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WizKids Coverage

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Wizkids Booth

WizKids 2005 Comic Con booth didn?t have a tremendous amount of display space, and they didn't show a lot of new stuff, but it was clear they came to play! Turnaments were in full swing at every table the entire time at the con and everyone was trying their hand at the lottery in order to be able to pick up the two con exclusive pieces of HeroClix Dark Phoenix (sculpted by James Carter) and the Apocalypse Dragon.

Marvel HeroClix- One series that they did bring to display was the new Marvel: Fantastic Forces wave of pieces. Wizkids is really starting to think outside of their box in terms of their new figure design. Their double sized figures and their new found use of materials such as translucent plastic are giving them interesting character choices and great ways to refresh characters already done in previous waves. Some of my favorite new pieces that I saw were Nightcrawler, Yellow Jacket, Green Goblin and the Human Torch. For the full line up of Fantastic Forces see the list on the official site. http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/marvel/figuregallery.asp?releaseid=54
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Marvel Heroclix Marvel Heroclix Marvel Heroclix Marvel Heroclix
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Marvel Heroclix Marvel Heroclix Marvel Heroclix Marvel Heroclix
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Marvel Heroclix City of Villains Heroclix City of Villains Heroclix City of Villains Heroclix
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City of Villains Heroclix Wizkids Display Dragons  

DC Heroclix- No new DC Comics product was shown at Comic Con, but just before the con Wizwids announced the DC Icons wave of pieces that they have been showing sneak peek of at the official site. You can see what they have shown so far here http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/dc/figuregallery.asp?releaseid=52

City of Heroes/Villains- Wizkids have expanded their IndyClix imprint to include characters from the MMORPG City of Heroes and the upcoming City of Villains. There are four characters from each game. http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/indy/figuregallery.asp

Mageknight- Just a few months back Wizkids announced that MageKnight would be ending in it present format after the release of MageKnight: Nexus. No word yet on what a possible relaunch might entail, but the format of the buildable cardboard pieces such as "Pirates" is a possibility. http://www.wizkidsgames.com/mageknight/

Crimson Skies/Rocketmen- I didn't see anything new for SC, it seems as if they are not focusing this energy to the new Rocketmen constructible strategy game. There was a small display of new product shone for Rocketmen. http://www.wizkidsgames.com/rocketmen/default.asp

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