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Dark Horse showed off a decent line of imports, statues, and obscure licesnee this year. Their highlighting of classic comic characters is always welcome, but one does wish they'd give the vinyl treatment to a few of the more solid classics like Dick Tracy, Orphan Annie, Li'l Abner, etc. Heck, why have we not seen an on-model Floyd Gottfredson Mickey Mouse or Carl bark's Ducks Family? These things would sell through the roof!

Still they do a nice job with what they do produce. As evidenced below. Love those Mutts!

darkhorse01.jpg (197 K)
darkhorse02.jpg (228 K)
darkhorse29.jpg (239 K)
darkhorse30.jpg (205 K)
darkhorse31.jpg (187 K)
Disney & Roald Dahl's Gremlins Gremlins PVCs Gremlins Vinyl Figure Set Gremlins Vinyl Figure Set Gremlins PVCs
darkhorse32.jpg (182 K)
darkhorse33.jpg (194 K)
darkhorse12.jpg (227 K)
darkhorse13.jpg (210 K)
darkhorse52.jpg (211 K)
Gremlins PVCs Gremlins PVCs Hellboy Animated Maquettes Hellboy Animated PVC Set Hellboy Animated Maquettes
darkhorse40.jpg (319 K)
darkhorse41.jpg (385 K)
darkhorse42.jpg (309 K)
darkhorse03.jpg (207 K)
darkhorse39.jpg (181 K)
Hellboy Animated PVC Hellboy Animated Qees Hellboy Animated Liz Sherman PVC Mutts Toys Mutts PVC Set
darkhorse38.jpg (185 K)
darkhorse04.jpg (198 K)
darkhorse37.jpg (173 K)
darkhorse51.jpg (196 K)
darkhorse25.jpg (197 K)
Mutts Vinyl Figures
Peanuts Classic Comic Figures
Peanuts Classic Comic Figures
Underdog Ornament
Underdog Vinyl Figure
darkhorse46.jpg (304 K)
darkhorse23.jpg (221 K)
darkhorse47.jpg (199 K)
darkhorse48.jpg (302 K)
darkhorse22.jpg (234 K)
Underdog Vinyl Figure
Nancy & Sluggo Vinyl Figures
Nancy & Sluggo Vinyl Figures
Necco Mary Jane Vinyl Figure
Necco Mary Jane Vinyl Figure & Postcards


darkhorse26.jpg (182 K)
darkhorse27.jpg (188 K)
darkhorse49.jpg (277 K)
darkhorse24.jpg (183 K)
darkhorse21.jpg (205 K)
Bernard of Hollywood Statue Bettie Page Postcards Bernard of Hollywood Statue Bettie Page Postcards Amy & Jordan Figure Set
darkhorse07.jpg (140 K)
darkhorse36.jpg (244 K)
darkhorse09.jpg (178 K)
darkhorse45.jpg (237 K)
darkhorse10.jpg (184 K)
Kotobukiya Bespin Luke Kotobukiya Bespin Luke Kotobukiya Slave Leia Kotobukiya Slave Leia Kotobukiya C3PO & R2D2
darkhorse44.jpg (393 K)
darkhorse08.jpg (132 K)
darkhorse15.jpg (160 K)
darkhorse16.jpg (161 K)
darkhorse05.jpg (157 K)
Kotobukiya C3PO & R2D2 Kotobukiya Commander Bly Clone Trooper Conan Janessa Bust Conan Frazetta Snow Giants Statue Kotobukiya Brave Story Figures
darkhorse06.jpg (155 K)
darkhorse35.jpg (235 K)
darkhorse34.jpg (207 K)
darkhorse55.jpg (300 K)
darkhorse17.jpg (145 K)
Kotobukiya Brave Story Figures Kotobukiya Brave Story Kee Keema Kotobukiya Brave Story Meena Tarzan "Going Ape" Statue Tarzan "Going Ape" Statue
darkhorse19.jpg (139 K)
darkhorse18.jpg (172 K)
darkhorse20.jpg (178 K)
darkhorse54.jpg (249 K)
darkhorse53.jpg (264 K)
Wm. Stout Statue 1 Wm. Stout Statue 1 Jack Hightower Statue Jack Hightower Statue dKiller Panda Figures
darkhorse50.jpg (178 K)
darkhorse14.jpg (214 K)
darkhorse43.jpg (382 K)
darkhorse28.jpg (247 K)
darkhorse11.jpg (155 K)
dKiller Panda Figures Samurai: Heaven & Earth Statue Samurai: Heaven & Earth Statue Weta Superman Returns Statue Serenity Ornament
darkhorse56.jpg (202 K)
darkhorse57.jpg (224 K)
darkhorse58.jpg (233 K)
  Weta Ray Gun Weta Ray Gun Weta Ray Gun  



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