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Thursday July 20, 2006 - Day One

Update 2- Hasbro Event: A few tidbots of news were announced Thursday night at the big Hasbro event. Some of these toys will be show at the Hasbro booth on Friday (and across the web that afternoon):

Marvel Legends Hasbro Series II
Astonishing X-Men Cyclops
Ultimate Wolverine
X3 Movie Jean Grey
BAF Blob
Danger (room)
Xorn (magneto head included)
Comic Marvel Girl (Rachel) (prototype pics only)
Storm (classic black outfit)
Bearded Thor - Odin Armor

3pack with X3 movie Colossus, Angel and Juggernaut

Dr. Doom

There will also be an assortment of Spider-Man 3 movie figures, including new sculpts of Black and regular Spider-Man costumes. The line will be 5" and will have Sandman in addition to characters from the other films.

Update- Julius Marx just sent in a few camera phone pics of new stuff: "The Batman" Robin and Killer Moth figures, Justice Lords Hawkgirl 3-pack, JLU new packaging, and DC Direct Who's Who new series. Better pics of everything later tonight.


Lots of stuff is hitting all over the web now! I'll have an array of links in a moment, but first here's breaking news: toys that never were- Marvel Legends Villains!

Bad news- Toy Biz is showing everything that didn't make it this year for cost, and now will probably NEVER get made. These were to be the villain pack-ins with the "Bring on the Bad Guys" wave of ML 13. We would have seen Dr. Doom's Robot Guard, AIM scientist, Hellfire Club goon, Hydra drone, and Hand Ninja! You can also see Forbush Man with a tiny "Thor Frog" and the X-Babies PVCs (which would have come with the Mojo wave) off to the side. We can hope for one day they'll make it, but it's doubtful.

Breaking news! The Mattel Panel is going on right now (2pm PCT) and the news is trickling out; New figures for "The Batman: Shadowtek" line will include Robin, Metalhead, redecoed Batgirl & Penguin, and the much requested Joker in Suit and Killer Moth. JLU 10" will include Justice Lords Green Lantern, Justice Lords Flash, Translucent Martian Manhunter, Hourman (redecoed Atom) with cloth cape, Wonder Woman with cloth cape, and Aquaman with cloth cape.

DC Heroes 6" line- the Target exclusive 2-packs will be Superman/Bizarro, Clark Kent/Superman, New Batman/Batgirl (blue&grey Barbara Gordon!). Darkseid will be slightly bigger than Doomsday; packaging/costs keeping them smaller than ideal. There will be Baman and Superman rotocast figures of the 2-up sculpts. These will retail for $30 as a TRU exclusive and will have over 130 paint ops. In '07 the 6" line will have paper dioramas instead of comics. Mattel is looking at the logostics of doing a "Build a Figure" like Marvel Legends does. They are still trying to work out making the bases shown last year available by mail. They want to make a 6" Creeper and a new sculpt Robin.

Superman Returns line will be named "Superman:Man of Steel" in '07, and include Mongul and Metallo from the EA video game.

Superboy & the Legion of Superheroes animated cartoon will have a line of figures. First wave should include Superboy, Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl, Cosmic Boy, Bouncing Boy, and possibly Timberwolf. They are still deciding the exact character mix.

JLU- new packaging in '07. Justice Lords Hawkgirl is coming in a Target exclusive 3-pack. Still not allowed to make any Charleton characters (Question, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom). Possible choices down the road (but not definite) include Jonah Hex, Blue Devil, and Warhawk. They would like to make Gorilla Grodd, but he has the same packaging issues as Grundy did.

New JLU Diecast packaging


DC Direct & Marvel Select Pictures from SD Comics!

mike1.jpg (124 K)
mike10.jpg (60 K)
mike12.jpg (77 K)
mike9.jpg (113 K)
mike11.jpg (59 K)
Superman Box Set Alex Ross Justice- Lex & Braniac Alex Ross Justice- Brainiac, Green Arrow, Red Tornado Alex Ross Justice- Black Adam, Shazam, Grundy Inifinite Crisis Wave 1
mike2.jpg (154 K)
mike8.jpg (116 K)
mike4.jpg (73 K)
mike5.jpg (103 K)
mike6.jpg (85 K)
Elseworlds Figures Batman/Superman 3 Atom 2-Pack GL Wave 2 13" Cloth Figures
mike7.jpg (161 K)
mike3.jpg (153 K)
mike13.jpg (131 K)
Batman/Superman 1 & 2 Marvel Select "Iron Spider" Marvel Select Mephisto


Here's a rundown of what's being shown so far (click on the links to go there): Forum poster Vader has a nice array of Preview Night pics, SD Comics has more preview night pics also, here . Figures.com has shots of the McFarlane animated Spawn and Lost figures. Ain't It Cool News has some con reports here and here.

Wednesday July 19, 2006 - Preview Night

As usual, SD Comics has taken a quick walk around the floor on preview night and sent back his report. Expect more (and some pics!) to show up here as the night progresses. Here's his rundown of what was shown as the booths started unpacking:

DC Direct-

Infinite Crisis Series 2 - May 16 2007- Batman, Superman, Firestorm, Donna Troy, Wonder Woman

Superman/Batman Series 4 "With A Vengence" -April 11 2007- BatZarro, Bizarro, Superwoman, Batwoman, Kryptonite Batman, Batman Beyond

First Appearance Series 4- Blue Beetle, The Atom, Warlord, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman

No JLU have been put out yet.

New 6" DC Super Heroes- Catwoman (the modern one in the back outift with the goggles), Steel, Parasite, Modern Supergirl (in the blue outfit, Turner-style) with a new head, and Mongul. They also have the video game versions of Metallo and Mongul in the Superman Returns movie line.


The Marvel Legends shown in Toy Fare (Series 16 with Banshee, Emma Frost, Planet Hulk, Hercules, X3 Beast, and Ultimate Iron Man with build-a-figure Annihilus

New Marvel Legends ICONS- Thor and redeco Wolverine.

8" Marvel Origins- Spiderman, Captain America, Wolverine, Punisher, Daredevil, Green Goblin, Doc Ock

2 assortments of Ghost Rider movie figures

Spiderman Origins 6" (mostly rereleases)- Iron Spider, Black Costume Spidey, Spider-Man 2099, Regular Spider-Man, Demogoblin, Dr. Octopus, Rhino, Venom, Mysterio, Lizard.

Diamond Select Toys
Marvel Select- Mephisto, Cloak and Dagger

More to come! Galactic Hunter, Superhero Hype!, and Action-Figure have all started updating their pictures from the first night. Prepare for some slow loading, though! The whole internet must be hitting them.




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