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Toynami gives us the business this year with some much needed Indina Jones action! Too bad he's only part of their high end Cinemaquette line, which looks fantastic and costs as much as a car. A small car, maybe.

No Herculoids this year, but a few imports make up for it. Hey, let's give them a big hand!

toynami05.jpg (186 K)
toynami02.jpg (251 K)
toynami03.jpg (242 K)
toynami04.jpg (250 K)
toynami01.jpg (263 K)
Cinemaquette Sign Cinemaquette T-800 Cinemaquette T-X Cinemaquette T-850 Cinemaquette Alien
toynami06.jpg (243 K)
toynami07.jpg (235 K)
toynami08.jpg (261 K)
toynami09.jpg (211 K)
toynami10.jpg (248 K)
Cinemaquette Aragorn Cinemaquette Captain Jack Sparrow Cinemaquette Indiana Jones Cinemaquette Don Corleone Head Cinemaquette Indiana Jones
toynami11.jpg (198 K)
toynami12.jpg (187 K)
neca06.jpg (385 K)
toynami14.jpg (279 K)
toynami15.jpg (283 K)
Toynami Display T-800 Diorama

T-800 Diorama Detail

Macross Display Naruto Display
  toynami13.jpg (271 K) toynami16.jpg (243 K)    
  Emily Strange Display Bleach Display    



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