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People often ask me, "Hey man, what's Comic Con really like? Is it like that episode of 'Entourage'? Huh?" I can only answer back thusly:

Comic Con is one big steaming pile of nerd, mixed liberally with hollywood big shots, celebrities, comic fans, comic pros, girls in costumes, guys in costumes, costumes in costumes, more nerds, bodybuilders, hot chicks, mothers & fathers, sisters & brothers, old folks, little kids, and dashingly handsome webmasters of toy sites. All crammed into a giant convention center that is hard to walk around in.

But don't take my word for it: see for yourself below! And then go read a more eloquent account than mine by Peter Sanderson.

conlife01.jpg (171 K)
conlife02.jpg (229 K)
conlife03.jpg (215 K)
conlife04.jpg (250 K)
conlife05.jpg (312 K)
Fwoosh'ers- PabloLobo, Robokillah, Jeff Trojan and Syndee Barwick of DC Direct Shawn Knapp & Jim Fletcher of DC Direct Customizer Charlie Jackam(left)
conlife06.jpg (221 K)
conlife07.jpg (192 K)
conlife08.jpg (190 K)
conlife09.jpg (227 K)
conlife10.jpg (235 K)
Geoff Beckett and the Shocker Toys crew Big-ass Pikachu! Shocker Toys Booth
conlife100.jpg (331 K)
conlife101.jpg (320 K)
conlife102.jpg (358 K)
conlife103.jpg (356 K)
conlife104.jpg (298 K)
Ragman and Blue Devil Imperial Officer Geek-Week.net's Mighty Thor Uber-Customizer Spy Magician as the Crown Prince of LIES! PowerGirl
conlife105.jpg (318 K)
conlife106.jpg (214 K)
conlife107.jpg (394 K)
conlife108.jpg (155 K)
conlife109.jpg (365 K)
PowerGirl, Loki and Thor Shooting for Geek-week.net and now... a moment with Thor...and Loki Jack Conway testing out his new sign-off. Hot Chick and..um...That Guy!
conlife11.jpg (196 K)
conlife110.jpg (231 K)
conlife111.jpg (138 K)
conlife112.jpg (123 K)
conlife113.jpg (139 K)
Hot Chick again (Gwen Stacy?) Sean Rourke in "Director" mode Brian Stevenson in "I'm not listening to the Director" mode Still not listening
conlife114.jpg (136 K)
conlife115.jpg (113 K)
conlife116.jpg (124 K)
conlife117.jpg (121 K)
conlife118.jpg (135 K)
Huh? Did someone say something? I'll just wait here until Sean tells me what I need to do. Sean Rourke and Jack Conway Sara Beattie about to be gored by Loki! Behind the scenes at Geek Week
conlife119.jpg (156 K)
conlife12.jpg (433 K)
conlife120.jpg (378 K)
conlife121.jpg (212 K)
conlife122.jpg (292 K)
testing..1,2,3.. Robbie the Robot and SDComics Sweet, Sweet Hot Chick Thor's Revenge Loki and Thor Interviewed
conlife123.jpg (293 K)
conlife124.jpg (197 K)
conlife125.jpg (254 K)
conlife13.jpg (189 K)
conlife14.jpg (229 K)
Interviewed 2 Spaaaace Ghost! Julius Marx picking up his voicemails in the only area that got reception! The girls of the SpikeTV booth The Snakes on a Plane Booth Stewardeses
conlife15.jpg (181 K)
conlife16.jpg (228 K)
conlife17.jpg (300 K)
conlife18.jpg (245 K)
conlife19.jpg (300 K)
Wonder Woman (looking appropriately Gree) DC Direct's Georg Brewer not heeding his own sign Dazza Del Raio Kurt Busiak & George Perez
conlife20.jpg (224 K)
conlife21.jpg (202 K)
conlife22.jpg (215 K)
conlife23.jpg (250 K)
conlife24.jpg (239 K)
SD Comics and Jim Lee Revenge of the Nerds girl Mattel Panel Audience Fwoosh Crew at the Mattel panel
conlife25.jpg (207 K)
conlife26.jpg (174 K)
conlife27.jpg (183 K)
conlife28.jpg (260 K)
conlife29.jpg (237 K)
Randy (of Ask Randy) and Rob and Bobbi or RTM The Mattel panel Isis? Cleopatra? A Bangle? TokyoPop Girl Alejandra Gutierrez
conlife30.jpg (199 K)
conlife31.jpg (263 K)
conlife32.jpg (182 K)
conlife33.jpg (291 K)
conlife34.jpg (150 K)
Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Batman and the Flash take on Venom Willy Wonka Poison Ivy Dazza Barsom and Jon Matthews- Sculptors
conlife35.jpg (203 K)
conlife36.jpg (215 K)
conlife37.jpg (266 K)
conlife38.jpg (210 K)
conlife39.jpg (163 K)
Beerfest girls The Black Cat Batman and Robin David Goyer
conlife40.jpg (227 K)
conlife41.jpg (252 K)
conlife42.jpg (249 K)
conlife43.jpg (197 K)
conlife44.jpg (246 K)
Thor on his Mighty Commute Mattel's new Hyper Scan Lady Deathstrike plugging Hyper Scan Booster Gold taking a picture of the Elvis Trooper Supergirl, Booster Gold and the Elvis Trooper
conlife45.jpg (159 K)
conlife46.jpg (201 K)
conlife47.jpg (174 K)
conlife48.jpg (207 K)
conlife49.jpg (235 K)
The Elvis Trooper A Clone Trooper Troopers face off The Blue Beetle at the DC booth Catwoman and Blue Beetle
conlife50.jpg (186 K)
conlife51.jpg (155 K)
conlife52.jpg (173 K)
conlife53.jpg (164 K)
conlife54.jpg (162 K)
Violet in line for a snack Heroes march Nerd Herd Imperials Unite! Lara Croft & Friends
conlife55.jpg (165 K)
conlife56.jpg (170 K)
conlife57.jpg (188 K)
conlife58.jpg (189 K)
conlife59.jpg (226 K)
Vader smiles? Turn around Batman! The Joker is RIGHT THERE! Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and Slave Leia Slave Leia, Anakin and Vader Jack Sparrow and Boba Fett
conlife60.jpg (250 K)
conlife61.jpg (241 K)
conlife62.jpg (226 K)
conlife63.jpg (208 K)
conlife64.jpg (194 K)
Thor and Loki- Together Again! Tess as Mystique with Loki and Thor The line to get in Bill Murphy listening to a woman in the Mattel booth Jeremy Sung and Brian Stevenson
conlife65.jpg (316 K)
conlife66.jpg (197 K)
conlife67.jpg (363 K)
conlife68.jpg (219 K)
conlife69.jpg (322 K)
Live Short and Flounder Jack Jedi and The King Wonder Woman Some Filthy Stormtroopers on a Bad Detail Imperial Officer
conlife70.jpg (262 K)
conlife71.jpg (226 K)
conlife72.jpg (290 K)
conlife73.jpg (394 K)
conlife74.jpg (346 K)
Mr. Vader, meet Mr. Vader Vader and Anakin... can they be together at the same time? Wonder Woman BANE! Aquaman and the Huntress
conlife75.jpg (198 K)
conlife76.jpg (330 K)
conlife77.jpg (333 K)
conlife78.jpg (308 K)
conlife79.jpg (285 K)
Aquaman & Huntress chatting up a very casual Venom Red Sonja Evil Lynn and an Endor Rebel Trooper Slave Leia & Jason of Star Command Batman
conlife80.jpg (285 K)
conlife81.jpg (297 K)
conlife82.jpg (325 K)
conlife83.jpg (375 K)
conlife84.jpg (344 K)
Brian Bolland Leia Descending A Staircase Lil' Shell Head Caveman Robot Imperials and...Nacho Libre? Ok...
conlife85.jpg (382 K)
conlife86.jpg (160 K)
conlife87.jpg (347 K)
conlife88.jpg (334 K)
conlife89.jpg (301 K)
Boba Fett & Boba Fat Stormtrooper, Leia and Boba Fett Why So Blue, Jedi? Tie Fighter Pilots The Return of the Elvis Trooper
conlife90.jpg (262 K)
conlife91.jpg (170 K)
conlife92.jpg (271 K)
conlife93.jpg (177 K)
conlife94.jpg (344 K)
Hellboy Hogworts Class of '91 See the sign? Those troops were dropped off at 12th... and IMPERIAL! Get it? Rebel Fleet Troopers discussing not putting the Death Star Plans in the main computer Don't look now, but its MEDUSA!
conlife95.jpg (352 K)
conlife96.jpg (448 K)
conlife97.jpg (279 K)
conlife98.jpg (400 K)
conlife99.jpg (346 K)
I told you so. Galactus, World Devourer The Scarlet Spider Arrrrrrg! Nice Thongs, Weapon X





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