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What A Long Strange Trip It's Been...

Well, we're trying something a bit new this year here at AFI. After spending the past 6 or 7 years being beaten down by the glory and the chaos that is SDCC, I (Jason 'ToyOtter' Geyer) am staying behind to man the fort while our intrepid team (Daniel 'Julius Marx' Pickett, Cuban Zod, and Mike 'SDComics' Walker, along with a few friends and colleagues) will send back reports and pictures from the con floor. With any luck we'll be able to update more frequently than if we were all there. Helping me tremendously in keeping the fort secure is the rest of the team: Ryan 'The Superfly' Prast, Jeff 'Jeff' Cope, and Darren 'Dare' Chia. So check back here throughout the four days of the convention, and take a gander at our special SDCC forums set up for all sorts of discussion. Daniel will also once again be moderating his famous toy panels, so if you hit the con be sure to go check them out!

For more good coverage and pictures, the only places you need to go visit are Fwooshnet, Raving Toy Maniac, Action-Figure.com, Rebelscum, and YoJoe.com .

Now on with the show!


Friday July 21, 2006 - Day Two


More News : Stargirl and Winged Amazo were put out at the end of the day in Mattel's display of JLU figures. Here are a couple of pictures.


Breaking News : DC Direct just unveiled the new Infinite Crisis Wave 2 figures. All will be pre-posed for the first time (although still articulated). The articulation has been designed to allow the figures to stand up straight with out the stands in "plain" pose. This includes some torse and ankle joints. The heads and arms on the Two Donna Troy figures were switched during unpaking the figures, but will be correct in production (and probably tomorrow at the con). Both Donnas will be packed one each per inner case to retailers. I'm not sure how the fans feel about the new approach, but I dig 'em!

Donna Troy figures with correct arms & head


sdcc200611.jpg (248 K)
sdcc200602.jpg (145 K)
sdcc200618.jpg (128 K)
sdcc200612.jpg (257 K)
sdcc200603.jpg (152 K)
sdcc200610.jpg (291 K)
sdcc200617.jpg (170 K)
sdcc200608.jpg (218 K)
sdcc200605.jpg (211 K)
sdcc200616.jpg (152 K)
sdcc200607.jpg (141 K)
sdcc200613.jpg (237 K)
sdcc200614.jpg (141 K)
sdcc200604.jpg (144 K)
sdcc200601.jpg (160 K)
sdcc200609.jpg (259 K)
sdcc200615.jpg (205 K)
sdcc200619.jpg (374 K)
sdcc200620.jpg (366 K)


Lots more pics and news to come! This is just the first batch.


Toy Biz is going out with a bang this year as far as Marvel properties are concerned. Having sold the licence to Hasbro (effective Jan. '07), Toy Biz still has two more assortments of Marvel Legends to hit before the end of 2006. Shown here is the final one, wave 15, and some of the prototypes of toys that will now never be made. The villain henchmen were going to be packed in with the figures in the 13th wave (Bring on the Bad Guys) that instead ended up with a build-a-figure Onslaught. Also shown are some of their offerings for the TNA wrestling line, which will continue.

sdcc2006105.jpg (364 K)
sdcc2006106.jpg (291 K)
sdcc2006107.jpg (274 K)
sdcc2006104.jpg (188 K)
sdcc2006109.jpg (155 K)
AIM henchman Hand Ninja Hellfire Club goon Hydra agent ML 15-Variant Baron Zemo
sdcc2006111.jpg (129 K)
sdcc2006110.jpg (162 K)
sdcc2006113.jpg (340 K)
sdcc2006112.jpg (342 K)
sdcc2006108.jpg (204 K)
ML 15- Wasp ML 15- Variant Wasp X-Men Avalanche House of "M" Hulk TNA Wrestlers
sdcc2006114.jpg (185 K)
sdcc2006115.jpg (187 K)
sdcc2006116.jpg (203 K)
sdcc2006117.jpg (166 K)
sdcc2006118.jpg (180 K)
TNA Wrestlers TNA Wrestlers TNA Wrestlers TNA Wrestlers TNA Wrestlers


Not too many surprises were shown the first few days of SDCC, but Infinite Crisis wave 2 was announced and unveiled late Friday, and we'll have pics up of that wave soon.

sdcc2006122.jpg (150 K)
sdcc2006124.jpg (205 K)
sdcc2006120.jpg (182 K)
sdcc2006121.jpg (190 K)
IC 1- Earth-Prime Superboy IC 1- Power Girl IC 1- Mongul IC 1 Omac & Alex Luthor
sdcc2006123.jpg (200 K)
sdcc2006125.jpg (170 K)
sdcc2006127.jpg (156 K)
sdcc2006126.jpg (162 K)
sdcc2006131.jpg (209 K)
IC1 -Alex Luthor JSA- Mr. Terrific II JSA- Mr. Terrific II JSA- Atom 2pack JSA- Hourman III
sdcc2006128.jpg (191 K)
sdcc2006129.jpg (162 K)
sdcc2006132.jpg (204 K)
sdcc2006130.jpg (187 K)
sdcc2006133.jpg (178 K)
JSA- Hourman III JSA- Dr. Midnight JSA JSA- Hawkgirl Kingdom Come Aquaman
sdcc2006136.jpg (160 K)
sdcc2006138.jpg (183 K)
sdcc2006137.jpg (183 K)
sdcc2006139.jpg (141 K)
sdcc2006140.jpg (301 K)
Kingdom Come Nightstar Kingdom Come Aquaman Batwoman & Superwoman Red Son- Batman Red Son- Green Lantern
sdcc2006145.jpg (172 K)
sdcc2006146.jpg (155 K)
sdcc2006144.jpg (309 K)
sdcc2006142.jpg (323 K)
sdcc2006147.jpg (209 K)
Gotham by Gaslight batman Red Son- Superman Kingdom Come Jade Alex Ross Green Arrow Alex Ross Green Arrow
sdcc2006143.jpg (319 K) sdcc2006148.jpg (199 K) sdcc2006134.jpg (179 K) sdcc2006150.jpg (326 K) sdcc2006135.jpg (167 K)
Alex Ross Red Tornado Alex Ross Red Tornado Alex Ross Martian Manhunter Alex Ross Lex Luthor Alex Ross Brainiac
sdcc2006141.jpg (332 K)
sdcc2006149.jpg (174 K)
Alex Ross Brainiac Alex Ross Martian Manhunter


Mattel showed a smattering of new JLU figures, and debuted the new packaging design for the line. Sadly, much of the thunder was stolen for these figures due to the surprise appearance of some internal sell sheets earlier in the week online. However, the big news for the second year in a row was the Four Horsemen sculpted 6" DCSH line. Almost no fans have been disappointed in the sculpts shown so far (even if the announcement of the scale being somewhat less than perfect dampened fan enthusiasm). How long will DC hold out in refusing Mattel access to the entire DC Universe in light of such wonderful product? Only time will tell. Also showcased has been the hot selling "The Batman" animated line, including THREE new Robin figures and an 8" electronic "Shadowtek" line extension.


sdcc200628.jpg (364 K)
sdcc200624.jpg (153 K)
sdcc200623.jpg (196 K)
sdcc200612.jpg (303 K)
sdcc200613.jpg (287 K)
JLU Display New JLU Packaging NEW JLU Diecast Package New JLU New JLU
sdcc200614.jpg (201 K)
sdcc2006151.jpg (198 K)
sdcc2006152.jpg (224 K)
sdcc2006153.jpg (207 K)
sdcc2006154.jpg (412 K)
Martian Manhunters Volcana & Deadshot Solomon Grundy, Parasite, Volcana Bizarro, Shade, Luthor Shade
sdcc200619.jpg (232 K)
sdcc200627.jpg (244 K)
sdcc200621.jpg (208 K)
sdcc200622.jpg (238 K)
sdcc200615.jpg (248 K)
New JLU New JLU JLU 10" Figures JLU Bikes New JLU
sdcc200618.jpg (277 K)
sdcc200625.jpg (245 K)
sdcc200626.jpg (288 K)
sdcc200617.jpg (161 K)
sdcc200616.jpg (268 K)
New JLU New JLU New JLU Batmen Flashes



sdcc200629.jpg (170 K)
sdcc200630.jpg (202 K)
sdcc200631.jpg (191 K)
sdcc200632.jpg (188 K)
sdcc200633.jpg (143 K)
The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures New Robin Figure New Joker Sculpt
sdcc2006164.jpg (285 K)
sdcc2006165.jpg (290 K)
sdcc2006166.jpg (210 K)
sdcc2006167.jpg (337 K)
sdcc2006163.jpg (330 K)
Killer Moth 8" Electronic Robin Robin on Bike Shadowtek package Robin Figure
sdcc200634.jpg (182 K)
sdcc200635.jpg (181 K)
sdcc200636.jpg (144 K)
sdcc200637.jpg (174 K)
sdcc200638.jpg (157 K)
The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures
sdcc200639.jpg (179 K)
sdcc200640.jpg (228 K)
sdcc200641.jpg (268 K)
sdcc200642.jpg (229 K)
sdcc200643.jpg (212 K)
The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures
sdcc200644.jpg (171 K)
sdcc200645.jpg (199 K)
sdcc200646.jpg (212 K)
sdcc200647.jpg (163 K)
The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman vehicles The Batman vehicles


sdcc200648.jpg (332 K)
sdcc200649.jpg (336 K)
sdcc200651.jpg (219 K)
sdcc200652.jpg (210 K)
sdcc200654.jpg (182 K)
DCSH 6" figures DCSH 6" figures Repaint Mr. Freeze Repaint Robin New Batman sculpt
sdcc2006162.jpg (217 K)
sdcc200655.jpg (192 K)
sdcc200656.jpg (253 K)
sdcc2006160.jpg (168 K)
sdcc200650.jpg (300 K)
New Supergirl Supergirl Steel Steel Doomsday & Mongul
sdcc2006158.jpg (179 K)
sdcc2006156.jpg (362 K)
sdcc2006157.jpg (422 K)
sdcc2006155.jpg (202 K)
sdcc2006159.jpg (392 K)
Parasite Parasite Mongul Mongul Mongul
sdcc2006161.jpg (174 K)
sdcc200657.jpg (228 K)
Catwoman Catwoman



Many fans have been anxiously awaiting to see what Hasbro would show in their first outing as controllers of the Marvel license. Well, they didn't disappoint many with this massive extension of the Marvel brand into nearly all of their toy lines. Look for many more to appear at Toy Fair in Feb. '07. A word of caution, though: although Hasbro will be manufacturing and distributing everything seen here, the Marvel Legends line for '07 was surely in development well before Hasbro acquired the license. So odds are that what was shown is still pretty heavily Toy Biz influenced. The true direction that Hasbro will take the line will most likely not be seen until Toy Fair. Hasbro also brought back the 8" Mego-esque bodies not seen since they used them for the short lived DC Heroes line in 1998.

Spider-Man will get a repaint line with a handful of new sculpts in advance of the Spider-Man 3 film in 2007. This is a good way for fans to catch any villains they missed; Hasbro pluses up the Spideys with the generous use of metallic paints. Also in '07, the Ghost Rider film with Nic Cage gets a healthy figure line.

Marvel Legends

sdcc200688.jpg (285 K)
sdcc2006170.jpg (281 K)
sdcc2006168.jpg (187 K)
sdcc2006169.jpg (194 K)
sdcc2006181.jpg (201 K)
Legends Display Build-a-Figure Annihilus Hercules Hercules X3 Movie Beast
sdcc2006180.jpg (179 K)
sdcc2006178.jpg (156 K)
sdcc2006179.jpg (196 K)
sdcc200683.jpg (260 K)
sdcc200682.jpg (264 K)
Ultimate Iron Man Emma Frost Banshee! 8" Figures w/ Cloth Outfits 8" Figures w/ Cloth Outfits

Marvel Brand Toys

sdcc200684.jpg (245 K)
sdcc200685.jpg (273 K)
sdcc200686.jpg (265 K)
sdcc2006175.jpg (207 K)
sdcc2006173.jpg (187 K)
8" Figures w/ Cloth Outfits 8" Figures w/ Cloth Outfits 8" Figures w/ Cloth Outfits Green Goblin Punisher
sdcc2006172.jpg (211 K)
sdcc2006174.jpg (197 K)
sdcc2006171.jpg (230 K)
sdcc2006177.jpg (223 K)
sdcc2006176.jpg (180 K)
Spider-Man Captain America Dr. Octopus Wolverine Iron Spider
sdcc200680.jpg (277 K)
sdcc200679.jpg (276 K)
sdcc200681.jpg (256 K)
sdcc200687.jpg (264 K)
sdcc200689.jpg (278 K)
Spider-Man figures Spider-Man figures Spider-Man figures Titanium Line New ICONS- Wolverine & Thor
sdcc200690.jpg (244 K)
sdcc200691.jpg (247 K)
sdcc200692.jpg (249 K)
sdcc200693.jpg (274 K)
sdcc2006103.jpg (248 K)
Superhero Squad Superhero Squad Marvel Guess Who? Marvel Stratego Marvel Heroscape

Ghost Rider Movie Figures

sdcc2006100.jpg (247 K)
sdcc2006101.jpg (291 K)
sdcc2006102.jpg (248 K)
sdcc200694.jpg (302 K)
sdcc200699.jpg (281 K)
Ghost Rider Figures Ghost Rider Figures Ghost Rider Figures Ghost Rider Figures Ghost Rider Figures
sdcc200695.jpg (245 K)
sdcc200696.jpg (265 K)
sdcc200697.jpg (208 K)
sdcc200698.jpg (212 K)
Ghost Rider Figures Ghost Rider Figures Ghost Rider Figures Ghost Rider Figures

Diamond Comics, Toy Tokyo, McFarlane Toys

Diamond Comics had their usual massive booth full of glass cases of upcoming toys from all companies. Lots to see! McFarlane showed their line of LOST figures among other thing, and also the Animated Style Spawn 30 (wonder if Bruce Timm gets royalties?) And Toy Tokyo shows off a cases full of imports, including the sadly not for sale Sloth figure from The Goonies. Baby Ruth!


sdcc200601.jpg (214 K)
sdcc200602.jpg (187 K)
sdcc200603.jpg (219 K)
sdcc200604.jpg (204 K)
sdcc200605.jpg (256 K)
Marvel Mini-Mates Marvel Mini-Mates Star Trek -Troi & Picard Stargate Figures Corpse Bride Figures
sdcc200669.jpg (338 K)
sdcc200670.jpg (352 K)
sdcc200666.jpg (256 K)
sdcc200667.jpg (322 K)
sdcc200668.jpg (346 K)
Diamond Comics Display Booth Diamond Comics Display Booth Diamond Comics Display Booth Diamond Comics Display Booth Diamond Comics Display Booth
sdcc200671.jpg (331 K)
sdcc200610.jpg (236 K)
sdcc200609.jpg (292 K)
sdcc200608.jpg (214 K)
sdcc200611.jpg (185 K)
Diamond Comics Display Booth Toy Tokyo Case Toy Tokyo Case Sloth! Toy Tokyo Case
sdcc200659.jpg (232 K)
sdcc200658.jpg (252 K)
sdcc200665.jpg (176 K)
sdcc200662.jpg (213 K)
sdcc200663.jpg (244 K)
LOST- Jack Figure LOST- Kate Figure LOST- Hurley Figure LOST- Charlie Figure LOST- Locke Figure
sdcc200660.jpg (199 K)
sdcc200664.jpg (243 K)
sdcc200661.jpg (214 K)
sdcc200673.jpg (275 K)
sdcc200674.jpg (206 K)
LOST- Shannon Figure LOST- Hatch Diorama LOST- Hatch Diorama McFarlane Dragons McFarlane Dragons
sdcc200672.jpg (222 K)
sdcc200675.jpg (240 K)
sdcc200676.jpg (195 K)
sdcc200678.jpg (227 K)
sdcc200677.jpg (261 K)
Animated Spawn Animated Spawn Animated Spawn Animated Spawn Animated Spawn
sdcc200607.jpg (265 K)
sdcc200606.jpg (204 K)
'66 Batmobile Teaser Phone! The Liefeld Sits Alone

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