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Lots of Mattel news was revealed at SDCC this year, even if there were a few problems at the Mattel panel. Even more was answered at Wizard World Chicago and we're able to bring you that news thanks to long time AFI reader and Functional Alcoholic 'Man-Thing'! Take it away, Man-thing:

"Went to Wizard World Chicago today and got LOTS of DC toy news from Mattel. I (s)talked to 2 people who work on the JLU line. Person #1, who does packaging, and Person #2 “who does the toys” (direct quote from the Anime guy from Mattel). I basically asked ALL of the questions people have for the JLU line to Reuben for what seems like an hour. So here’s what I have notes on.

-ALL of the figures from the leaked images were present in Chicago. I can’t remember who wasn’t present at SDCC. No Doomsday though.
-Nemesis and Sand WILL have the plastic Luthor holster.
-Big Barda, Volcana, and Star Saffire will have the straight female arms like Vixen, etc. The Black Canary arms were due to a mix-up at the Hong Kong factory.
- 10” Giganta and Atom Smasher probably won’t happen. There is no budget for a blank “Big” body nor a blank female. “Toy Guy” looked into it though, and really wanted a Giganta.
- The new packaging means NOTHING in terms of what’s coming. It just shows art given to Mattel by DC. There won’t be a Power Suit Lex nor a Joker coming.
- The packaging guy was beaming with pride over the Grundy box.
- S.T.R.I.P.E. won’t use a Rocket Red body if he comes. Rocket Red’s body wont be used again. “Toy Guy” was dodgy about using the Vigilante body again though.
- Next year’s exclusive hasn’t been decided yet. Lobo will probably NEVER come to the line even as an exclusive.
- The Etrigan on display had 2 LEFT legs!!
- Blue Devil is confirmed!!
- Mattel has to deal with both DC AND WB consumer products for permission.
- DC is saying no to Question, Captain Atom, and Captain Marvel because they didn’t create them and the licensing makes it more expensive than a DC created character.
- The Deadshot on display was missing his left wrist gauntlet, but ut will be on the toy.
- Single pack Sinestro WILL HAVE A YELLOW RING painted on.
- “Toy Guy” has no idea why they aren’t using the orginal 5 POA Superman, Batman, GLm Flash. Packaging Guy said it was to add value to the 3 packs.
- They also have no idea why Skeets was silver, maybe a factory mix-up.
- Maybe a Shining Knight single pack.
- Probably gonna see a 4” Hourman
- They asked me who was the figure online folks wanted the most. I told him Gorilla Grodd, and they were surprised by that. Toy Guy asked why Grodd, I told him Grodd had been in multiple episodes and was a HUGE part of the last season
- Probably won’t see a Deadman. They haven’t gotten any control art from DC/WB for Boston Brand. They didn’t even know he was on the show.
- No plans for any of the future JL(Batman Beyond, Warhawk, etc).
- No Hal ever.
- The Toy Fair line up was said to not be finished.
-No Mr. Terrific.
- DCSH Doomsday was shrunk mainly due to his width. Mongul and Darkseid will be bigger than Supes.
- That female from Avatar isn’t gonna be made ever. Anime guy was VERY dismissive of the fans at the SDCC panel.
-'Superman and the Legion' figs are coming from Mattel."

Thanks, 'Man-Thing'!

mattel01.jpg (227 K)
mattel02.jpg (202 K)
mattel03.jpg (179 K)
mattel04.jpg (184 K)
mattel05.jpg (260 K)
DC Super Heroes Parasite 2-up DCSH Mongol 2-up The Batman 8” Electronic figures New ShadowTek Batmobile The Batman Display
mattel06.jpg (205 K)
mattel07.jpg (272 K)
mattel08.jpg (285 K)
mattel09.jpg (158 K)
mattel10.jpg (231 K)
12” Man of Steel figure Batman guards the line for Grundy exclusives The Superman Returns display The Mattel Panel Superman Returns exclusives
mattel11.jpg (217 K)
mattel12.jpg (274 K)
mattel13.jpg (241 K)
mattel14.jpg (173 K)
mattel15.jpg (246 K)
Superman Returns boxed exclusives Superman Returns boxed exclusives Superman Returns boxed exclusives Grundy, Parasite, Volcana and Deadshot New Man of Steel 2007 packaging
mattel16.jpg (264 K)
mattel17.jpg (249 K)
Man of Steel packaging Variant Grundy


MATTEL - JLU, Superman

Arguably one of the most anticipated showings among fans were this years' superhero offerings from Mattel. Which might account for the slight let down fans were feeling after seeing what was revealed in the JLU line at SDCC, namely less items that had been leaked the week earlier! Happily, many fans were excited by what was shown- Volcana, Deadshot, Stargirl, Winged Amazo, Shade, Justice Lords Hawkgirl, and Parasite along with the announced Jim Lee style Huntress and new 10" figures. Rest assured, Mattel has a lot in store for the line and just might not have been ready to reveal all of their plans quite yet.

Also shown was the relaunch of the Superman Returns movie line, now renamed Superman: Man of Steel and including characters form the SR video game from EA such as Mongul and Metallo in addition to new treatments of movie figures. Whew! It will remain to be seen if this line can last a few years until the inevitable sequel, or at least until the next Batman movie line can take over.

jlu16.jpg (319 K)
jlu01.jpg (218 K)
jlu03.jpg (153 K)
jlu15.jpg (234 K)
jlu02.jpg (171 K)
JLU Display
Boxes of Grundys
Superman Galore!
Shayera, The Ray, Stargirl
Wonder Women Unite!
jlu17.jpg (278 K)
jlu18.jpg (269 K)
jlu19.jpg (243 K)
jlu09.jpg (152 K)
jlu10.jpg (167 K)
Winged Amazo New JLU New JLU Superman: Man of Steel Superman: Man of Steel
jlu06.jpg (190 K)
jlu07.jpg (167 K)
jlu08.jpg (148 K)
jlu04.jpg (232 K)
jlu05.jpg (192 K)
S:MOS Metallo
Superman: Man of Steel
Superman: Man of Steel
S:MOS Metallo
SMOS: Mongul
jlu11.jpg (153 K)
jlu12.jpg (181 K)
jlu13.jpg (190 K)
jlu14.jpg (178 K)
Superman: Man of Steel
S:MOS Lex Luthor
S:MOS Metallo
SMOS: Mongul


Stargirl and Winged Amazo were put out at the end of the day in Mattel's display of JLU figures. Here are a couple of pictures.


Mattel showed a smattering of new JLU figures, and debuted the new packaging design for the line. Sadly, much of the thunder was stolen for these figures due to the surprise appearance of some internal sell sheets earlier in the week online. However, the big news for the second year in a row was the Four Horsemen sculpted 6" DCSH line. Almost no fans have been disappointed in the sculpts shown so far (even if the announcement of the scale being somewhat less than perfect dampened fan enthusiasm). How long will DC hold out in refusing Mattel access to the entire DC Universe in light of such wonderful product? Only time will tell. Also showcased has been the hot selling "The Batman" animated line, including THREE new Robin figures and an 8" electronic "Shadowtek" line extension.

The Mattel Panel revealed that New figures for "The Batman: Shadowtek" line will include Robin, Metalhead, redecoed Batgirl & Penguin, and the much requested Joker in Suit and Killer Moth. JLU 10" will include Justice Lords Green Lantern, Justice Lords Flash, Translucent Martian Manhunter, Hourman (redecoed Atom) with cloth cape, Wonder Woman with cloth cape, and Aquaman with cloth cape.

DC Heroes 6" line- the Target exclusive 2-packs will be Superman/Bizarro, Clark Kent/Superman, New Batman/Batgirl (blue&grey Barbara Gordon!). Darkseid will be slightly bigger than Doomsday; packaging/costs keeping them smaller than ideal. There will be Baman and Superman rotocast figures of the 2-up sculpts. These will retail for $30 as a TRU exclusive and will have over 130 paint ops. In '07 the 6" line will have paper dioramas instead of comics. Mattel is looking at the logostics of doing a "Build a Figure" like Marvel Legends does. They are still trying to work out making the bases shown last year available by mail. They want to make a 6" Creeper and a new sculpt Robin.

Superman Returns line will be named "Superman:Man of Steel" in '07, and include Mongul and Metallo from the EA video game.

Superboy & the Legion of Superheroes animated cartoon will have a line of figures. First wave should include Superboy, Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl, Cosmic Boy, Bouncing Boy, and possibly Timberwolf. They are still deciding the exact character mix.

JLU- new packaging in '07. Justice Lords Hawkgirl is coming in a Target exclusive 3-pack. Still not allowed to make any Charleton characters (Question, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom). Possible choices down the road (but not definite) include Jonah Hex, Blue Devil, and Warhawk. They would like to make Gorilla Grodd, but he has the same packaging issues as Grundy did.




sdcc200628.jpg (364 K)
sdcc200624.jpg (153 K)
sdcc200623.jpg (196 K)
sdcc200612.jpg (303 K)
sdcc200613.jpg (287 K)
JLU Display New JLU Packaging NEW JLU Diecast Package New JLU New JLU
sdcc200614.jpg (201 K)
sdcc2006151.jpg (198 K)
sdcc2006152.jpg (224 K)
sdcc2006153.jpg (207 K)
sdcc2006154.jpg (412 K)
Martian Manhunters Volcana & Deadshot Solomon Grundy, Parasite, Volcana Bizarro, Shade, Luthor Shade
sdcc200619.jpg (232 K)
sdcc200627.jpg (244 K)
sdcc200621.jpg (208 K)
sdcc200622.jpg (238 K)
sdcc200615.jpg (248 K)
New JLU New JLU JLU 10" Figures JLU Bikes New JLU
sdcc200618.jpg (277 K)
sdcc200625.jpg (245 K)
sdcc200626.jpg (288 K)
sdcc200617.jpg (161 K)
sdcc200616.jpg (268 K)
New JLU New JLU New JLU Batmen Flashes



sdcc200629.jpg (170 K)
sdcc200630.jpg (202 K)
sdcc200631.jpg (191 K)
sdcc200632.jpg (188 K)
sdcc200633.jpg (143 K)
The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures New Robin Figure New Joker Sculpt
sdcc2006164.jpg (285 K)
sdcc2006165.jpg (290 K)
sdcc2006166.jpg (210 K)
sdcc2006167.jpg (337 K)
sdcc2006163.jpg (330 K)
Killer Moth 8" Electronic Robin Robin on Bike Shadowtek package Robin Figure
sdcc200634.jpg (182 K)
sdcc200635.jpg (181 K)
sdcc200636.jpg (144 K)
sdcc200637.jpg (174 K)
sdcc200638.jpg (157 K)
The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures
sdcc200639.jpg (179 K)
sdcc200640.jpg (228 K)
sdcc200641.jpg (268 K)
sdcc200642.jpg (229 K)
sdcc200643.jpg (212 K)
The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman figures
sdcc200644.jpg (171 K)
sdcc200645.jpg (199 K)
sdcc200646.jpg (212 K)
sdcc200647.jpg (163 K)
The Batman figures The Batman figures The Batman vehicles The Batman vehicles


sdcc200648.jpg (332 K)
sdcc200649.jpg (336 K)
sdcc200651.jpg (219 K)
sdcc200652.jpg (210 K)
sdcc200654.jpg (182 K)
DCSH 6" figures DCSH 6" figures Repaint Mr. Freeze Repaint Robin New Batman sculpt
sdcc2006162.jpg (217 K)
sdcc200655.jpg (192 K)
sdcc200656.jpg (253 K)
sdcc2006160.jpg (168 K)
sdcc200650.jpg (300 K)
New Supergirl Supergirl Steel Steel Doomsday & Mongul
sdcc2006158.jpg (179 K)
sdcc2006156.jpg (362 K)
sdcc2006157.jpg (422 K)
sdcc2006155.jpg (202 K)
sdcc2006159.jpg (392 K)
Parasite Parasite Mongul Mongul Mongul
sdcc2006161.jpg (174 K)
sdcc200657.jpg (228 K)
Catwoman Catwoman


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