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Just Added: Spotlight on the exclusive John Stewart GL Mini-Mate!

Here were the offerings this year in the DC Direct display. The last waves trickled out on Saturday (Batman/Superman 3- Batzarro, Bizarro, Batman Beyond(!), Kryptonite Batman, Superwoman, Batwoman) and Sunday (First Appearances 4- Blue Beetle, The Atom, Warlord, modern Martian Manhunter, Aquaman). We'll have those pictures as their unveiled. The big reveal so far has been the Elseworlds 3 line-up (Red Son Green Lantern, Kingdom Come Nightstar, Kingdom Come Aquaman, Batwoman and Superwoman) and the Infinite Crisis 2 assortment (angry Superman, beaten Batman, regal Wonder Woman, Jason Rusch Firestorm, and two Donna Troy variations (classic and current incarnations).

There has been a lot of mixed reaction to the new "pre-posed" look of the IC figures, but it seems that with better pictures of the articulation that tide is turning in favor of them. Personally I don't think I've seen a better "battle damaged" Batman than this one, and I know that there has never been a nicer Wonder Woman, period. These have hewn very closely to the Phil Jimenez control art and if this is DCD's new direction I think they may have really hit upon a nice solution to refreshing many of the older, dated sculpts. Hopefully the Donna Troy also is a good sign that maybe we'll finally get a good college age Robin and redone Kid Flash to round out the classic Teen Titans. And where's that Doom Patrol, DC? Or maybe a Spirit line to go with the new Darwyn Cooke series and Frank Miller film? Hmmm?

The Alex Ross JUSTICE figures get a 5th assortment with Lex Luthor, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Red Tornado, and Brainiac (plus li'l monkey friend). Hot on the heels of the Superman: through the ages box set is one for Batman. The 40s "Dick Sprang" Batman shown will have a new head sculpt when it goes into production.

Also on display were the latest offerings to the 13" cloth outfit figures: Flash, Batman, Aquaman, and Captain Marvel (Shazam!). Along with the Superman resolicit with a new head, these are getter better with each one. DC has been learning some lesson and putting that knowledge to use as the line goes on. I still wish they were 12" scale, though, but I think I'm the only one.

DC Direct also hosted a "New Talent" portfolio review once again this year. Pictures of VP of Design Georg Brewer with the winners below.


dcd201.jpg (189 K)
dcd202.jpg (212 K)
dcd203.jpg (193 K)
dcd204.jpg (217 K)
dcd205.jpg (219 K)
SB3-Hawkman Superman/ Batman 3 Women of DC Busts - Design by Adam Hughes Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy Busts Hawkgirl Bust
dcd206.jpg (187 K)
dcd207.jpg (223 K)
dcd208.jpg (191 K)
dcd209.jpg (151 K)
dcd210.jpg (174 K)
Supergirl Bust Zatanna, Batgirl Busts Power Girl Bust Superman Returns Busts 1:4 Scale Superman
dcd211.jpg (195 K)
dcd212.jpg (195 K)
dcd213.jpg (201 K)
dcd214.jpg (201 K)
dcd215.jpg (195 K)
Superman Returns Statue & Prop Batman: B&W- Steve Rude, Paul Pope Batman: B&W-Steve Rude, Paul Pope DC Mini-Mates DC Mini-Mates
dcd216.jpg (190 K)
dcd217.jpg (243 K)
dcd218.jpg (178 K)
dcd219.jpg (256 K)
dcd220.jpg (189 K)
DC Mini-Mates Superman Returns Statue Superman Cover to Cover DC 13" Figures Superman Cover to Cover
dcd221.jpg (251 K)
dcd222.jpg (171 K)
dcd223.jpg (139 K)
dcd224.jpg (204 K)
dcd225.jpg (179 K)
Superman Through the Ages Comic DC Direct Sculptor Search Winners Brian Dugas, Georg Brewer, & Alena Wooten Infinite Crisis 2 JSA Hawkgirl
dcd226.jpg (184 K)
dcd227.jpg (190 K)
dcd228.jpg (202 K)
dcd229.jpg (209 K)
dcd230.jpg (195 K)
JSA Hawkgirl Hasbro panel (Whoops!) First Appearances 4 SB3- Steel 2, Superman, Luthor Superman/ Batman 3 Luthor
dcd231.jpg (211 K)
dcd232.jpg (211 K)
dcd233.jpg (204 K)
dcd234.jpg (223 K)
dcd235.jpg (205 K)
Superman Returns Statue Superman Returns Statue Superman Returns Statue Superman Returns Statue Superman Returns Statue
dcd236.jpg (205 K)
dcd237.jpg (206 K)
dcd238.jpg (160 K)
dcd239.jpg (149 K)
dcd240.jpg (152 K)
First Appearances 4 FA4- Variant Blue Beetle Wonder Woman vs Superman Statue 1:4 Superman, Wonder Woman vs Superman Statue Wonder Woman vs Superman Statue
dcd241.jpg (152 K)
dcd256.jpg (220 K)
dcd243.jpg (171 K)
dcd244.jpg (165 K)
dcd245.jpg (159 K)
Wonder Woman vs Superman Statue SB3- Hawkman DC Direct Statues Who's Who Asst. 3 Who's Who Asst. 3
dcd246.jpg (169 K)
dcd247.jpg (196 K)
dcd248.jpg (154 K)
dcd249.jpg (176 K)
dcd250.jpg (177 K)
Who's Who Asst. 3 First Appearances 4 First Appearances 4 First Appearances 4 First Appearances 4
dcd251.jpg (248 K)
dcd252.jpg (245 K)
dcd253.jpg (219 K)
dcd254.jpg (251 K)
dcd255.jpg (245 K)
GL2 Manhunter FA4- Aquaman FA4- The Warlord FA4- Blue Beetle SB4- Batwoman, Supergirl

newdcd34.jpg (204 K)
newdcd35.jpg (151 K)
newdcd36.jpg (177 K)
newdcd31.jpg (159 K)
newdcd32.jpg (177 K)
Batman/ Superman 4
Batman/ Superman 4
Batman/ Superman 4
Batman/ Superman 4
Batman/ Superman 4
newdcd33.jpg (128 K)
newdcd28.jpg (171 K)
newdcd29.jpg (186 K)
newdcd01.jpg (174 K)
newdcd15.jpg (285 K)
Batman/ Superman 4
Batman/ Superman 4
Batman/ Superman 4
Batman/ Superman 4
newdcd07.jpg (298 K)
newdcd06.jpg (144 K) newdcd03.jpg (146 K) newdcd04.jpg (281 K) newdcd05.jpg (152 K)
Batman Beyond
newdcd11.jpg (179 K)
newdcd12.jpg (165 K)
newdcd13.jpg (145 K)
newdcd14.jpg (277 K)
newdcd10.jpg (142 K)
Batwoman/ Superwoman
Batzarro/ Bizarro
Batman Beyond/ Kryptonite Batman
Kryptonite Batman
newdcd08.jpg (282 K)
newdcd09.jpg (291 K)
newdcd02.jpg (141 K)
newdcd27.jpg (318 K)
newdcd26.jpg (262 K)
Batman Beyond
Modern Martian Manhunter
Modern Atom
newdcd22.jpg (335 K)
newdcd23.jpg (280 K)
newdcd24.jpg (329 K)
newdcd21.jpg (143 K)
newdcd20.jpg (129 K)
Travis Morgan, The Warlord
Blue Beetle III
Modern Aquaman
Modern Martian Manhunter
Modern Atom
newdcd17.jpg (194 K)
newdcd18.jpg (166 K)
newdcd19.jpg (195 K)
Travis Morgan, The Warlord
Blue Beetle III
Modern Aquaman

dcd01.jpg (217 K)
dcd02.jpg (228 K)
dcd03.jpg (227 K)
dcd04.jpg (230 K)
dcd05.jpg (216 K)
DCD Display 13" Figures 13" Figures 13" Batman Superman Through the Ages Box Set
dcd08.jpg (249 K)
dcd14.jpg (194 K)
dcd18.jpg (170 K)
dcd19.jpg (148 K)
dcd20.jpg (168 K)
Superman Through the Ages Box Set Batman Through the Ages Box Set Alex Toth Batman Dick Sprang Batman Alex Ross Batman
dcd21.jpg (173 K)
dcd06.jpg (171 K)
dcd15.jpg (198 K)
dcd17.jpg (164 K)
dcd16.jpg (177 K)
Bob Kane Batman Re:Activated Assortment Infinite Crisis 2 Infinite Crisis 2 Infinite Crisis 2
dcd32.jpg (163 K) dcd33.jpg (305 K) dcd34.jpg (203 K) dcd35.jpg (181 K) dcd36.jpg (166 K)
IC2 Superman
IC2 Superman
IC2 Wonder Woman
Infinite Crisis 2
IC2 Wonder Woman
dcd37.jpg (184 K) dcd38.jpg (176 K) dcd39.jpg (187 K) dcd40.jpg (149 K) dcd42.jpg (184 K)
IC2 Donna Troy IC2 Firestorm IC2 Batman IC2 Superman Infinite Crisis 2
dcd41.jpg (159 K)
dcd66.jpg (145 K)
dcd61.jpg (200 K)
dcd62.jpg (183 K)
dcd63.jpg (208 K)
Infinite Crisis 2 IC2 Firestorm IC2 Superman IC2 Batman IC2 Batman
dcd64.jpg (196 K) dcd65.jpg (182 K) dcd43.jpg (202 K) dcd44.jpg (183 K) dcd45.jpg (219 K)
IC2 Donna Troy
IC2 Wonder Woman
Elseworlds 3
Elseworlds 3
Elseworlds 3
dcd27.jpg (204 K) dcd28.jpg (175 K) dcd25.jpg (178 K) dcd26.jpg (169 K) dcd24.jpg (168 K)
Kingdom Come Aquaman
Kingdom Come Nightstar
Red Son Green Lantern
Red Son Green Lantern
dcd23.jpg (176 K) dcd46.jpg (219 K) dcd47.jpg (232 K) dcd48.jpg (230 K) dcd50.jpg (183 K)
Elseworlds 3
dcd30.jpg (183 K) dcd31.jpg (168 K) dcd29.jpg (153 K) dcd54.jpg (179 K) dcd51.jpg (201 K)
Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor
Green Arrow
dcd52.jpg (199 K) dcd53.jpg (170 K) dcd49.jpg (262 K) dcd22.jpg (176 K) dcd60.jpg (165 K)
Red Tornado
Martian Manhunter
Red Son Brainiac Head
GL Manhunter Robot
dcd59.jpg (191 K) dcd58.jpg (192 K) dcd13.jpg (210 K) dcd12.jpg (169 K) dcd11.jpg (189 K)
GL Manhunter Robot
GL Manhunter Robot
Looney Tunes 2
Looney Tunes 2
Looney Tunes 2
dcd09.jpg (187 K) dcd10.jpg (178 K) dcd07.jpg (225 K) dcd56.jpg (202 K) dcd57.jpg (212 K)
Looney Tunes 3
Looney Tunes 3
Shazam! Statue
Matt Wagner Batman Statue
Matt Wagner Batman Statue


sdcc2006122.jpg (150 K)
sdcc2006124.jpg (205 K)
sdcc2006120.jpg (182 K)
sdcc2006121.jpg (190 K)
IC 1- Earth-Prime Superboy IC 1- Power Girl IC 1- Mongul IC 1 Omac & Alex Luthor
sdcc2006123.jpg (200 K)
sdcc2006125.jpg (170 K)
sdcc2006127.jpg (156 K)
sdcc2006126.jpg (162 K)
sdcc2006131.jpg (209 K)
IC1 -Alex Luthor JSA- Mr. Terrific II JSA- Mr. Terrific II JSA- Atom 2pack JSA- Hourman III
sdcc2006128.jpg (191 K)
sdcc2006129.jpg (162 K)
sdcc2006132.jpg (204 K)
sdcc2006130.jpg (187 K)
sdcc2006133.jpg (178 K)
JSA- Hourman III JSA- Dr. Midnight JSA JSA- Hawkgirl Kingdom Come Aquaman
sdcc2006136.jpg (160 K)
sdcc2006138.jpg (183 K)
sdcc2006137.jpg (183 K)
sdcc2006139.jpg (141 K)
sdcc2006140.jpg (301 K)
Kingdom Come Nightstar Kingdom Come Aquaman Batwoman & Superwoman Red Son- Batman Red Son- Green Lantern
sdcc2006145.jpg (172 K)
sdcc2006146.jpg (155 K)
sdcc2006144.jpg (309 K)
sdcc2006142.jpg (323 K)
sdcc2006147.jpg (209 K)
Gotham by Gaslight batman Red Son- Superman Kingdom Come Jade Alex Ross Green Arrow Alex Ross Green Arrow
sdcc2006143.jpg (319 K) sdcc2006148.jpg (199 K) sdcc2006134.jpg (179 K) sdcc2006150.jpg (326 K) sdcc2006135.jpg (167 K)
Alex Ross Red Tornado Alex Ross Red Tornado Alex Ross Martian Manhunter Alex Ross Lex Luthor Alex Ross Brainiac
sdcc2006141.jpg (332 K)
sdcc2006149.jpg (174 K)
Alex Ross Brainiac Alex Ross Martian Manhunter

DC Direct just unveiled the new Infinite Crisis Wave 2 figures. All will be pre-posed for the first time (although still articulated). The articulation has been designed to allow the figures to stand up straight with out the stands in "plain" pose. This includes some torso and ankle joints. The heads and arms on the Two Donna Troy figures were switched during unpacking the figures, but will be correct in production (and probably tomorrow at the con). Both Donnas will be packed one each per inner case to retailers. I'm not sure how the fans feel about the new approach, but I dig 'em!

Donna Troy figures with correct arms & head
sdcc200611.jpg (248 K)
sdcc200602.jpg (145 K)
sdcc200618.jpg (128 K)
sdcc200612.jpg (257 K)
sdcc200603.jpg (152 K)
IC Superman IC Superman IC Superman IC Superman IC Batman
sdcc200610.jpg (291 K)
sdcc200617.jpg (170 K)
sdcc200608.jpg (218 K)
sdcc200605.jpg (211 K)
sdcc200616.jpg (152 K)
IC Batman IC Batman IC Wonder Woman IC Wonder Woman Teen Titans Donna Troy
sdcc200607.jpg (141 K)
sdcc200613.jpg (237 K)
sdcc200614.jpg (141 K)
sdcc200604.jpg (144 K)
sdcc200601.jpg (160 K)
Teen Titans Donna Troy Teen Titans Donna Troy IC Donna Troy IC Donna Troy Firestorm 2
sdcc200609.jpg (259 K)
sdcc200615.jpg (205 K)
sdcc200619.jpg (374 K)
sdcc200620.jpg (366 K)
Firestorm 2 Firestorm 2 Firestorm 2 Firestorm 2


mike1.jpg (124 K)
mike10.jpg (60 K)
mike12.jpg (77 K)
mike9.jpg (113 K)
mike11.jpg (59 K)
Superman Box Set Alex Ross Justice- Lex & Brainiac Alex Ross Justice- Brainiac, Green Arrow, Red Tornado Alex Ross Justice- Black Adam, Shazam, Grundy Infinite Crisis Wave 1
mike2.jpg (154 K)
mike8.jpg (116 K)
mike4.jpg (73 K)
mike5.jpg (103 K)
mike6.jpg (85 K)
Elseworlds Figures Batman/ Superman 3 Atom 2-Pack GL Wave 2 13" Cloth Figures
mike7.jpg (161 K)
Batman/ Superman 1 & 2
Manhunter Face Down
Manhunter Face Up


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