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TOY BIZ Coverage

Updated with more info and new pictures- July 17, 2006

Marvel Legends- Toy Biz gave us a sneak peak at Marvel Legends series 12. The Build-up figure in series 12 is a BIG 15” Apocalypse. For those of you that thought the original ML Apocalypse was to “squatty”… well, here is Toy Biz’s answer! Also shown from series 12 was Daniel Rand- Iron Fist.

We may also get a sneak peak of a character from ML 13 before the show is over. ML13 is called “Bring On The Bad Guys.” The sneak was brought out on Saturday and is shown below: a classic Green Goblin figure! Shown is the variant: Norman Osborn Unmasked. For our money, this is the definitive version of the Goblin and the best sculpt yet! Kudos, Toy Biz!

Also shown was the newly released “Best of Marvel Legends” Wal-Mart exclusive wave. The exclusive case contains many of the hard to find figures from ML6 and ML7 - The cases will contain different mixes of the following figures: Hawkeye, Classic Ghost Rider, Transforming Ghost Rider, Goliath, Vision, Brown Costume Wolverine, Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, Deadpool, Juggernaught (repaint), Phasing Vision.

The Juggernaught repaint is a possible running change that has not been finalized but is a strong possibility. Toy Biz requested the repaint of Juggernaut and Wolverine (darker brown) but they have not yet appeared in the cases shipping currently.

The rotocast figures get a new villain with the addition of the Green Goblin. That is a production figure shown so GG should be in stores very soon.

Best of ML Wal-Mart Exclusives

TNA Series 1 & 2 Build-Up Figures Scale Comparison Fearsome Foes of Spider-Man Box Set
12" Rotocast Green Goblin Iron Fist- ML 12 Apocalypse Build-Up for ML 12 Sentinel Build-Up for ML 10

Toy Biz Display

Ditko/Kirby Spider-Man Fearsome Foes of Spidey Fearsome Foes of Spidey

Hulkbuster Iron Man Detail

ML 11 Logan ML 11 Figures Norman Osborn Close-Up

ML13 Green Goblin

GG Mask Detail GG Glider ML 12 Iron Fist

Sentinel Build-Up Back

Sentinel Build-Up Detail Sentinel vs Superhero Showdown! ML 12 Iron Fist

Code Lyoko

MegaMorphs Packaging MegaMorphs Packaging Back TNA Figures

Only the first assortments of Figure Factory and SuperHero Showdown were shown. There is a second wave of Figure Factory in the works that we won’t likely see until . Since Showdown was just released they have not started work on the second series yet. Sales have been very good for the line but Toy Biz also wants to see what the reorder number will be.

There was one sneak preview figure for TNA series III. Damon Nee mentioned that series four and five are in the “talks” stage with the TNA folks. The TNA ring that was shown at Toy Fair has just been released.

In my “Spotlight on Toy Biz” panel today Toy Biz/Jesse Falcon confirmed that there will be a line of Fantastic Four Classics shown next year at Toy Fair. So far they have worked on 2 assortments which will be based on the comic book designs.

Also mentioned was the fact that they are working on a line of figures for the upcoming FF animated series set to debut in Summer 06 as well as “Code Lyoko” a new animation property by the same animation company.

Lots more pictures to come!

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