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Sideshow Toy showed up this year with their usual stellar array of licensed goodies. It's amazing to think that last year they were only just announcing the Star Wars license, and this year they are already showing not just a wide assortment of characters but also the massive 12" scale Jabba the Hutt along with his throne, helper critters, Bib Fortuna, Slave Leia, and Jedi Luke!

They also had more large scale Marvel Hero statues, along with some more small scale props and costumes of the Marvel Universe. Add this to their many imports and the new Electric Tiki stuff shown below, and you have one incredible display area! Enjoy the pics!

sideshow02.jpg (180 K)
sideshow01.jpg (238 K)
sideshow03.jpg (239 K)
sideshow04.jpg (238 K)
sideshow05.jpg (227 K)
Life-Size C2PO & R2-D2 X3 Juggernaut Maquette Marvel Hulk Statue Marvel Hulk Statue Marvel Spider-Man Statue
sideshow06.jpg (222 K)
sideshow07.jpg (256 K)
sideshow08.jpg (254 K)
sideshow09.jpg (255 K)
sideshow10.jpg (252 K)
12" Robocop & Rambo Figures 12" Robocop & Rambo Figures 12" Predator Figures 12" Aliens Figures 12" Aliens Figures
sideshow11.jpg (241 K)
sideshow12.jpg (238 K)
sideshow13.jpg (253 K)
sideshow14.jpg (245 K)
sideshow15.jpg (209 K)
Medicom Imported Figures Medicom Imported Figures Medicom Imported Figures Medicom Imported Figures Marvel Dr. Octopus Arms
sideshow16.jpg (223 K)
sideshow17.jpg (205 K)
sideshow18.jpg (196 K)
sideshow19.jpg (221 K)
sideshow20.jpg (187 K)
Marvel Dr. Doom Bust Marvel Archangel Wings Marvel Captain America Mask & Shield Marvel Dr. Doom Mask & Gloves Aliens Queen Bust
sideshow21.jpg (172 K)
sideshow22.jpg (228 K)
sideshow23.jpg (245 K)
sideshow24.jpg (223 K)
sideshow25.jpg (223 K)
Jaws "Bruce" Maquette Marvel Hulk Statue Marvel Hulk Statue Marvel Iron Man Statue 1:4 Scale KISS Figures
sideshow26.jpg (233 K)
sideshow27.jpg (221 K)
sideshow29.jpg (229 K)
sideshow32.jpg (242 K)
sideshow30.jpg (211 K)
1:4 Scale KISS Figures Marvel Captain America vs Red Skull Statue Marvel Captain America vs Red Skull Statue Marvel Captain America vs Red Skull Statue Marvel Ghost Rider Statue
sideshow31.jpg (193 K)
sideshow28.jpg (204 K)
sideshow66.jpg (181 K)
sideshow69.jpg (188 K)
sideshow71.jpg (261 K)
Marvel Ghost Rider Statue Marvel Wolverine Statue 1:1 Scale Dracula Bust 1:1 Scale Terminator (Head Detail) 12" Jabba the Hutt Figure
sideshow33.jpg (217 K)
sideshow70.jpg (243 K)
sideshow35.jpg (195 K)
sideshow34.jpg (197 K)
sideshow37.jpg (218 K)
12" Bib Fortuna 12" Jabba the Hutt Figure 12" Jabba the Hutt Figure 12" Leia as Boushh 12" Scale Salacious Crumb
sideshow36.jpg (189 K)
sideshow38.jpg (218 K)
sideshow41.jpg (181 K)
sideshow40.jpg (192 K)
sideshow39.jpg (200 K)
12" Jabba Diorama 12" Scale Worrt Figure 1:4 Scale Princess Leia 1:4 Scale Boba Fett 1:4 Scale Boba Fett
sideshow44.jpg (227 K)
sideshow43.jpg (174 K)
sideshow42.jpg (196 K)
sideshow47.jpg (201 K)
sideshow46.jpg (183 K)
1:4 Scale Dagobah Luke & Yoda
1:4 Scale Dagobah Luke Vader Head
1:4 Scale Dagobah Luke & Yoda
12" Bespin Han Solo
12" Qui-Gon Jinn
sideshow45.jpg (207 K)
sideshow67.jpg (273 K)
sideshow50.jpg (198 K)
sideshow48.jpg (195 K)
sideshow68.jpg (215 K)
12" Star Wars Figures
12" Buffy Figures
12" Angel Figure
12" Giles Figure
12" Buffy Figures
sideshow49.jpg (189 K)
sideshow51.jpg (192 K)
12" Spike Figure
12" Lorne Figure



Electric Tiki announced earlier into the year that they would be partnering up with Sideshow to handle all of their distribution. This seems like a very smart move, allowing them a broader reach for their product and freeing them up to concentrate on other aspects of the business like cranking out killer maquettes!

As part of the arrangement, Tiki shared display space with Sideshow at SDCC this year. This gives them better visibility than the booth they had in year's past, that's for sure. And to celebrate, they unveiled a few of their newest maquettes due to ship soon: Dick Tracy (with three variant newspaper/ wrist TVs), Lassie (in color & BW), and the three stages of Woody Woodpecker evolution.

They also announced the addition of The Tick to their Classic Heroes line-up. Look for an in-depth article on Electric Tiki here on AFI quite soon!


sideshow53.jpg (227 K)
sideshow57.jpg (230 K)
sideshow52.jpg (212 K)
sideshow54.jpg (258 K)
sideshow55.jpg (205 K)
Holly Starlite Electric Tiki Display Jeannie Mini-Maquette Woody Woodpecker Mini-Maquettes Electric Tiki Display
sideshow56.jpg (207 K)
sideshow58.jpg (193 K)
sideshow59.jpg (243 K)
sideshow60.jpg (285 K)
sideshow61.jpg (288 K)
Andy Panda Mini-Maquette Chilly Willy Mini-Maquette Underdog & Hellboy Jr. Mini-Maquettes Lobster Johnson & Hellboy Maquettes Electric Tiki Display
sideshow65.jpg (213 K)
sideshow62.jpg (226 K)
sideshow63.jpg (172 K)
sideshow64.jpg (239 K)
Lily Munster Tooned Up Maquette Dick Tracy Maquette Lassie Maquette Rocker Biker Girl Maquette  





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