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Sideshow Product Manager Brant Bridges & Friends

Every year at SDCC the Sideshow booth seems to get both larger and more intense, becoming THE destination to seek out the coolest stuff at the con. I'm not talking about cool stuff like hyper-articulated figures (although they have that) or limited edition licenses (and they have that, too). I'm talking about the sheer cool factor of a life size Terminator. Or the only 7 foot Darth Vader walking around at the show. Or a freaking John Wayne "Sand of Iwo Jima-esque" figure, man! In short, Sideshow's got it going on. Y'dig? Not to mention the nicest guys in the world manning the booth. So let's take a look at what they were showing.

The big news of the show was the acquisition of the shared license of the 12” Star Wars line.  Sideshow in conjunction with Hasbro will now be able to produce 12” figures based on all six films of the two Star Wars trilogies plus the expanded universe.  This is groundbreaking stuff.   While Hasbro has allowed other companies to make other product based on license they’ve held (such as the GI Joe busts and Transformers statues from Palisades) this is the first time they are letting another company make action figures.   For one-sixth scale there is not another company in the US that can touch what Sideshow is doing in that category.  This is going to be a very good thing for Star Wars fans.  With portrait artists such as Andy Bergholtz, Mat Falls and Oluf W. Hartvigson fans will finally get 12” figures that look like the actors!

One of the most impressive pieces at the show was the 1:1 Darth Maul bust. This thing is so close to the actual face of Ray Park in full make-up that when Sideshow sent photos of the completed bust to Lucasfilm Licensing for approvals, Lucasfilm thought that they had been sent the original photo reference pictures! This is a stunning piece in person and can be displayed with the hood up or down.

Also on display for their Star Wars license was the ¼ scale Luke, Han, Ben and Darth Vader. Seeing Vader and Kenobi facing off together in their display case is just about the closest thing most of us will ever see to being on set and seeing that duel play out on the soundstage. These figures are perfection, with internal lights and a practice remote for Ben. 

Unveiled for the first time in person was the General Greivous statue. Whoever is going to design the package for that one will deserve some kind of award.  I thought the LOTR Watcher in the Water statue had some engineering madness. This guy is spot on model and that means some intricate and delicate parts. He also has a cool green translucent chest. Sure he comes apart for shipping, but still this guy is delicate…yet menacing. 

swad.jpg (60 K)
starwars.jpg (86 K)
luke2.jpg (61 K)
luke.jpg (119 K)
Star Wars Ad Star Wars 1/4 scale Figures Luke Skywalker SDCC Exclusive Luke
maulbust.jpg (90 K)
obi1.jpg (133 K)
obi2.jpg (108 K)
vader.jpg (124 K)
Darth Maul Life Size Bust Darth Vader vs Obi-Wan 1/4 scale Obi-Wan Kenobi Darth Vader
guinness.jpg (66 K)
greivous.jpg (88 K)
han.jpg (63 K)
doomdetail.jpg (109 K)
Obi-Wan Detail General Grievous Han Solo Dr Doom Statue
doomchair.jpg (230 K)
elektra.jpg (133 K)
sentinel.jpg (168 K)
sentinel_detail.jpg (70 K)
Dr Doom Statue Elektra Statue Cyclops/Colossus vs Sentinel Cyclops & Colossus Detail
doomback.jpg (184 K)
visor.jpg (106 K)
sabrewolv.jpg (122 K)
thor.jpg (109 K)
Doom Chair Detail Cyclops & Colossus Detail Wolverine vs Sabretooth Statue Thor Helm & Hammer
drake.jpg (133 K)
johnwayne.jpg (139 K)
johnwayne.jpg (139 K)
johnwayne.jpg (139 K)
Blade "Drake" Statue Life Size Terminator Life Size Terminator Props John Wayne 12" Figure
sabrewolv.jpg (122 K)
drake.jpg (133 K)
vampcordy.jpg (138 K)
vampcordy.jpg (138 K)
Buffy 12" Figures Buffy 12" Figures Buffy 12" Figures Buffy 12" Figures

In addition to the new Punisher statues, Sideshow gave us our first “live” look at the new Elektra statue.   The original design of this statue had our favorite Marvel Assassin standing on a crumbling head of a broken Buddha statue.   When the statue went overseas to look at tooling and manufacture it caused quite a stir to the point where 300 people were protesting outside the factory.  Sideshow, never intending to offend anyone, quickly made changes.  Elektra will be available in both regular and white resurrected assassin special edition.

Behold DOOM!  Doctor Doom sitting on his throne was a show stopper.  I think the most asked question I got during the show, both at the con and on-line was “Is it a real figure and can it move/stand?”  The answer is, no; just like the rest of the ¼ scale figures/statues he is quite set in his ways.  Sideshow even went so far as to create a leather holster for Dr. Doom’s sidearm, but most will never even see it because of the pose. The attitude captured in the piece is worth every penny.  The back throne is so detailed it could probably be sold on it own, and look at the detail work on the back!  It’s just madness.  The goblet with pedestal shown with the piece will be available separately.   And yes, there is wine in the goblet along with a magnet that holds the goblet in place on the stand.

The other jaw dropping piece in the Marvel line was the next in the new diorama line.   By now you have seen the first in the series Wolverine vs. Sabertooth.  Now Sideshow ups the ante even further with the X-men vs. a Sentinel.  Standing over 19” high this piece uses fiber optics to light up Cyclops’ visor, the eyes of the severed head of the Sentinel and sparks from the severed bits.   This a remarkable piece and pictures cant even do it full justice.  To see it in action and a complete turn around check out Sideshow’s official site.  This is real breakthrough work. You saw it here from Sideshow first…now wait for the imitators.

Another Marvel line they are exploring is the possibility of some mini-props. The first in the series would be the Comic Con exclusive Thor’s Helmet and Hammer.  Don’t let their small size fool you.  These items have some heft!   The hammer and helmet are made of metal, the hammer has a real leather handle and strap and even has the encryption etched on the side. Just about perfect accessories for a 12" Thor figure...

hellboybust.jpg (150 K)
hellbusts.jpg (148 K)
hellexc.jpg (69 K)
lawgiver.jpg (70 K)
1:1 Hellboy Bust Sammeal, Abe Sapien, Hellboy busts Ultimate Hellboy 12" SDCC Exclusive POTA Lawgiver SDCC Exclusive
gagne1.jpg (115 K)
gagne2.jpg (110 K)
bond1.jpg (108 K)
bond1.jpg (108 K)
Michel Gagné Insanely Twisted Rabbits Michel Gagné Insanely Twisted Rabbits 12" James Bond Figures 12" James Bond Figures
sabrewolv.jpg (122 K)
drake.jpg (133 K)
vampcordy.jpg (138 K)
johnwayne.jpg (139 K)
Universal Monsters Universal Monsters Universal Monsters Universal Monsters
darkness.jpg (125 K)
termpred.jpg (138 K)
predator.jpg (106 K)
predbust.jpg (139 K)
1:1 Legend "The Darkness" Bust Terminator & Alien 1/4 busts Predator Statue 1:1 Predator Bust
highlander2.jpg (126 K)
highlander.jpg (85 K)
conner1.jpg (130 K)
conner2.jpg (143 K)
Highlander- Duncan MacLeod Highlander- Origins Duncan MacLeod Highlander- Origins Conner MacLeod Highlander- Conner MacLeod
jason.jpg (132 K)
metaluna.jpg (128 K)
thedead.jpg (83 K)
oz.jpg (76 K)
Friday the 13th- Jason 12" Metaluna Mutant "The Dead" SDCC Exclusive Werewolf Oz SDCC Exclusive

BUFFY- The only new entries shown at Comic Con were the exclusive Werewolf Oz figure and the vampire Drucillia.

UNIVERSAL MONSTERS- One of my personal favorite monsters- the Metaluna Mutant from This Island Earth comes to life in a stunning 12” figure.  I gotta get one of these.

PLANET OF THE APES- The only new item shown was the Comic Con exclusive bloody Lawgiver statue.

THE DEAD- This is a line to watch for! Sideshow gave a sneak preview of an upcoming line of 12” zombie figures they are looking at doing.  The Comic Con exclusive “patient zero” was only available in VERY limited quantities and sold out VERY fast. Seeing this figure in person will freak you out. It’s so creepy and well done. This line will do VERY well for them.

Sideshow’s LORD OF THE RINGS license expires at the end of the year. It’s been a tremendous volume of exceptional product for the past three years, but as they say, “All good things…”

petecorsair.jpg (118 K)
petecorsair2.jpg (78 K)
mumakil.jpg (126 K)
mumakil2.jpg (97 K)
LOTR-Peter Jackson Corsair LOTR-Peter Jackson Corsair Mûmak of Harad Statue Mûmak of Harad Statue
rohirrim.jpg (90 K)
wartroll.jpg (168 K)
sauron.jpg (162 K)
sauron2.jpg (120 K)
LOTR- Hooded Rohirrim Soldier Bust SDCC Exclusive LOTR- War Troll LOTR- Sauron Statue LOTR- Sauron Statue
aragorn1.jpg (95 K)
aragorn2.jpg (83 K)
aragorndetail.jpg (37 K)
gothmog.jpg (119 K)
LOTR- Aragorn at the Black Gates LOTR- Aragorn at the Black Gates LOTR- Aragorn at the Black Gates Detail LOTR- Gothmog on Warg
kingofdead.jpg (139 K)
legolas1.jpg (77 K)
legolas2.jpg (88 K)
LOTR- King of the Dead LOTR- Legolas & Gimli LOTR- Legolas & Gimli  

On display were many of the tail-end pieces in the line such as Gimli and Legolas on horse back which many Sideshow staffers jokingly called “The drive-by.”  The last piece in the line is LOTR director Peter Jackson as a Corsair. For those of you who have not seen Peter Jackson lately he has lost a LOT of weight, almost to the point of being unrecognizable. According to Sideshow insiders as they were making this piece and working on it’s proportions Peter Jackson keep asking for it to be made fatter so it would be accurate to what he looked like during his work of the film.

Sideshow has had an amazing run of product for the Lord of the Rings line and the quality and design innovation continues to spread throughout all of their products.

They still have some great surprises up their sleeves for later in the year so stay tuned for more!

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