comic and the movie versions.

Another comic property that Mezco has helped leap off the pages is Eric Powell's "The Goon" from Dark Horse comics. The first wave includes: The Goon, Joey the Ball, Vampire Zombie, Zombie Priest, and Franky.
bighellboy.jpg (124 K)
bighellboy2.jpg (133 K)
18" Ultimate Hellboy 18" Ultimate Hellboy Hellboy Line-Up Trenchcoat Hellboy, Roger the Homunculous, Jacket Hellboy
lobsterliz.jpg (130 K)
MEZCO1.JPG (150 K)
GOON1.JPG (114 K)
Lobster Johnson, Mecha Ape with head of Von Klempt, Liz Sherman, Shirtless Hellboy, Battle Damaged Hellboy Liz Sherman & Lobster Johnson Abe Sapien, Johann, Extreme Hellboy Joey the Ball, Vampire Zombie, The Goon, Zombie Priest, Franky
GOON2.JPG (122 K)
GOON3.JPG (102 K)
scissorscar.jpg (110 K)
The Goon - Wave One The Goon - Wave One Family Guy - Wave Four Edward Scissorhands & Scarface
southpark1.jpg (89 K)
GOON3.JPG (102 K)
South Park - Wave One Mez-Its - Defenders of the Dragon Mez-Its - Pirates  

The Family Guy line continues with the release of series 4. Series 4 includes: Lethal Lois, XXXL Stewie, Cleveland, Mort, Tom and Jake Tucker and Mr. Weed. Look for Series 4 fall 2005.

South Park- Mezco picks up the slack where others have dropped the ball and beings us an all new line of South Park figures. Series one includes six characters in six inch scale vinyl-roto complete with unexpected accessories. The first assortment includes: Cartman, Kenny, King of the Cafeteria, Chef, Officer Barbrady, Big Gay Al, and Hip Hop Cartman. Series one should be served late 2005.

Edward Scissorhands- Between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp you can't wrong these days. Put the two together and you have an instant, timeless, classic drama. Mezco Toys proudly announces the release of the first stylized action figure of Edward Scissorhands in his classic Edwardian outfit, complete with scissor hands, from the 1990 film of the same name. This 9" figure is highly detailed, fully articulated; so articulated in fact that each blade on both hands moves independently. Comes complete with accessories and his companion, the lion dog. Also shown at the show was a new action figure of Edward's "father", the Inventor, a great stylized likeness of the late Vincent Price.
Also show was a 4 piece set of Edward Scissorhands Mez-its, including Edward, The Inventor, Casual Edward and the angel ice sculpture.

Also shown were the latest Mez-Its - an expansion of the Pirates line and the Japanese -themed "Defender of the Dragon". All in all, Mezco looks to have a very happy 2005!

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