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Lego knew who was going to be at the con and brought out the goods for two of their biggest licenses: Star Wars and Batman. In addition to the life-sized Batman made out of Legos there was a really impressive Gotham City display that used all of the new vehicles and figures along with some great hidden surprises like a tiny Crime Alley hidden between buildings that had the murder of Bruce’s parents set up.

lego01.jpg (273 K)
lego02.jpg (283 K)
lego03.jpg (244 K)
lego04.jpg (262 K)
lego05.jpg (305 K)
Lego Batman Gotham City Display Lego Batman Gotham City Display Gotham City Display
lego06.jpg (186 K)
lego07.jpg (193 K)
lego08.jpg (182 K)
lego09.jpg (187 K)
lego10.jpg (337 K)
The Batcave The Batwing Frozen! Catwoman & Nightwing Joker's Escape
lego11.jpg (288 K)
lego12.jpg (297 K)
lego13.jpg (160 K)
lego14.jpg (282 K)
lego15.jpg (308 K)
Balls of Fire! The Batwing Poison Ivy Batmobile & Hoodlums Arkham Asylum
lego16.jpg (244 K)
lego17.jpg (221 K)
lego18.jpg (278 K)
lego19.jpg (179 K)
lego20.jpg (140 K)
Spooky Joe! Gordon & Batsignal Jokercopter Catwoman again! Bad Night for the Waynes
lego21.jpg (312 K)
lego22.jpg (244 K)
lego23.jpg (187 K)
lego24.jpg (183 K)
lego25.jpg (351 K)
Arkam Rooftop Robin vs Penguin & Killer Croc BatDragster Batcave Arkham Asylum
lego26.jpg (169 K)
Ivy Shenanagins





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