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As in all year's, there were a ton of smaller companies filling out the convention floor at SDCC in 2006. They may not have all been Hasbros or Mattels, but they showed that they can still kick ass and take names.

Starting with Shocker Toys! Unveiling their first 6" figure, "Gwar", they also shocked the crowd with a peek at the rough sculpts for two figures from their upcoming Indepedent Comics line- Shadowhawk and Witchblade. Rumor has it that they themselves got a big shock from the news that Witchblade may be heading to another toy company! We'll keep you informed as things develop...

Plan B also had a nice surprise in their 6" scale Jeep vehicle on display alongside their exclusive Easy company soldier.

Skelanimals is a new line of "X-Ray" critters that suspiciously look like a Qee I designed four years ago. Coincidences can always happen, though.

StrangeCo had their usual massive display of Urban Vinyl. Go here for a rundown of what they showed. And for a good rundown of what urban vinyl is all about, why not take a look at the great website Vinyl Pulse?

Funko had another great themed display, centered by a giant Frankenberry Wacky Wobbler. Not too much new shown, but they did have a massive amount of exclusives.

And Gentle Giant showed a huge amount of statues and whatnot, we've got shots of the upcoming Animated Star Wars line. Darned if that life size animated Leia ain't a honey!

misctoy01.jpg (178 K)
misctoy02.jpg (209 K)
misctoy03.jpg (225 K)
misctoy16.jpg (221 K)
misctoy17.jpg (168 K)
Life-Size Ray Harryhausen Statue
Shocker Toys: Gwar Figure
Shocker Toys: Gwar Figure
Shocker Toys: Gwar Figure
Shocker Toys: Shadowhawk Figure
misctoy18.jpg (305 K)
misctoy14.jpg (303 K)
misctoy15.jpg (262 K)
misctoy29.jpg (180 K)
misctoy98.jpg (206 K)
Shocker Toys: Shadowhawk Figure
Shocker Toys: Witchblade Figure
Shocker Toys: Witchblade Figure
Plan B Toys: 6" Scale Jeep
Plan B Toys: Easy Company 506th PIR 101st Exclusive
misctoy31.jpg (251 K)
misctoy32.jpg (289 K)
misctoy33.jpg (276 K)
misctoy34.jpg (273 K)
misctoy30.jpg (277 K)
Skelanimals Display Skelanimals Display Skelanimals Display Skelanimals Display Alien Hominid Display
misctoy35.jpg (291 K)
misctoy36.jpg (246 K)
misctoy37.jpg (270 K)
misctoy38.jpg (288 K)
misctoy58.jpg (231 K)
Chub City Display Chub City Display Chub City Display Chub City Display Busty Babes!
misctoy47.jpg (205 K)
misctoy48.jpg (238 K)
misctoy49.jpg (208 K)
misctoy50.jpg (165 K)
misctoy51.jpg (253 K)
StrangeCo Display StrangeCo Display StrangeCo Display StrangeCo Display StrangeCo Display
misctoy52.jpg (265 K)
misctoy53.jpg (245 K)
misctoy54.jpg (235 K)
misctoy55.jpg (268 K)
misctoy56.jpg (270 K)
StrangeCo Display StrangeCo Display StrangeCo Display StrangeCo Display StrangeCo Display
misctoy57.jpg (204 K)
misctoy61.jpg (213 K)
misctoy62.jpg (249 K)
misctoy59.jpg (252 K)
misctoy60.jpg (201 K)
StrangeCo Display Funko Display Funko Display Funko Display Funko Display
misctoy63.jpg (287 K)
misctoy64.jpg (195 K)
misctoy85.jpg (219 K)
misctoy86.jpg (215 K)
misctoy87.jpg (201 K)
Giant Dunny at KidRobot Gentle Giant Display Gentle Giant Star Wars Animated Leia & R2D2 Gentle Giant Star Wars Animated X-Wing Luke Gentle Giant Star Wars Animated C3PO & Jawa
misctoy88.jpg (211 K)
misctoy89.jpg (217 K)
misctoy90.jpg (211 K)
misctoy91.jpg (203 K)
misctoy13.jpg (155 K)
Gentle Giant Star Wars Animated C3PO & Jawa Gentle Giant Star Wars Animated Boba Fett Gentle Giant Star Wars Animated Boba Fett Gentle Giant Star Wars Animated Boba Fett Gentle Giant Red Star Bust


Katching Brands

Newcomers Katching Brands astounding con-goers with their uncanny 12" Bruce Lee figures (by Arnie Kim of Enterbay) that were on display. Even freakier were the Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks 12" figures... that sadly were actually unauthorized and had to be removed after the first day. Still, that Bruce Lee is something else!

They also are going to be distributing a whole bunch of Urban Vinyl lines. I'm not sure exactly what these guys are, so let's let their website do the talking. And if that's not enough for ya, go check out Vinyl Pulse's coverage of them.

misctoy46.jpg (278 K)
misctoy43.jpg (195 K)
misctoy44.jpg (202 K)
misctoy21.jpg (186 K)
misctoy45.jpg (284 K)
Katching Brands Display
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
Harrison Ford & Tom Hanks Figures
misctoy20.jpg (253 K)
misctoy19.jpg (216 K)
misctoy42.jpg (262 K)
misctoy39.jpg (250 K)
misctoy40.jpg (234 K)
Harrison Ford & Tom Hanks Figures
Harrison Ford Figures
Guan Yu Figures
FLCL Cantis
Holy & Toby
misctoy41.jpg (236 K)
Quadrics Figures



Not content to merely shock and awe us with their DC Comics based offerings, Monogram steps up their game with these snazzy Marvel Comics based paperweights, busts, and banks! This, my friends, is kickin' it old school.

misctoy24.jpg (365 K)
misctoy22.jpg (337 K)
misctoy23.jpg (269 K)
misctoy25.jpg (385 K)
misctoy26.jpg (230 K)
Monogram Display
Captain America Paperweight
Monogram Marvel Paperweights
Green Lantern Bust Bank
Superman Bust Bank
misctoy27.jpg (309 K)
misctoy28.jpg (390 K)
Monogram Display
Nightmare Before Xmas Display


Master Replicas/ Corgi

Master Replicas had their usual showing of many spot-on replicas of Star Wars props, helemts, and vehicles this year as in year's past. But they also came out strong with a look at their expanding Disney license. Not only showcasing props from the current films (Pirates of the Carribean, Chronicles of Narnia) but also giving the love to classic characters like Mickey and Donald along with beloved properties such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and the Rocketeer. It looks like they'll finally be importing the Medicom Rocketeer 12""" figure along with some Nightmare ones and maybe even Cap'n Jack.

The further expand their offerings with Marvel Comics characters and that old chestnut, Star Trek.

Corgi shared display space with MR this year. While not showing anything new, they sure did have a purty display of fancy pants cars.

misctoy65.jpg (174 K)
misctoy67.jpg (287 K)
misctoy68.jpg (234 K)
misctoy69.jpg (177 K)
misctoy70.jpg (163 K)
Master Replicas Display Marvel Props Wolverine Movie Suit & Spider-Man Statue Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 Starship Enterprise NCC-1701
misctoy71.jpg (233 K)
misctoy72.jpg (246 K)
misctoy78.jpg (199 K)
misctoy77.jpg (220 K)
misctoy79.jpg (231 K)
Star Wars AT-AT Star Wars Busts Clone Trooper Helmets Millenium Falcon Replica Replica Blasters & Lightsabers
misctoy11.jpg (203 K)
misctoy80.jpg (198 K)
misctoy12.jpg (217 K)
misctoy66.jpg (219 K)
misctoy82.jpg (248 K)
Disney Statues Disney Statues Disney Statues Pirates of the Carribean Props Disney Display
misctoy81.jpg (268 K)
misctoy83.jpg (252 K)
misctoy84.jpg (249 K)
misctoy76.jpg (242 K)
misctoy73.jpg (268 K)
Disney Display Imported Disney Figures Narnia Props Corgi Display Corgi Display
misctoy74.jpg (295 K)
misctoy75.jpg (251 K)
misctoy04.jpg (229 K)
misctoy05.jpg (204 K)
misctoy06.jpg (202 K)
Corgi Display Corgi Display James Bond Vehicles James Bond Vehicles James Bond Vehicles
misctoy07.jpg (248 K)
misctoy08.jpg (281 K)
misctoy09.jpg (277 K)
misctoy10.jpg (257 K)
Batman Vehicles
Batman Vehicles
Batman Vehicles
Batman Vehicles


Majestic Studios

Southern California Based Majestic Studios showed off their expanded Battlestar Galactica license. In addition to the product based on the classic TV series they are now taking on the Sci-Fi channels top rated update of BSG. For sale were both the modern Cylon and con exclusive Battle- damaged Cylon. Shown for the first time was the prototype for the 12” Modern Apollo figure.
As I walked around the con on Friday I passed Aaron Douglas, who plays Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol on the new version of BSG and he was carrying a stack of 4 of Majestic’s 12” Cylons.
There was some talk about releasing an updated version of the classic silver Cylon with the “skirt” that was left off of the original release.
Also on display was their new Vincent Price as Dr. Phibes as well as some of last years releases such as Dark Shadows and The Munsters.

majestic03.jpg (214 K)
majestic02.jpg (367 K)
majestic01.jpg (409 K)
majestic04.jpg (386 K)
majestic05.jpg (252 K)
12" Dark Shadows Figures 12" Dark Shadows Figures 12” Battlestar Galactica Apollo 12” Battlestar Galactica Apollo The Majestic Display
majestic06.jpg (221 K)
majestic07.jpg (247 K)
majestic08.jpg (225 K)
majestic09.jpg (246 K)
12” Modern Cylon, 12” Apollo, Con Exclusive Battle Damaged 12” Cylon Classic Apollo, Cylon, Starbuck Dr. Phibes, Dark Shadows, Herman Munster Boxed Figures


Diamond Comics, ToyTokyo, McFarlane Toys

Diamond Comics had their usual massive booth full of glass cases of upcoming toys from all companies. Lots to see! McFarlane showed their line of LOST figures among other thing, and also the Animated Style Spawn 30 (wonder if Bruce Timm gets royalties?) And ToyTokyo shows off a cases full of imports, including the sadly not for sale Sloth figure from The Goonies. Baby Ruth!

sdcc200601.jpg (214 K)
sdcc200602.jpg (187 K)
sdcc200603.jpg (219 K)
sdcc200604.jpg (204 K)
sdcc200605.jpg (256 K)
Marvel Mini-Mates Marvel Mini-Mates Star Trek -Troi & Picard Stargate Figures Corpse Bride Figures
sdcc200669.jpg (338 K)
sdcc200670.jpg (352 K)
sdcc200666.jpg (256 K)
sdcc200667.jpg (322 K)
sdcc200668.jpg (346 K)
Diamond Comics Display Booth Diamond Comics Display Booth Diamond Comics Display Booth Diamond Comics Display Booth Diamond Comics Display Booth
sdcc200671.jpg (331 K)
sdcc200610.jpg (236 K)
sdcc200609.jpg (292 K)
sdcc200608.jpg (214 K)
sdcc200611.jpg (185 K)
Diamond Comics Display Booth Toy Tokyo Case Toy Tokyo Case Sloth! Toy Tokyo Case
sdcc200659.jpg (232 K)
sdcc200658.jpg (252 K)
sdcc200665.jpg (176 K)
sdcc200662.jpg (213 K)
sdcc200663.jpg (244 K)
LOST- Jack Figure LOST- Kate Figure LOST- Hurley Figure LOST- Charlie Figure LOST- Locke Figure
sdcc200660.jpg (199 K)
sdcc200664.jpg (243 K)
sdcc200661.jpg (214 K)
sdcc200673.jpg (275 K)
sdcc200674.jpg (206 K)
LOST- Shannon Figure LOST- Hatch Diorama LOST- Hatch Diorama McFarlane Dragons McFarlane Dragons
sdcc200672.jpg (222 K)
sdcc200675.jpg (240 K)
sdcc200676.jpg (195 K)
sdcc200678.jpg (227 K)
sdcc200677.jpg (261 K)
Animated Spawn Animated Spawn Animated Spawn Animated Spawn Animated Spawn
sdcc200607.jpg (265 K)
sdcc200606.jpg (204 K)
'66 Batmobile Teaser Phone! The Liefeld Sits Alone



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