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NECA Coverage

The Four Horsemen:
Chris Dahlberg, Eric Treadaway, And Eric "Cornboy" Mayse with Commander Argus. Jim Preziosi not shown.

The Four Horsemen were all over the NECA booth this year.   NECA is doing some really interesting stuff below the radar that other companies should and will start picking up on soon.   I’m talking about things like diversifying their products so as to make a stronger case for them to be the master license holder for a property.  They can make action figures, lunch boxes, shot glasses, plush… you name it, and they are getting some top shelf licenses.   Director of Product Development Randy Falk described their business plan as “a retail buyer’s dream” to be able to stock an entire end cap or chunk of plan-o-gram space with a diverse line of tie in products all from the same manufacturer.

The other amazing thing is that the Four Horsemen (with the distribution help of NECA) have somehow managed to convince toy giant Mattel to let them try something totally new and unheard of with the floundering Masters of the Universe line- “Staction figures.”

You see, the Four Horsemen as they were working on the MOTU line still had several sculpts and many more re-designs for characters in the hopper when the line was scrapped.   They went to their friends at Mattel and pitched the idea of doing the “lost” figures in the same scale as the regular line, but instead of figures as lightweight resin statues.  Mattel in a moment of brilliant clarity (and forward thinking) granted them permission.   The first wave of MOTU “station” figures are now in stores.  Wave II will be made up of Grizzlor, Stinkor (comes with Odepus) and Mantenna.  And wave III will have Sorceress, Clamp Champ, and Tung Lashor.

Can you imagine if DC Direct and Mattel had the same deal where DCD could produce small, in scale light-weight resin statues of the missing Charlton characters from JLU?   The precedent has been set...

M.A.G.M.A. Corps screen shot Four Horsemen Display M.A.G.M.A. Corps M.A.G.M.A. Corps
M.O.X. Flashback Argus Drone Night Ops Argus

Strange Fruit

Mantenna & King Randor Sorceress Stinkor

Tung Lashor


Clamp Champ

MOTU Packages

Nightmare Before Christmas Display

Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas


Also in the world of the 4H, NECA was showing off the latest assortment of Nightmare Before Christmas.  This great line from NECA has long dwarfed the previous line by Kenner.  The centerpiece of the new items shown was the “Showdown” Oogie Boogie, complete with roulette wheel base complete with posable playing cards. Oogie features a posable head and arms with a mouth that can open and close so you can hide the snake inside. This set is decorated in bright day-glow colors to capture the blacklight showdown between Oogie and Jack. Speaking of Jack, this set comes complete with an exclusive version of Jack Skellington in his black tuxedo with a new head sculpt.  This set should be in stores by August.

NECA also showed several "seconds". Wave II of Kill Bill (or Kill Bill Vol. II) features the ass-kicked Bride, Elle Driver, Bill and Pai Mei.  Also Sin City wave II features Miho the deadly assassin with swords, bow, and arrows. Shellie, the gorgeous barmaid with kitchen knife, the goddess Goldie/Wendy with pistol and removable coat, the mute serial killer/cannibal Kevin with alternate hands and hammer, and special B&W versions of Marv in both Cut and Bloody variants, with and without coat featuring newly sculpted pieces and accessories.  Also shown- Deluxe Marv in the electric chair.

Next up is Cult Classics wave II with Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko, The Tall Man from Phantasm, Leatherface and Freddy Krueger. And one more second of sorts, the SECOND movie from director Rob Zombie, The Devil’s Rejects gets it’s own assortment of action figures of Spalding, Otis, Tiny and Baby. NECA also has an 18” figure based on the new Johnny Depp Willy Wonka as well as a framed replica golden ticket and several other products.

AFI was the first to bring you pictures of NECA’s Resident Evil 4 figures show this past May at E3.  The first wave of 3 figures was also on display here. And if that’s not enough they also brought a case full of new 18” figures, Head-knockers and props!  Check out the photos to see them all!

N.E.C.A. Display N.E.C.A. Display Sin City Sin City
18" Eddie, Capt. Spaulding, Patrick Bateman 18" Jason Cult Classics Wave One Cult Classics Wave Two

The Devil's Rejects

Iron Maiden Eddie Figures and Crow Figures Kill Bill Wave Two Kill Bill Wave Two

Sin City Wave Two

Miho and Marv

Shellie and Goldie

Yellow Bastard 12" and Kevin

Deluxe Marv in Electric Chair

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Resident Evil

Resident Evil

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