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A lot of people who read about the San Diego Comic Con online think that it's like most other conventions with a few big booths and lots of people milling about. Yes, it's all that, but it's also a ton of smaller booths and displays along with exhibits form upcoming films and pros signing autographs. AFI is proud to present a look at the rest of the con that oft goes unreported (with a huge shout-out to Mike "SDComics" Walker for the pics!)

booth01.jpg (210 K)
booth02.jpg (156 K)
booth03.jpg (211 K)
booth04.jpg (198 K)
booth05.jpg (202 K)
Comic-Con Entrance DC Booth DC Booth DC Booth DC Booth
booth06.jpg (208 K)
booth07.jpg (180 K)
booth08.jpg (156 K)
booth09.jpg (186 K)
booth10.jpg (178 K)
DC Direct Warner Bros. Properties Warner Bros. Properties WB Animation Properties The Batman at Mattel Booth
booth100.jpg (249 K)
booth101.jpg (282 K)
booth102.jpg (216 K)
booth103.jpg (140 K)
booth104.jpg (215 K)
Life Size Superman Life Size Batman Art Booth Mattel/Atomic Cartoon Network
booth105.jpg (193 K)
booth106.jpg (185 K)
booth107.jpg (112 K)
booth108.jpg (193 K)
booth109.jpg (236 K)
AP Entertainment ForceWorks Comics Independent Press Banner Virgin Comics Watson-Guptill/ Vanguard
booth11.jpg (192 K)
booth110.jpg (244 K)
booth111.jpg (288 K)
booth112.jpg (230 K)
booth113.jpg (244 K)
Lego Booth Carnal Comics Fantagraphics Oni Press Oni Press
booth114.jpg (153 K)
booth115.jpg (234 K)
booth116.jpg (313 K)
booth117.jpg (243 K)
booth118.jpg (254 K)
Small Press Banner World of Animation Toy Hungry Booth Big Escalator! Window on the Con
booth119.jpg (223 K)
booth12.jpg (177 K)
booth120.jpg (226 K)
booth121.jpg (331 K)
booth122.jpg (212 K)
Entry Hall Hasbro Booth Entry Hall The Lonely Liefeld Snakes at a Con
booth123.jpg (219 K)
booth124.jpg (220 K)
booth125.jpg (142 K)
booth126.jpg (192 K)
booth127.jpg (189 K)
Huddled Masses Fangs for the Memories Don't Shed on Me Belly of the Beast Spear You Later
booth128.jpg (188 K)
booth129.jpg (210 K)
booth130.jpg (197 K)
booth135.jpg (191 K)
booth131.jpg (204 K)
Scenes of Snakes Snakey McJoe Constricted with Love Buh-bye! Actual Props
booth132.jpg (209 K)
booth133.jpg (167 K)
booth134.jpg (137 K)
booth13.jpg (198 K)
booth99.jpg (230 K)
The Same Actual Props! Snakey Business Actual Seats! Activision Kong...or Angry Bear?
booth14.jpg (137 K)
booth15.jpg (178 K)
booth16.jpg (183 K)
booth17.jpg (234 K)
booth18.jpg (223 K)
Marvel Booth Lionsgate Ultimate Avengers Spider-Woman Exclusive Bongo Comics
booth19.jpg (154 K)
booth20.jpg (209 K)
booth21.jpg (292 K)
booth22.jpg (286 K)
booth23.jpg (217 K)
Bongo Banner Upper Deck Gentle Giant Snakes! Spectrobes?
booth24.jpg (264 K)
booth25.jpg (169 K)
booth26.jpg (177 K)
booth27.jpg (184 K)
booth28.jpg (271 K)
Marvin & Martian Dog Does Whatever a Spider Can Spider-Man 2 Alex Ross Art Sony Booth Pan's Labyrinth
booth29.jpg (235 K)
booth30.jpg (209 K)
booth31.jpg (156 K)
booth32.jpg (152 K)
booth33.jpg (196 K)
Trekkin' Gentle Giant Medusa Tokyo Pop Funimation Gigantor!
booth34.jpg (182 K)
booth35.jpg (240 K)
booth36.jpg (176 K)
booth37.jpg (168 K)
booth38.jpg (226 K)
Lionsgate Bugs Bunny Hot Wheels Car Dark Horse Acme Toon Gallery
booth39.jpg (188 K)
booth40.jpg (202 K)
booth41.jpg (159 K)
booth98.jpg (199 K)
booth43.jpg (194 K)
Car Parts Alien Peanuts Buffcoat & Beaver Frankenstein's Monster DC Booth
booth44.jpg (188 K)
booth45.jpg (227 K)
booth46.jpg (229 K)
booth47.jpg (189 K)
booth48.jpg (211 K)
Gemstone Nickelodeon Continuity Comics Comic Book Legal Defense Sideshow Toys
booth49.jpg (261 K)
booth50.jpg (231 K)
booth51.jpg (199 K)
booth52.jpg (212 K)
booth53.jpg (198 K)
Devil's Due Publishing Family Guy Hasbro Fett & Han Tokyo Pop Full Metal Alchemist
booth54.jpg (189 K)
booth55.jpg (171 K)
booth56.jpg (210 K)
booth57.jpg (218 K)
booth58.jpg (183 K)
Sci-Fi Channel Spike TV Art Asylum Topps Weta Studios
booth59.jpg (139 K)
booth60.jpg (195 K)
booth61.jpg (176 K)
booth62.jpg (212 K)
booth63.jpg (276 K)
Nintendo Shrugged? Vertigo/ DC Slave Labor Graphics Jackelope Man
booth64.jpg (280 K)
booth65.jpg (235 K)
booth66.jpg (197 K)
booth67.jpg (161 K)
booth68.jpg (192 K)
Comic Relief Bud Plant Nat. Cartoonists Society ComicBase FXshow Buttons
booth69.jpg (217 K)
booth70.jpg (287 K)
booth71.jpg (289 K)
booth72.jpg (289 K)
booth73.jpg (294 K)
FX Show Beerbohm Comic Art Alex Ross Gallery Alex Ross Gallery Cover Repros
booth74.jpg (182 K)
booth75.jpg (213 K)
booth76.jpg (201 K)
booth77.jpg (280 K)
booth78.jpg (271 K)
World of Animation World of Animation World of Animation Poster Party Poster Party
booth79.jpg (345 K)
booth80.jpg (197 K)
booth81.jpg (250 K)
booth82.jpg (143 K)
booth83.jpg (189 K)
Glorious Toys! Slave Labor Graphics The Tick JL: Heroes Game Banner Broccoli!
booth84.jpg (182 K)
booth85.jpg (230 K)
booth86.jpg (225 K)
booth87.jpg (192 K)
booth88.jpg (270 K)
McFarlane Toys Diamond Select Frank Miller's 300 Wizards of the Coast Kurt Adler
booth89.jpg (257 K)
booth90.jpg (181 K)
booth91.jpg (177 K)
booth92.jpg (202 K)
booth93.jpg (197 K)
Arr, Matey! Roger Corman Life-Size Jack Skellington WB Toys Display at DC Direct Booth WB Toys Display at DC Direct Booth
booth94.jpg (126 K)
booth95.jpg (178 K)
booth96.jpg (172 K)
booth97.jpg (203 K)
N.E.C.A. Konami SOTA Toys Marvel Comics  


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