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Once again, NECA is doing some really interesting stuff below the radar that other companies should and will start picking up on soon. I’m talking about things like diversifying their products so as to make a stronger case for them to be the master license holder for a property. They can make action figures, lunch boxes, shot glasses, plush… you name it, and they are getting some top shelf licenses. Especially with Sideshow out of the running and SOTA going to online only, NECA looks to be the big dog in the world of direct sales licensing.

The Four Horsemen are also still going strong with a whole mess of new MOTU "staction" figures, along with the quickly sold-out FANtastic figures starting with the exclusive Minotaur online assortment.

neca01.jpg (180 K)
neca02.jpg (175 K)
neca03.jpg (194 K)
neca04.jpg (199 K)
neca05.jpg (265 K)
POTC: Dead Man's Chest- Series 1 & 2 POTC: Dead Man's Chest- Series 3 7" Figures Resident Evil Resident Evil
neca36.jpg (369 K)
neca07.jpg (436 K)
neca08.jpg (178 K)
neca09.jpg (216 K)
neca10.jpg (220 K)
Cult Classics 4- Dawn of the Dead Halloween 2-Pack Cult Classics 5- Hannibal Lector Cult Classics 5- AOD Ash Shaun of the Dead 2-Pack
neca11.jpg (377 K)
neca12.jpg (202 K)
neca13.jpg (224 K)
neca14.jpg (344 K)
neca15.jpg (317 K)
Shaun of the Dead 2-Pack Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boxed Set Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boxed Set Cult Classics 4- Shaun of the Dead Cult Classics 5- Leatherface
neca16.jpg (239 K)
neca17.jpg (233 K)
neca18.jpg (196 K)
neca19.jpg (210 K)
neca20.jpg (245 K)
MOTU Stactions: Snake Face MOTU Stactions: Leech MOTU Stactions: Webstor MOTU Stactions: Sssqueeze MOTU Stactions: Rio Blast
neca21.jpg (285 K)
neca22.jpg (261 K)
neca23.jpg (350 K)
neca24.jpg (235 K)
neca25.jpg (235 K)
Four Horsemen 2006 FANtastic Exclusive RTM's Defender of the Fiery Crater! 18" Talking Scarface Resident Evil Resident Evil
neca26.jpg (166 K)
neca27.jpg (238 K)
neca28.jpg (259 K)
neca29.jpg (228 K)
neca30.jpg (213 K)
Resident Evil Resident Evil Resident Evil Resident Evil Resident Evil
neca31.jpg (399 K)
neca32.jpg (316 K)
neca33.jpg (213 K)
neca34.jpg (343 K)
neca35.jpg (375 K)
V for Vendetta 7" Figure Lara Croft 7" Figure Kain 7" Figure Highlander 2-Pack: Conner McLeod Highlander 2-Pack: The Kurgan


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